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Dos de Tres has videos from the press conference (Latin Lover out of AAA, Dorian on Dos Leyendas, LA Park on La Parka Jr., LA Park on AAA), but you may want to just skip to SuperLuchas meticulous point by point recap of the press conference. I think my comments are going to make it sound like it was more unproductive than it truly was’ it seems like it was just a usual press conference.

Dorian and Konnan spent a fair amount of their speeches attacking CMLL for being lame and copying them, saying they only push their favorites. AAA is oh so clearly different. Dorian told the press that Felino was going to lose tonight, he’s sick of hearing about CMLL being better when they’re in full meltdown and putting everything on two people. Konnan complained that Panico and Franco Colombo are controlling CMLL to help their favorites, leaving others wasted.

Latin Lover was announced as done here. Konnan says Latin Lover complained too much, wanted too much money, and was actually supposed to be the surprise for the Heroes Inmortales show but no-showed that too (so they ended up with Konnan Big; partially, Konnan does not want the blame for Konnan Big!) If this is true, it boggles the mind why they would’ve not only brought him back for Guerra de Titanes, but then had him win a title shot. The Latin Lover firing actually comes off more like Latin Lover had better things to do (TV show). It’s actually sort of tough to fire someone who doesn’t show up.

The only stuff really discussed about AAA was the La Parka/LA Park feud (though Alex talked briefly about the Cruiserweight title and alliances with TNA, NOAH, AJPW and ROH were mentioned in exactly the same amount of detail as this sentence). Park maintains he’s here just to fight Wagner and Parka Jr. – he only needs one match with Parka to beat him up, not really the masks – and then he’s out of here. Park insists he’s not part of AAA, which Dorian and Konnan were not expecting to hear. LA Park did make it clear he’ll show up on tonight’s show.

TripleMania was also announced for June 6, in Palacio de la Deportes. That’s a Sunday, and surely one CMLL will be running an extra show at Arena Mexico.

Of note, the CMLL comments didn’t get picked up in the press recaps: neither ESTO or Record ESPN or even AAA’s own recap

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  1. This is clearly an example of AAA trying to get cheap heat, & failing miserably. To tell you the truth, I’m suprised AAA has not “mentioned” some of the people who think AAA’s current product is garbage (myself included).

  2. If CMLL copy AAA defo im gonnna stop watchin it, Dorian, Joaquin and cuban dushbag only are tryin to make excuses of the garbage they have been doin in the last couple of years

  3. I’m starting to think LA Park is just there to show people he’s still alive, and get the fuck out of there. I see no mask match in the future.

  4. @WrasslingLuchador: Not unless he fires himself.

    Not in the literal fashion, he’d have to figuratively do something that would make him unemployable. It’s hard to imagine him doing such a thing.

  5. I just got back from vacation. I watched Rey de Reyes online and noticed Latin Lover wasn’t in the match. Now I’ve gotten caught up and see that Lover is out of AAA. That’s too bad.

    I’ll agree with the cubsfan that he will eventually come back. I hope it’s sooner than later.

    This shit never would be happening if Pena was still alive. Pena had his act together and knew how to properly run a company. He was a true business man who knew how to properly treat and deal with talent.

    Seeing Dorian in the sptolight confrims that he’s a clueless geek, and a moron and it’s no surprise that AAA is the way it is. Seeing Dorian, Konnan, and LA Park at that confrence was such a disgrace. These are the guys representing AAA. What a fucking joke.

    By ripping away at CMLL they’re only showing that they’re scared and they know they’re not at CMLL’s level. So they have resorted to trash talk to try to convince the public that AAA is the superior company.

    I hope CMLL does’t start listening to them and changing they’re plans in fear of what Konnan and Dorian will say. If they start doing this then they will truly go down.

    Konnan and Dorian have ruined AAA and a lot of indy leagues are following their examples. If CMLL starts following their examples that will be the end of Mexican lucha libre.

  6. Wow, both you and Latin Lover went into hiding once those gay accusations came out. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  7. Hopefully he comes back to CMLL although with TNA signing everyone on the planet who used to be a WWE wrestler you would think that’d be a destination that would suit him. He could probably do that and CMLL.

    Corleone in AAA was such a failure. Not his fault at all.

  8. I’d like to see him back in CMLL, but if he is hoping to do stuff in the US, it would seem like the Perros would be an easy way to capitalize on his name down here, work a few dates, and make some cash while trying to set something up in the states.

    AAA totally wasted him during his year there. They could have easily had him main eventing at some point during that time, but we of course had to spend the whole year on Wagner/Mesias.

    I guess cubs can quit tracking one of the wrestlers they are building the company around this year.

  9. I’m not even sure what AAA had in mind when they brought him in. It seemed more like they just wanted to steal a CMLL guy of importance without even thinking if they had anything for him to do. His first 3/4 months consisted of nothing but generic trios/tags where he was in a secondary role. By the time he was 6 months in I had barely forgotten he was around except when some charity event photos would go up on and he’d be in them.

    Did he even get involved in any feuds? All I can remember is a brief (2 week-ish) deal with Chessman in the winter as well as that tag title program vs La Hermandad at both Triplemania and Guerra De Titanes (the latter of which seemed more like a match than an actual feud).

  10. @Rob

    Latin Lover didn’t go into hiding, he immediately spoke out and said it was a lie. He mentioned how he has a wife and kids.

    I was on vacation and didn’t have Internet access. Posting notes wasn’t a priority of mine while on vacation.

  11. @Daniel: My apologies.

    I’ve never heard of a man in the spotlight being married with kids eventually being exposed as living a lie the entire time.

    Once again, my apologies. Eric Massa would also like to apologize to you.

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