03/12 AAA TV Results (Queretaro/Rey de Reyes): the return of LA Park

AAA TV (FRI) 03/12 Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, Queretaro [AAA]
1) Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari ApacheChristina Von Eerie, Rain, Sexy Star
2) ChessmanLa Parka Jr.ZorroOctagón [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]
3) HernandezEl ElegidoCrazy BoyKenzo Suzuki [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]
4) Marco CorleoneJack EvansOzzDecnnis [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]
5) Extreme TigerAlex Koslov [AAA CRUISER]
6) Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario, Pimpinela EscarlataDr. Wagner Jr., Silver King, Último Gladiador
7) CibernéticoKonnan [lumberjack]
8) ChessmanMarco Corleone and Hernandez [Rey de Reyes, final]
9) ElectroshockEl Mesías and Mr. Anderson [AAA HEAVY]
2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Dates (#930, #931)
Mexico: 03/21, 03/28
US: 04/03, 04/10
Where should I start with this? Where do YOU want to start? I think I need a second. You sure can’t complain about nothing happening here. I think inverted pyramid and copious bolding is the rule of the day. Before even that, it might be worth a trip to Dos de Tres’ facebook page, which out did AAA’s own website in live coverage, including video of the biggest events. I’ve tried to link the video in the proper spots.
There were definitely big events, and the biggest was the run-in by L.A. Park, the original La Parka. He showed up after the conclusion of the seventh match, where all the legion’s men (including Hernadnez) and women were fought off by the Psycho Circus, and Cibernetico was able to cleanly defeat Konnan. That seemed to cap off that feud, but the Legion attacked again after the match. Mesias ran out for the save, but a mystery man in a black coat and hood ran in and helped the rudo. As Koslov and Hernandez continued to stomp Mesias and Cibernetico, the man in black revealed himself to be LA Park.
Prior to this match, Dorian Roldan was talking to someone about the start of the Era of Dorian Roldan, and this was now revealed to be LA Park. La Parka Jr. and Joaquin Roldan immediately walked out and had to be held back from fighting LA Park.  Park reminded us he was with Konnan in WCW, and now Konnan brought him back to his rightful place in AAA. La Parka Jr. thanked Dorian for bringing Park here, so he could unmask “this pig”. Parka did his dance in the ring, which angered LA Park, but the Legion held him back.
Hopefully, those involved have learned something from how the Gronda/Gronda feud went, and everyone involved is on the same page about what’s going to happen and how long it’s going to take. Even though it’d be awful fast by lucha libre standards, I would not be surprised to see the mask match happen at TripleMania. It’s a TripleMania main event level match for sure, and there’s no sense in holding it over for a year. Thematically, it might fit better at the Antonio Pena show, but the longer they string it out, the more chances for it to never make it to the finish.
As for that finish…for the last 13.5 years, AAA has treated La Parka Jr. as the one true La Parka. Occasionally, that meant going as far as pretending he was the only Parka that ever existed, and crediting him with the accomplishments of the first. Now that it’s near the end, or close to it for both guys, I would be surprised to see AAA change their minds.
It’s probably not a coincidence Hijo del LA Park is getting his start Sunday. Don’t have the slightest clue how this affects Los Perros del Mal’s plans for LA Park. He could probably work both if both promotions were okay with it, but they never are.
You think reading Park/Parka is confusion, how are those chants going to work?
Buried underneath this is Electroshock winning the AAA World Heavyweight Championship. In a triple threat match, where the first victory carried the day, Electro beat Mr. Anderson with the Electrolock. Mesias was outside the ring, and too slow back inside to break it up, so he lost the title without being directly defeated. Mesias was strechered out after the match. Before the match, Anderson did a promo on the crowd, and may have attacked Arturo Rivers. After the match, Dr. Wagner Jr., Silver King, and Ultimo Gladiador showed up and circled Electro as if they were about to attack. Wagner offered a handshake, Electro thought about it, shook, and Wagner raised his arm in congratulation. It appears they’re back on the same page.
Latin Lover was unaccountably missing from all of this. There’s no explanation from AAA. It appears he either did not show or just decided not to go out there for this match. This is probably the end for Latin Lover in AAA for the time being. I don’t want to say it’s for good, because he always comes back, but he’s probably not back any time soon.
Who challenges Electroshock first? It seems to be certainly Mesias, since the Rey de Reyes winner is Chessman, and I don’t think they’re going to do Electro/Chessman. Chessman won his semifinal with a spear on La Parka Jr. and a super fast count from Hijo de Tirantes (who seemed back to being a total rudo on this show; he was kept out of the title match for that reason.) Marco and Hernandez picked up clean wins in their semis, then feuded with each other in the final. Marco eliminated Hernandez, but Hernandez came back to attack Marco, setting him for Chessman’s superkick to win the tournament. I would guess this means they’ve have more of a plan for Hernandez/Marco than for Chessman’s next match, but we’ll see if plans change.
The other title match saw no change, but apparently some extreme bits. Thumbtacks were used in the Tiger/Koslov match, which led to Koslov bleeding during it. Koslov still manages to sneak in a foul, but Tiger recovered for the win and retained his title.
As expected, Pimpinela Escarlata paid for the assistance of Hermandad Extreme. With Nicho and Lider’s help, Pimpi defeated Los WagnerManiacos (Nicho & Lider on Gladiador) to earn a spot with them. WagnerManiacos were still not sold on this idea after the match, so this story is far from complete. Pimpi did not appear with the rest of the WagnerManiacos at the close of the show.
The women’s match ended with a dive train. After Mari did a tope, Sexi was preparing to do who knows what, but Cinthia snuck up behind her, turned her around, and finished her with a chinbreaker. That sets up the title match for next Friday.
Speaking of, after tonights’ show…
  • Pimpinela Escarlata is probably the person teaming with Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King as the new WagnerManiaco
  • LA Park is likely the mystery man teaming with the Foreign Legion against Cibernetico & the Psycho Circus.

16 thoughts to “03/12 AAA TV Results (Queretaro/Rey de Reyes): the return of LA Park”

  1. I thought NUMB3RS had a good finish if that’s the series finale. 6 seasons might seem short when compared to other shows like CSI, ER, Law & Order, but I think its a good end to the show. I’m assuming CBS wanted to get the show out of the way in time for the NCAAA tournament and I’m guessing during that time, they’ll come up with another show about some woman talking or seeing ghosts to round out their Friday shows.

    I’m actually pretty shocked Chessman won.

  2. Total unprofessional behavior to no-show an event of this magnitude. Especially after the promotion gave you a big win to end 2009 and you were heavily featured going into the show as a main attraction. Hopefully the commision steps in and suspends Latin Lover for a long time for his unprofessionalism. Any Latin Lover fans in attendance certainly learned a lot about the true charachter of their supposed “hero” after tonight.

    For shame.

    (Just gettin’ the ball rolling so I have something fun to read when I wake up…)

  3. Finally i can sleep LA PARK is back to AAA, and latin not showin in the match well i think he still earnin lots of cash and no need to show upcos now he is focused on his new ” career” dont know what is but he still thinkin he can be a host on tv, and yes money can do anything like buy the pride of someone who was kicked out from the bussines and make everything possible to dissapear him from lucha stuff and now thanks to money he is back clamin he is the original and he will play the game of people who like to do whatever they can do on lucha bussines

  4. PS. the best part of this Rey de Reyes is that Pimpi won and he is goin to join Wagner on his group, im wondering if Wagner ever regret that he left Perros del Mal and CMLL for AAA bussines

  5. Electroshock won the belt, Chessman won Rey de Reyes, everything I wanted to happen did. Can’t complain until I watch it.

  6. WOOOO CHESSMAN!!!!!!!! :D

    cant wait for him to defend latin lover after this!

    this looks like a good event shockingly

  7. null:

    Electroshock should get a new spandex suit made that has the AAA title on it around his waist.

    Thats a great idea, but I would take it a step further and put they wrestler he is fighting face on the tights like Rick Rude did it in the WWF.

  8. null:

    (Just gettin’ the ball rolling so I have something fun to read when I wake up…)

    Yeah, but Daniel has been MIA for awhile now. I taunted him after the Tapias came out and he didnt take the bait…

  9. Good for Electroshock, good for him. I hope Chessman becomes the new champion before next year’s Rey de Reyes. If not him than why not Zorro? It will be cool to see both Parkas put they’re mask on the line. Seriously, it will never happen.

  10. All we need now is Perrito showing up at Triplemania to go after Dr Wagner. Lets face it PdM are a waste of his money and best years in wrestling.

  11. All things considered, I thought Latin Lover had a pretty good year in 2009 considering he only worked a handful of shows. Really disappointed that he decided to no show this event. I can’t imagine that main event was any good considering how god awful Mr. Anderson is in the ring and how crappy Electroshock can be as well. Not that I was expecting Latin Lover to make that match that much better, but it probably would have at least included a beatdown during his stripper dance!

    They’ll bring Latin Lover back at some point. The Roldans are not as vindictive as Paco Alonso is.

  12. @Alfredo: I do wonder if maybe Latin was supposed to take the hold (they bring in Anderson just to have him lose? well, maybe they do) and so he found something better to do.

  13. @thecubsfan: Did they mention how long Mr. Anderson was in the match? I don’t know if him getting the RVD treatment would be a bad thing. It might have actually helped the match if he was only in for 9 seconds.

  14. sounds like a really good show but i’ll have to see it when it airs to conclude if it really is all that it appears to be. i’m excited for electroshock though. good move by aaa.

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