Dos Leyendas/AAA chat this Friday

[poll id=”61″] I’ll be hosting another chat this upcoming Friday via CoverItLive. You can find the chat here, and I’ll also repost that link on Friday. Chat is tentatively planned to start at 10:00 pm Central Standard Time (11:00 EST, only 9:00 in Mexico City if I’m doing the conversion right), but I still need to sort of figure out when/if the radio coverage starts. I know the show is supposed to start at 8:30 local, but they never join right away.

The plan is talking about the results from Dos Leyendas and from AAA’s taping in Mexico City, but I vow to also be distracted by watching the second night of the NCAA tournament and whatever else. The chat will last until I can find a photo of the unmasked CMLLer, or the AAA taping ends, which ever happens last.

If you can’t join us, or want to avoid all social interaction, I plan on also having results on the blog and @luchablog.

One thought to “Dos Leyendas/AAA chat this Friday”

  1. I think Felino is lossing his mask at La Sombara’s expense, & saving the Volador Jr. vs Mistico mask match for Aniversario.

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