03/20-21 Lucha Times


I hate Daylight Savings time. I could learn to live with it if it was a bit more standard, but Mexico doesn’t change until April. Until then, Mexico City is one hour later than it was last week. They’re effective in the Mountain Time Zone – shows that normally start at 4pm won’t be on until 5pm. This also seems to affect channels which run dual US/Mexico feeds; 52MX & Teleformula are both airing Saturday lucha an hour later.

Shows in the Mexico block remain on Mexico City time. Shows in the US block have adjusted for the time difference. Buyer beware!

AAA-US: Cibernetico & Mesias back together. It’s weird they built to Chessman winning the Rey de Reyes by having him lose a bunch. Actually, no.

52MX: Two Cats & One Horse vs Fabian, Leono, Starman in a match that is most assuredly a segunda a CMLL card. You can’t possibly get more second match that in 2010. Also, Ray Mendoza, Maximo, Rush, and other issues.

LATV: lighting match aired on the main show, so this is Tuareg vs Delta/Diamante/Maya, plus a rare team of the Arena Coliseo tag team champs + Rush vs Cancerebro team #1

IWRG: if this is new (???), this is the Dhanie Jones show, plus Gringos vs the coalition to end Grigno-mania.


CMLL-MEX: They’re not going to air the mask match because that’s not what they do. Nothing else is worth saving for a rainy day, so maybe that means 2-3-4. Which leaves an interesting problem for LATV next week, but that’s next week.

AAA-MEX: Rey de Reyes part 1. This will be slightly easier to pick next week. Last year, they aired the first round of the tournament and the title match, which is probably a better guess than what I’m going with.

CMLL-FOX: minis title match, Sombra/Volador/Fantasma vs Triad de Terror

C3: Shocker/Bucanero, Marcela/Amapola, minis cibernetico. This has to be good, right?

Puebla: Bam Bam/Violencia hair match

ACM: Piratas vs MTY rudos, maybe Parka/Silver King? Maybe not, that sounds dangerous.

Perros: main event from last weekend, and then another match. Guessing the mixed tag for no particular reason.

CMLL-TFN: Virus vs Dorada, which was Dorada getting chumped to an epic degree. Guerreros vs Garza/Marco/Mistico.

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  1. Your TFN listings are a week behind. Dorada/Virus was last week. This week didn’t air in it’s regular timeslot but instead is airing right now with 3 matches from the 2/27 Arena Mexico show including the especial with Maximo/Efesto/etc. that never originally aired anywhere.

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