updated AAA Heroes en Ring 2011 roster (28 of 31 known)

last updated 04/15

IGN says 31. Let’s count ’em off:

Spotted previously
01) La Parka Jr.
02) Electroshock
03) Konnan
04) Mesias
05) Cibernetico
06) Octagon
07) Psycho Clown
08) Elegido
09) Charly Manson – still there!
10) Abismo Negro
11) Gronda
12) Ozz
13) Chessman
14) Super Fly
15) Psicosis – was II! maybe now III?
16) Cuervo
17) Zorro
18) Vampiro

Spotted in this recent batch of video
19) Extreme Tiger
20) Monster Clown
21) Kenzo Suzuki
22) Dr. Wagner Jr.
23) Silver King
24) Murder Clown
25) Alan Stone – quick shot of him in the new trailer in a three way with Electro & Charly
26) Escoria – he’s the guy Elegido is picking up for an Atlantida. You can see his facepaint briefly, and he’s wearing his corset gear
27) Jack Evans – see late Friday note.
28) El Brazo – via 1UP
29) ?
30) ?
31) mystery guy in red

5 spots left, with 20 possibilities: Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario, Laredo Kid, Aerostar, Alebrije, Crazy Boy, Pimpinela, Espiritu, Latin Lover, Histeria, Ultimo Gladiador, Black Abyss, Chris Stone, El Brazo, Decnnis, Billy Boy, Marco Corleone, and Oriental. Many of those guys are not still around, but this roster was finalized a while back and they haven’t taken out anyone who’s since left.

mystery wrestler
mystery man from the trailer

My guess is Jack, Teddy, Lider, Nicho and Crazy Boy. That last one is a bit of a reach because Marco or Latin would be a bigger deal, but Crazy would be so sad if he wasn’t in this game. I also can’t shake the feeling that we would’ve seen Jack & Teddy already if they were actually in this game, but I have no actual facts to base it on. If it were up to me, I’d make Kahoz or Espectro de Ultratumba a hidden boss of some sort, but I would be surprised to see it.

It may not even be 6 spots, though. There’s a guy shown briefly, in a red one strapped singlet, wearing red boots with a lightning bolt on them. He’s got Gronda’s colors and Silver King’s body, but doesn’t appear to be either of them.

The most recent WWE games have included extra downloadable wrestlers for a fee. No idea if this game will get that sort of support.

Safe to assume that women or mini would’ve been spotted by now if they were going to be in this game. Disappointing, but not altogether surprising. That’s for the next version.

Edit late Friday: I’ve been told Jack Evans was in the game by those playing it at the Acclaim show. I’ve also read X-Pac mentioned by a commenter in the game, though I don’t trust anonymous commenters enough to count him as confirmed. X-Pac in this game would be bizarre to anyone not familiar with 2008-2009 AAA. Heck, I watched 2009 AAA and it still seems bizarre.

Edit: I forgot to take Escoria out from up in that paragraph.

34 thoughts to “updated AAA Heroes en Ring 2011 roster (28 of 31 known)”

  1. I called GameStop today and they were all, “Yeah we don’t know what you’re talking about” when I asked if I could preorder it. Jerks.

    re: The roster – The last six don’t even matter to me. I’ve got Abismo, Mesias, Cibernetico, Wagner, Silver King, and Electroshock. That’s all I ever asked for.

  2. Ok, the game is being distributed by Konami, who I guess you can’t call “small time” but I would expect the game to have limited availability in store. It ain’t Metal Gear.

  3. Just occurred to me: in this mask vs mask mode, if I lose with Dr. Wagner Jr., will that means I see an unmasked Dr. Wagner Jr. in this video game? That doesn’t sound like it’ll fly. Maybe it’s only with created guys?

  4. @thecubsfan: Reading the article, it seems like the mask matches are going to just be online with CAWs.

    “Not only is this match type available in career mode, but you can also put your created character’s hair, mask, and honor on the line during online multiplayer.”

    From the GameInformer Article.

  5. @CM93: That’s essentially the same trailer as IGN posted, except the IGN one shows Cibernetico chokeslamming Chessman and is generally better quality.

    With Escoria being confirmed now, and the mystery guy (I’m going to assume he’s the big boss fight they were talking about on IGN), we’ve got four spots left. I’m thinking Teddy/Jack/Marco/Latin Lover

  6. There’s gameplay videos on IGN now. Videos aren’t extremely long, about a minute each. Doesn’t look overly impressive.

  7. Alex Koslov?? He is like the best in that league, cierto!!! And if you have Koslov you gotta have his rival Rocky Romero,cierto otra vez!!

  8. Yes, Alex should definitely be in. So should Rocky. Really, so should X-Pac because he was around that time too. Too many people for too few spots.

  9. Roster’s kinda crappy. The one promotion that actually mixes women, men, midgets and trannies and that doesn’t seem to be an option. I’m not buying it at all. Heck no urn! WTF?

    Of course, that’s mostly because I’m not gonna spend money buying a new game console as well.:)

  10. Who will take the last five spots in the AAA game?
    Gran Apache?
    Gato Eveready?
    Atomic Boy?
    El Brazo?
    Or someone else?

  11. Does anybody know if this game has a “create a superstar: feature. If this game doesn’t have Latin Lover I want to be able to create him.

  12. are we even sure this is definitely getting released? they keep moving the date up. Amazon is the only site that lists it for pre-order right now and they have the date at 12/31/10. isnt that why the title of the game got changed to 2011 anyway? i’m still very skeptical about this coming out. i hope it does and its actually playable, but Konami has too many problems and ever changing release date make me think otherwise.

  13. @Bruce: Amazon’s release dates are never to be trusted that far into the future – they probably were just told it’d come out this year and picked the last date of the year.

    Game name got changed because the original plan was to release it last year.

    I’d be more skeptical if they didn’t specifically just list a release date and show off the game to everyone.

  14. @Troy D: I’d hope to hell it is sold at EB Games, since it’s the same thing as GameStop, and GameStop has it listed on their site.

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