CMLL multi-man cage match coming…in Guadalajara?, Mistico, RFS

CMLL (SUN) 04/11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) RelampagoCerveruz
2) Astaroth & HierroEbola & Ráfaga
3) Mr. Trueno & Rey TruenoMagnum & Samurai
4) Diamante & Metal BlancoEuforia & Shigeo Okumura
5) La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, MísticoAverno, Terrible, Texano Jr.

Magnum & Samurai (not the original pair in that match, Gallo & Nuetron) did not get along in the tercera. They’ve had issues for months and it broke down here into a fight. The Truenos and Rafaga helped out Magnum, and Diamante & Metal Blanco ran out for their match early to save Samurai.

After the tecnicos took the semimain, the Truenos & Rafaga ran out to attack Diamante and Metal Blanco. Virgo & Magnum ran out a short time later, helping the rudos. Hierro, Astaroth and Samurai ran out for the save this time. Samurai challenged Magnum for a mask match, but it seems quite as likely they’re headed to a midcard multiman match here. That seems familiar!

Mistico was 100% tecnico and beat Averno clean in the usual fashion. Leaning towards changing his name back to green, but I might as well wait for Friday. Beating Averno with no storyline, a complete return to the status quo, seems to point towards that direction. There’s a post over at el Martinete saying Volador had threatened to leave, so CMLL gave him the big push, but didn’t think he was over as they needed to him to be and the fans were cheering Mistico as much as Volador, so Dos Leyendas was meant to be the conclusion to the whole turn and the plan really is for Mistico to be back to a normal tecnico. I have no idea if this is true – same poster is pushing the “CMLL had Astro Boy, Volador, Sombra and La Mascara wrestling under the Mistico mask at small shows” bit – but it matches up well with what we’ve been hearing to this point (Volador leaving is new) and makes as much sense as anything. I think Volador (at least) will have to turn rudo for this to work and there really will be trouble six months from now when the fans turn on Mistico again, but I guess we’ll see.

Estrellas del Ring adds some details to last night’s IWRG result
– Canek fouled MY2K Jr., pulled of his mask and pinned him for the win. Canek was asking for a mask match after.
– Semimain ended on ref stoppage, when Masada could not continue after two Cerebro powerbombs.

Black Terry Jr. also has photos from the show.

Trauma I talks about winning the South American Championship. He figured his first defense would be against Angelico, but Angelico has left the country (!)

Revolucion Free Style’s website has undergone a slight change. Super Calo is no longer part of the group, but they’re talking as if they’ll still be running shows and on TV and I’d be really surprised if we can remember this group by the end of the year.

Lucha Libre VIP of Monterrey held a press conference to announce a resumption of shows. They’ll be running every Tuesday in a 2,000 seat building (or at least that’s the plan.)

Fray Tormenta is thinking about retiring from wrestling. He only appears to be working 1 or 2 matches per year.

Suburban Chicago News has a story about a lucha show in Waukegan, IL yesterday. I am amused and delighted for the people who got quoted in the paper using fake names.

Rob looks at ALL the lineups for the week. Dragon Fly appears to be a SLP guy, FWIW. I agree with the take on Crazy Boy.

Cesar take a look at the Gran Alternativa. Never let it be said that I’m afraid to link to articles I totally disagree with! People are under the “mistaken” impression that the Gran Alternativa are pairs of “novatos” and veterans because that’s how CMLL talks about their tournament. Including guys who are years away from being put in meaningful spots (Inquisidor! Disturbio! Semental!) or guys who CMLL is never going to do anything with (Sen Sei!) doesn’t really help them, and shouldn’t be credited as making the tournament look better in retrospect because no one besides the winner is ever remembered, if even that. (Maybe we remember, because of the handy list, but I doubt even CMLL does. And if they do, they can tell us who was in the ’98 and ’03 versions.)

And, since Okumura was about the same place before the Gran Alternativa as after, and CMLL still had to do the hair win over Maximo to get Okumura the credibility they wanted, it was actually a waste of a time. If that had been the first time Okumura was teaming with Yujiro or Naito, it’d work, but it was unneeded – the whole tournament was unneeded last year.

What happened to El Pancracio? Hosting issue?

4 thoughts to “CMLL multi-man cage match coming…in Guadalajara?, Mistico, RFS”

  1. That whole Mistico post is just some guy who hates Mistico since in the very first sentence he refers to him as a lizard. No reason to assume its true news, more like an opinion with filled in with info he probably heard or read second-hand.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Volador Jr. left, but really, CMLL has a bunch of guys they’d just move into his spot.

    Turk February might be my favorite fake name of 2010.

  2. Cesar’s piece on the Gran Alternativa is a prime example of him trying to feed everyone reading the CMLL kool-aid. I got 1/4th into it and stopped reading. I cannot believe he said the Okumura angle and victory meant something.

  3. Perros get the top two from the SLP nontaping as expected. THe show looks slightly different, so I’m wondering if TVC didn’t tape it? The announcers were definitely not there and recorded commentary over it later.

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