03/27-28 Lucha Times


AAA: last show before Rey de Reyes, with Parka/Zorro and Mesias/Marco/Octagon vs WagnerManiacos.

52MX: Cats/Horse vs Astro/Maya/Rivera, and Fantamsa/Toscano/Valiente vs Euforia/Skandalo/Vangelis

LATV: This will be interesting; will they air the regularlly scheduled 2/3? That’s the Dos Leyendas show, which hasn’t otherwise aired. Not sure what else they’d show, and it’s not like they’ll be airing those matches on Galavision whenever they air the rest of the shows.

IWRG: It’d be Mascara Anos Father & Son/911 vs Bobby Lee Jr/Roca/Suicida and the big Cerebro/Diablo match, but they’ve been airing repeats every other week and this is that week.


CMLL: Lighting match is four, so it’ll air on the main show. Otherwise, it’s Felino wrestling unmasked on the Friday show for the main time.

AAA-MEX: Rey de Reyes was the only thing unaired last week, so it airs complete here. Those matches didn’t go that long, so surely some repeats from last week.

CMLL-FOX: Mistico annoys people, and one other match.

C3: Mistico annoys people, and three other matches

Puebla: Mistico annoys Voaldor in particular.

ACM: One more Cibernetico/Circus vs Legion atomicos, in case you have a desperate need to see that again.

PDM: Histeria/Pesdailla/Ragde vs Celestial/Angel/Nova for sure, maybe the Aguilita/Talisman vs Dinastia/Drastik Boy as the other?


CMLL-TFN: 03/06/09 taping, if I’ve got this right.

5 thoughts to “03/27-28 Lucha Times”

  1. CMLL TFN has the Angel De Plata/Tiger Kid match, the trios that followed and something else yet to air.

    Next week will be interesting b/c it’ll be the 3/13 show (I assume) which had an unaired Dorada/Peq Warrior Lighting Match as well as the only Friday main event in 2009 that never made TV b/c of Corleone jumping ship the day it was gonna air.

  2. Rob,

    You’ll be pleased then… next week’s episode features the following lineup…

    * Mascarita Dorada vs Pequeno Warrior (Lightning)
    * El Metro, Sagrado & Maximo vs Misterioso Jr, Texano Jr & Terrible
    * Dos Caras Jr, Marco Corleone & Mistico vs Negro Casas, Mr Niebla & Heavy Metal

  3. @Stew: Mascarita Dorada is made of rubber. That was a fun quick match.

    How long did the contract for these shows run for? Upcoming week has matches from the 3/20 big show I assume. So how many more new episodes are left before it goes into re-runs?

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