03/13-14 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Mesias, Latin Lover vs Chessman, Zorro, WagnerManiacos vs Parka/Marco/Pimpi

52MX: A show including Fabian, Leono, Rush, and Toscano.

Also, the Saturday Ras de Lona has moved to 12:30 pm ET, meaning they’ve got six less hours to get the Friday highlights on this show.

LATV: Women’s Trios, and Raziel vs @DIAMANTECMLL. You’d think all the guys from Hell would be the ones with Twitter accounts.

IWRG: assuming there’s a pattern here – crazy! – top 2 include Gringos vs Terry/Cerbero/Chico, and a match with Tinieblas.


CMLL: when the top 3 includes the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Feud, they’re taking it easy this week. Or they need to give those titles to someone a little lower. Or both.

AAA-MEX: Parka vs Silver King, Mesias/Marco/Octagon vs WagnerManiacos, leading into Rey de Reyes

CMLL-FOX: Pequeno Rey de Aires, Negro/Volador

C3: top 3 includes more Shocker/Bucanero fun.

Puebla: Mistico/Volador in a trios, Bam Bam/Rafaga/Asturiano vs Mini Universo/Violencia/Pierrothito

Monterrey: WagnerManicos vs Warrior/Mesias/Parka, Piratas vs Dorada/Hator/Negro. Don’t think there will be room for a third with those two.

PdM: Leftovers from 02/20 taping – minis (sorta) tag, and Histera/Pesadilla/Ragde vs Celestial/Lizmark/Oriental trios

CMLL-TFN: Just a couple of random trios, by the looks of it.

Monterrey, GDL, Ozz & Chessman to AJPW

CMLL LLU (SUN) 03/07 Arena Solidaridad [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Vudu & Zodiaco b Azteca Warrior & Koko Viper
2) Diana La Cazadora & Perla Negra b La Bandida & La Chacala
3) Bengali, Espanto Jr., Potro Jr. DQ Coliseo 2000, Gato Volador, Panthro
4) Humberto Garza Jr., Ninja Jr., Tigre Universitario b Difunto I, Difunto II, Pirata Morgan
5) Averno, Mephisto, Místico b Ephesto, Máximo, Valiente

Weird main event. Averno & Mephisto weren’t down with fighting Epehsto, but Mistico didn’t care. He also fouled Maximo for the win, claimed he wasn’t neither tecnico or rudo and then challenged Maximo to a hair match and Valiente for a mask match. Show drew 3,000 for the debut of this group.

CMLL (TUE) 03/09 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Acertijo & Titanio b Relampago Azul & Virgo
2) Ebola & Ráfaga b Metatrón & Palacio Negro
3) Pierrothito b Saturno [MEX LIGHT]
4) Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, La Máscara b Asesino Negro, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Felino b La Sombra

Felino pulled Sombra’s mask and rolled him up again. Sombra’s got to figure out a way to stop that before the 19th. Brazos were triumphant in their big team up, but this probably isn’t the end: Asesino Negro is looking for revenge on the family for taking his hair and injuring his knee a while back. Pierrothito retained his title, but Saturno got to have a match with Pierrothito, so who’s the real winner?

Fuego has partial results for Tuesday’s Arena Mexico show, but no one seems to have full results so I’ll wait a day on those. Bucanero foiled Shocker in the main event again.


Ozz and Chessman were announced for All Japan Pro Wrestling’s 03/21 Sumo Hall show (taped for PPV!) They’ll be facing Kiyoshi & Bushi, both who’ve passed thru IWRG, so the idea is probably to do a lucha libre style match. Of note for Mexico, Chessman is currently scheduled for the 03/19 AAA TV taping in DF, which wouldn’t leave much time to make it to Japan. Ozz isn’t scheduled, and I wonder if Chessman might get replaced before the show occurs.

You’d think AAA would mention this on their site, but I’m guessing they’re just finding out.

CMLL recaps of the Volador/Negro Casas stuff from Sunday indicates Volador wants to focus on the mask match before he does any title match with Negro Casas and no one knows which or how many of the 5 titles will be on the line. None of them are NWA titles, sadly. Negro was carrying all four titles to the ring and did not acquire a new one in the last week, so that’s great.

In today’s Ovaciones, Volador Jr. says the four way match is complicated, he’d rather just have the singles match, but he’d like Mistico’s mask most of all. I don’t think it’ll happen this way, but if one of the rudos got pinned, would his tecnico rival just get himself DQed to guarantee the match up?

Record, Notimex, Estrellas del Ring, and Perro’s Tumbler have quotes from a shared interview with Hijo del LA Park. He insists he’s in Sunday’s Perros del Mal main event because he’s a high quality wrestler, not because of the name. Hijo del LA Park is looking forward to facing Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. for the first time. And then feud with him forever to no end, one presumes. It is amusing that he’s just using the same exact mask he was as Black Spirit (the news articles don’t even mention that gimmick), when he was saying he wasn’t related to LA Park. It’s almost as if you can’t actually believe what people have to say!

SuperLuchas has Cassandro talking about his trip to Belgium, and Halloween and Damian talking about the upcoming X-LAW show.

Random: Los Chivos with Bob Sagat.

Kcidis illustrates Maximo & Mr. Niebla.

Segunda Caida has video of Hector Garza & Lil’ Kissing Bandit vs Cassandro & Lil’ Chicken from Lucha Va Voom.

Ohtani’s Jacket writes about IWRG 03/08.