03/20-21 Lucha Times


I hate Daylight Savings time. I could learn to live with it if it was a bit more standard, but Mexico doesn’t change until April. Until then, Mexico City is one hour later than it was last week. They’re effective in the Mountain Time Zone – shows that normally start at 4pm won’t be on until 5pm. This also seems to affect channels which run dual US/Mexico feeds; 52MX & Teleformula are both airing Saturday lucha an hour later.

Shows in the Mexico block remain on Mexico City time. Shows in the US block have adjusted for the time difference. Buyer beware!

AAA-US: Cibernetico & Mesias back together. It’s weird they built to Chessman winning the Rey de Reyes by having him lose a bunch. Actually, no.

52MX: Two Cats & One Horse vs Fabian, Leono, Starman in a match that is most assuredly a segunda a CMLL card. You can’t possibly get more second match that in 2010. Also, Ray Mendoza, Maximo, Rush, and other issues.

LATV: lighting match aired on the main show, so this is Tuareg vs Delta/Diamante/Maya, plus a rare team of the Arena Coliseo tag team champs + Rush vs Cancerebro team #1

IWRG: if this is new (???), this is the Dhanie Jones show, plus Gringos vs the coalition to end Grigno-mania.


CMLL-MEX: They’re not going to air the mask match because that’s not what they do. Nothing else is worth saving for a rainy day, so maybe that means 2-3-4. Which leaves an interesting problem for LATV next week, but that’s next week.

AAA-MEX: Rey de Reyes part 1. This will be slightly easier to pick next week. Last year, they aired the first round of the tournament and the title match, which is probably a better guess than what I’m going with.

CMLL-FOX: minis title match, Sombra/Volador/Fantasma vs Triad de Terror

C3: Shocker/Bucanero, Marcela/Amapola, minis cibernetico. This has to be good, right?

Puebla: Bam Bam/Violencia hair match

ACM: Piratas vs MTY rudos, maybe Parka/Silver King? Maybe not, that sounds dangerous.

Perros: main event from last weekend, and then another match. Guessing the mixed tag for no particular reason.

CMLL-TFN: Virus vs Dorada, which was Dorada getting chumped to an epic degree. Guerreros vs Garza/Marco/Mistico.

Amapola retains, Brazos vs Asesnio/Satanico?, LA Park

CMLL (TUE) 03/16 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones (PDF)]
1) Bengala, Principe, Robin b Cholo, Semental, Zayco
2) Pequeño Warrior b Eléctrico, Shockercito, Bracito de Oro, Fantasy, Último Dragoncito, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Violencia, Astral, Pequeño Universo 2000 [cibernetico]
3) Amapola b Marcela [CMLL WOMEN]
4) Averno, Ephesto, Shigeo Okumura b Hijo del Fantasma, Metro, Sagrado
5) Rey Bucanero b Shocker

Bucanero got the clean win. Still talk about a hair match here, but no date.

Ovaciones headline is about the women having a better match than the men, but I’m thinking that shouldn’t be much of a surprise with that combination. Amapola took the first and thrid, Marcela still can’t figure out a way to get past her.

No details on the cibernetico besides the winner.

CMLL (TUE) 03/16 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Meteoro b Saturno
2) Astaroth & Metal Blanco b Acertijo & León Blanco
3) Hierro & Palacio Negro b Ebola & Exterminador
4) Pegasso & Rey Cometa b Arkangel de la Muerte & Skándalo
5) Asesino Negro, Atlantis, Último Guerrero b Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, Máximo

Asesino Negro snuck in a foul on Brazo de Oro for the third fall win. After the match, Negro and Oro agreed to a hair mask for 03/30.  Neither man has the greatest recent hair record, so I guess this could go either way. Anyway, Brazo de Plata called out Satanico to make it official, except Satanico and Porky suddenly had issues. Maybe this’ll be a tag match by the time they’re done.

LA Park says he’s not signed by AAA, he’s an independent and can show up whenever he wants, but he may appear again to shut up his rival if Parka Jr. trashes him again. Park still wants Wagner’s mask as well. Al Filo Del Ring compares the two Parkas, saying Park is the better worker but Parka is more accessible to the media. Cesar says LA Park gives AAA a much needed freshness.

Latin Lover says he’s not gay. This is a Mike Piazza situation right here. Apparently there was a TV show that accused him of having a four year affair with a producer, but both people involved are denying. Latin points out he has a wife and family, and the TV producer says he prefers less muscular guys. No mention of Rey de Reyes.

CMLL’s public training sessions with the four guys in Friday’s main event will be today at 4:30. Ovaciones says they’ll be training in pairs and signing autographs.

At a press conference for Friday’s show, AAA said they plan on running Gimnasio Juan de la Barrio more often.

On yesterday’s Figure Four Daily, Sonjay Dutt talked about wrestling on the CMLL 75th Anniversary show. Of note, Sonjay was adamant that there was no Villano switch in the Panther/Villano mask match, that the same “Dentist Villano” who started the match finished the match.

The Gladiatores also have an interview with Maniak, X-Fly, and commissioner Fantasma, about the whole “Universal” title situation from a few weekends ago. The video wasn’t working when I went to watch it, but it should be up soon. Luckily, someone also reposted Metro’s coverage of the same meeting. They’re going with the story that Maniak won the Natioanl Universal championship, a belt that looked exactly like the heavyweight championship, and now Fantasma is confiscating that belt because it shouldn’t exist. The Gladiadors also have interviews with Trauma I and Dhani Jones.

Averno says the only way he’s giving up his NWA belt is if he loses it in the ring.

Pequeno Damian and Hiroka have opened up a pet shop.

Cronicas Y Leyendas has the Brazos as CMLL Trios champs and the LLI crew returning to Arena Mexico.

Luchas 2o00 #512 has Rey de Reyes on the front cover, and Dos Leyendas on the back cover.

This month’s Record is all about luchadoras.

top six stories of the last two weeks

1) LA Park returned to AAA. Easy week! After being part of the great exodus from AAA to WCW (and Promo Azteca) and years of unsuccessful legal battles, Park returned to AAA as an ally of the Foreign Legion. La Parka Jr. vs LA Park for the masks is one of those mythical matches which never seemed sure to occur, but AAA was able to tease it happening this past Friday. Joaquin (with AAA Parka) and Dorian (with Park) are also involved with this, but are only needed as an explanation of how the feud reached this point. The biggest question left: will they be able to keep both sides happy long enough to get to the mask match, or will it fall apart like the Gronda feud?

2) The lineup for Dos Leyendas was announced. It’s a one match card, a relevos suicidas with Mistico & Felino vs Sombra & Volador, where the first two pinned (in any combination) will immediately face off with masks on the line. There are other matches, but not one means a thing. Still, any one of those four masks going down may be enough to fill Arena Mexico this Friday. Sombra will probably be going into the match hurt, having dislocated his left big toe last Tuesday in Guadalajara.

3) In other Rey de Reyes results, Electroshock won the AAA Heavyweight Championship and Chessman won the Rey de Reyes tournament. In theory, Electro and Chessman would meet at TripleMania for the title, but that rudo/rudo match wouldn’t mean much. Mesias, the former champion, lost his title without directly being defeated, and is more likely to end up in the TripleMania title match. Also of note: Latin Lover did not appear, and no one’s really explained it five days later.

4) Mascarita Dorada was dropped by CMLL, after working the Todos x el Todos tour. The Santo ban is still in effect. Dorada probably has the best chance at making a good living solely on the independents; he’s a star on his own, and was already working mostly his own schedule while with CMLL. He will have to figure out a new traveling opponent (Mini Halloween is available) and really doesn’t have any option except to make it work on his own: Dorada has now left both AAA and CMLL on less than happy terms.

5) NFL linebacker Dhani Jones got into a shoving match with IWRG’s Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., then wrestled him the following week. Match ended in a disqualification for a foul, the most authentic finish for lucha libre I can imagine. Jones fouled MA2K Jr., got the pinfall, but the heavily cheered Mexican won on a reversed decision. This was all taped for Dhani’s reality show, and seemed to draw a larger than normal crowd for the match.

6) Blue Demon Jr. said the NWA was stripping the CMLL champions of their NWA titles (for the second or third time). The CMLL guys said they weren’t giving up their titles unless they lost them in the ring. Everyone covered this as if something was happening, but really nothing did.

Other stories
– Blue Demon Jr. lost the NWA Heavyweight Title.
– Perros del Mal ran a mostly unnoteworthy taping, but did run storylines to set up Turbo/Black Thunder in a title match, and the big cage hair/mask match for Tijuana in May.
– Bam Bam retained his title (over Mini Nitro, winner of Pequeno Reyes de Aires) and his hair (taking Mini Violencia’s).
– Pierrothito kept the lightweight title.
– Trauma I won the Americas championship from Angelico in IWRG
– Strong Man lost to Tanahashi in NJPW’s NJPW Cup.
– Ozz & Chessman are headed to AJPW next weekend.
– Valiente is headed to CHIKARA for King of Trios, as is a yet to be revealed Perros del Mal team.
– Black Spirit debuted as Hijo de LA Park
– Intocable says Super Porky threatened to kill him. Intocable remains alive.