Trauma I retains, Mistico still cheating his way to wins

IWRG (THU) 04/08 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del RingThe Gladiatores]
1) Dinamic BlackEpidemia
2) Comando Negro & Hijo del SignoDaga & Héros
3) Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Trauma IIGemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II, Zatura
4) Chico Che, el Ángel, La RocaBarba Roja, Dr. Cerebro, Masada
5) Trauma IHijo de Pirata Morgan [AMERICAS LH]

Trauma took the first fall, Barba Roja interfered to help Pirata win the second, Trauma took the third clean.

Masada replaced Black Terry, ensuring that rudo team couldn’t get along. Masada made the title challenge for Sunday.

CMLL (FRI) 04/09 Arena Mexico [@cmllmagazine, CesarOvacionesSuperLuchasESTO]
1) Inquisidor & SementalAstro Boy & Trueno
2) Euforia, Nosferatu, PólvoraÁngel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata
3) ValienteSangre Azteca [lightning]
4) Averno, Ephesto, MephistoBlue Panther, Stuka Jr., Toscano
5) Terrible, Texano Jr., VangelisHéctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara
6) La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Místico DQ Dragon Rojo Jr., Felino, Negro Casas

In the main event, “100% tecnico” Mistico took off his mask and threw it to Felino to draw the DQ. He’s still acting like a rudo. Sombra did not get along with him, but Mascara Dorada has no problem and the crowd was behind Mistico. Mistico challenged Felino to a mask vs hair match, Felino didn’t seem too interesting.

Tecnicos lost the semifinal in straight falls, with Garza having trouble accidentally hitting both his partners and walking out on them after the match. Looks like Garza is turning rudo, and maybe they’re setting the title match beforehand.

In the first fall, Averno offered a handshake to Panther, and used it to immediately beat the maestro. Rudos pulled another trick in the third fall, and @cmllmagazine notes this is the second straight week they’ve tricked Panther.

Semental replaced an injured Camorra. Reality shows are tough!

If I’m reading this blog entry correct (questionable at best), Mima Shimoda is leaving Mexico.

DJ Spectro has posts on Solitario vs Bestia Negra, part 2 of the history of lucha in Tampico, and on the Contreas video game.

Cronicas Y Leyendas writes about Canek & NJPW in Pakistan.

Lineups much later.

29 thoughts to “Trauma I retains, Mistico still cheating his way to wins”

  1. Valiente vs Sangre Azteca opens CMLL TV. Don’t worry though Cubs, only 4 Arena Mex matches next week means this may still air on LATV next week or the week after.

  2. Garza clearly turned rudo there but didn’t seem to allign with Los Renegados. Maybe he and Mistico can form the best tweener team ever.

  3. It continues to worry me that CMLL says nothing about Valiente going to Chikara. They made sure to mention Dorada/Valiente flying to Japan for a tag team tournament.

  4. Just do the match finder and you can find it in a second.:)

    Disturbio sounds like he’s 10 years old.

  5. The countdown until Felino loses begins, I think it either happens at Juicio Final or Aniversario.

  6. @Rob: If they did an angle where Garza and Mistico couldn’t get along with anyone other than each other, would they still trash each other in the press?

  7. Really? Can’t get it to work. But now the WMP is working so I started recording when Delta began to go nuts. The guy is amazing.

  8. The Delta dive would have been better if the rudo caught him better. Still impressive though. Too bad he had to team with RUSH.

  9. All that hype from the youtube clips and the odd match or two he made on GDL TV certainly has paid off. That guy is UN-BE-FUCKING-LIEVABLE.

  10. Also from what I saw – 2nd/3rd fall – the tercera was really great. Delta is a star. It’s just a question of when CMLL pushes the GO button for him. Rudos were fantastic.

  11. 1st Fall had a nice Virus/Delta exchange.

    Rob, you gotta find a way to see the mini’s match just for the crazy dives. Especially Dragoncito’s.

  12. Hopefully it gets uploaded. Gonna watch the trios titles match in full now since I only caught the Dorada dive (by luck).

  13. ACM somehow was able to get 5 matches in a hour. Only 2 were repeats. Golden Boy/Simbolo was pretty good. Hator/Dorada Jr had one of the “best” finishes I’ve seen in a while.

  14. Very sad the trios titles match was so edited (and the local commercials went loooooong so lots of the 3rd fall was missed). But what aired was spectacular. Dorada is a MACHINE and I think he actually flew in the second fall. Rudos were really great here too. Want to see it in full.

  15. AAA should put the “par bar” with the lamps on top of the truss, instead of under. WWE does over, which gives the lamps a little more height, which is needed.

    I’m happy to see that AAA is finally using par lamps on the ring, instead of those studio lamps. Production and ratings are improving.

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