04/17 AAA TV Lineup (Orizaba)

AAA TV (SAT) 04/17 Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba
1) Cuervo, Escoria, Espíritu vs Crazy Boy, Gato Eveready, Relampago
2) Jennifer Blade & Rain vs Fabi Apache & Mari Apache
3) Extreme Tiger, Generico, Jack Evans vs Billy Boy, Decnnis, Ozz
4) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Sabu
5) ?, La Parka Jr., Octagón vs Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador
6) Cibernético, El Mesías, Heavy Metal vs Hernandez, Vampiro Chessman, Zorro

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#935)
Mexico: 04/25
US: 05/08

04/12 Edit:

AAA posted the official lineup this morning. It’s seemed for a while that the new practice is waiting until the Monday before a taping to post the lineup (unless the taping is early in the week), so I suspect we won’t hear about the Queretaro lineup for a couple weeks.

Notable change is Vampiro being removed from the main event, replaced by Chessman. Not sure what the deal; Dos de Tres noted the rumor of Vampiro being on this show and also had no idea what happened, unsure if it was a local promoter mistake or a change.

The women’s tag match has gone missing. That makes this a five match card, tough to stretch in to two shows. Though, Wagner is perfectly capable of stretching his match way too long, and Sabu can spend many minutes setting up tables and chairs, so I rule nothing out.

Original Post:

Apparently posters advertising this show went up around town this past weekend: posters on el Martinete & Box Y Lucha both have this lineup. Which is good, because I’d have a hard time believing it otherwise.

If you recall, this was the show where LA Park was announced as definitely wrestling; those notes have been disappeared from the AAA website and he’s not on this card. (It sounds like he might now be free for those dates after all, but something’s supposed to come out about that soon.)  It very much seems like Vampiro has returned in his place, though I don’t know if that place is the main event or the singles match with Wagner. I don’t think Vampiro is ultimately coming back as a rudo; in an interview with F4 (that I still haven’t finished, oops), Vamp said he’d be back as part of the Roldan feud, and implied it’d be as a tecnico. We’ll know a lot more after this match.

Electroshock will have quit the WagnerManiacos for nearly one month when he teams up with them again here. Black Warrior is the rumored mystery guy, as usual.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Sabu will be something. Hooray for Sabu still getting paid.

Generico is in for the DTU show the next day, so makes sense to use him. (Or maybe AAA was bringing him in and it’s  DTU who’s using him the extra day? Either way.) This would be his debut here, though I faintly recall he was supposed to be in last year, but the show was canceled due to the flu. Or maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Would figure this is a tecnico showcase and not much more.

Jennifer Blade is back – maybe because Von Eerie is (was?) also supposed to be in Texas for those shows.

The opener is clearly not making air.

Dos Leyendas air date (in Japan), Niebla, AAA, Mexico, MTV2, Damian 666

As noted by @ThereAlfredo, Samurai TV lists Dos Leyendas as airing in Japan on 04/13, which is likely much sooner than it will air in Mexico. I suspect it’ll turn up on YouTube by 04/15. It’s a 120 minute slot, which would mean top 4 matches in Mexico.

The latest WON mentions Mr. Niebla was suspended for 30 days (Dos Leyendas was the first show he missed, so that’d put him back after 04/19), and Marco Corleone is expected back in AAA in the next month or so. The story there is he had no idea he was possibly in line for the AAA championship until he read it on the internet, after he left. Mexico is weird.

Also mentioned: AAA’s trying to bring in some TNA wrestlers for TripleMania. Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy are mentioned. Mr. Anderson is not. There’s also a mention that Vampiro wanted to do one last one run as heel, so that may explain the odd booking on the mid April lineup.

Arena Mexico Previews

  • Notimex notes main event is more Volador vs Mistico
  • Ovaciones sees today’s semimain as the real big match, setting up a trios title match (Angels Rebeldes vs the odd Fuerza T trio of Texano, Terrible, and Taichi)
  • Esto, in talking about the Pequeno Warrior/Bracito de Oro feud, call the rudo “the mini human guillotine”, a fantastic nickname. Everyone still lists Dorada in the match, though Ovaciones is the only one who notes that’s news. I’m still not especially confident he’ll be there, since everyone involved has been so quiet about this.

Brazo de Oro tells Fuego that he was prepared to win, but made an oversight, and now he’s bald. Brazo says the hair match versus Asesino Negro drew well, so the Brazos may do more.

Today’s AAA on MTV2/MTV Tr3S detail:

The deal clinched by Cookie Jar Entertainment’s The Jar brings 52 weeks of the new show to the two networks. The two channels will also air Behind the Mask, a half-hour special that takes an in-depth look at the history of the sport of Lucha Libre.

There’s been documentaries around that name, but none of them particularly AAA focused, and you’d think that’d be the deal here. Maybe it’s something new. Steven Ship is listed as manager director of Lucha Libre USA; he’s been with them since the 2007 matches on the Warped Tour.

R de Rudo has dual interviews with Damian 666 and Pequeno Damian 666. Not a lot new with the older guy. The mini says the regular size guy actually only trademarked “Damiancito 666”, not the name the mini is actually using. Mini Damian 666 says his problems in the US was trying to get in as an illegal, and he’s visited the US Embassy to try and clear them up. Mini Damian plans to keep that name until Paco Alonso tells him different, but feels like he’s brought some value to the name and would prefer not to give it up.

Cesar correctly notes the lesson here: luchadors have to copyright every variant of their name if they want exclusivity; verbal agreements will not hold. (Or change the law, I guess.)

At a PAN political rally, Intocable explains the wrestling business is hurting because of the drug trade. Fans are scared of being caught up in the violence, promoters are scared of losing money and being indebted to drug dealers.

Sexi Star says she was happy to win the Reina de Reinas, because she’s always considered herself queen, crown or not. She’s also angry about breaking her $1,000 fingernail, though Sexi also says 100% real.

Alex Koslov Cam #2 has footage from ROH, Monterrey, and bad hotel rooms across northern Mexico. Boom?

Cesar also has an article on AAA’s attempts to keep LA Park appearing as an independent outsider. I don’t think that’s especially needed for AAA’s fan base; for this promotion, I don’t think there’s an additional group of fans who will be more into if it they think it’s a all unplanned (and keeping people believing is probably beyond their grasp.)

Estrellas del Ring has an interview with Cuernavaca wrestler Oso Dorado, who has a very Tiger Kid-esque mask. I’m always in favor of more lucha libre bears.

DJ Spectro writes about El Resucitado‘s one match in Arena Coliseo, and the first lightweight champ.

Proyeccion Luchistica has play by play for the CMLL return to Arena Lopez Mateos.

Ohtani’s Jacket watches a couple matches from the Monterrey lucha Liibre festival.


indy (SAT) 05/01 Arena Neza
1) Alan Extreme, Hermano Muerte, Keshin Black vs Ángel de la Noche, Dinamic Black, Vuelo Espacial
2) Comando Negro, Crazy Boricua, Dark Zombie, Redentor vs Cocolores, Cósmico, Diamante Azul, Super Electra
3) el Signo vs Ray Mendoza Jr., Villano IV, Shu el Guerrero, Rambo, Hijo del Signo, Canek Jr., Ultramán Jr., Hijo del Solar, Fishman Jr. [cage, mask, hair]
4) Dos Caras Sr., El Fantasma, Villano III vs Canek, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000

This is the Signo retirement/benefit show. Making a guy climb of a cage on his retirement show is rough, but maybe that won’t be an issue here.

AAA on Televisa #926 (02/20/2010)

Polyforum La Huizachera, Tehuacan, Puebla, 02/01/2010

Fabi Apache, Mari Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Cinthia Moreno, Polvo de Estrellas, Sexy Star – and so Fabi returns with hair and we all agree never to mention again. This match was about Cinthia & Sexi not getting along, setting up the match…that they never got around to doing.

Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Rocky Romero vs Decnnis, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario – and speaking of bits going nowhere, this is Decnnis getting his revenge on Hermandad, the last we ever heard of that issue. Perhaps the Hermandad getting turned on is part of a slow build to their sorta tweener status now? Too much credit?

Takeshi Morishima vs El Mesías – This wasn’t much except for some spots, but Mesias got Morishima on his shoulders and that was a pretty impressive spot. They really should’ve shown that every week for a month.

I’ve deduced the Air Force’s run in to attack Morishmia was because they were upset about their match being bumped from TV. If only they knew what was going to happen to the tag team titles, maybe they would’ve brought chairs.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Último Gladiador vs Alex Koslov, Chessman, Zorro (and part 2) – about what you’d expect. A long time for a wacky finish.