Felino takes Mistico’s mask (sort of), AAA Video Game US release date, Wagner/Electro at TripleMania?

CMLL (THU) 04/08 Arena Neza [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Aguilia Misteriosa & Mini Flash b Hooligan I & Hooligan II
2) Carta Brava Jr., Halcon Tarin, Halcon Tarin Jr. b Bizarro, El Canalla, Ice Killer
3) Brazo Cibernetico Jr., Brazo de Platino, Super Brazo b Demonio Negro, Loco Max, Skándalo
4) Dark Angel, Lluvia, MarcelaAmapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
5) La Sombra & Volador Jr.Felino & Místico

Rudos took the first, tecnicos took the second. Third came down to Volador and Mistico. With the referee distracted, Felino (eliminated earlier) came back into the ring and stole Mistico’s mask, a bit of revenge for Dos Leyendas. Volador pinned Mistico for the win.

Marcela replaces Lady Apache. Or maybe they just traded bookings from here and Puebla?

Friday Night Arena Mexico previews: ESTO, Notimex, Ovaciones. Big story is Mistico’s return to the tecnico side, teaming with Sombra & Mascara Dorada. This won’t end well. Semimain is the trios champs vs Terrible, Texano, Vangelis, which sure seems like a title match setup.

Konami sent out a press release yesterday announcing they’d be distributing AAA’s video game in the US. Release date is August 9th (a Monday; odd, because usual releases are Tuesdays.) Beyond the press release, Konami was showing off the game last night. Gameinformer has a good review, noting the gameplay doesn’t distinguish it from other wrestling games, but it does include mask and hair wagering. Looking thru the pictures, Extreme Tiger made the roster. Cuervo and Super Fly surprised me, but then I remembered we had seen them before.

Ovaciones says Wagner/Electro (for the title) and Parka/Park (stip unknown) are signed for TripleMania. I think that’s likely but not for certain.

Black Mamba talks talks about Monday’s mask vs hair match with Pimpinela Escarlata.

Black Terry Jr. has photos of last night’s IWRG show.

DJ Spectro has a ton of posts: part 3 of America Salvaje’s story, the history of lucha libre in Tampico, El Solitario, los Cavernario Galindo, and who Who Are These Three Young Wrestlers.

LuchaWorld has 80 to 71 of the best in 2009 countdown.

7 thoughts to “Felino takes Mistico’s mask (sort of), AAA Video Game US release date, Wagner/Electro at TripleMania?”

  1. @wakigatame: Dr. Wagner being in the game is so great. I may not always be a fan of watching Dr. Wagner, but being Dr. Wagner seems like a fun time.

    Also, it occurs to me how amusing it’ll be to see people post CAW recipes and mods for US guys into the lucha game, as opposed to the usual other way.

  2. @thecubsfan: I’m interested in seeing how well people can pull off WWE CAWs in the AAA game. I’d like to be able to play say, Undertaker vs. Mesias.

    I also think that Online Apuestas matches is the best thing ever. I’m going to make all my original CAWs as ugly as I can so it shocks the hell out of the other person when they get unmasked.

  3. @thecubsfan: @wakigatame: When it comes to the CAWs, I wonder how many people are going to make AAA alumnis, Say Alebrije, Mascara Divina, Vipers Revolution, Perro Aguayo Sr & Jr, etc. & ofcourse with a variety of mask selection (hopefully) various Chikara luchadors will probably be made aswell.

  4. @CM93: AFAIK, no women or minis.

    @Calabcd44: Perro Jr, and Sr, at least appearance wise, would be incredibly easy to make. I want to see a video of the CAW mode to see how deep mask edit really is.

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