top 6 stories of the last two weeks

1) AAA announced it’s Rey de Reyes card. The title match, originally a Mesias vs Latin Lover, is now Mesias vs Latin Lover vs Electroshock vs Mr. Anderson, and only Electroshock getting involved in the match has strongly been built. Konnan/Cibernetico has received the strongest push, and Extreme Tiger/Alex Koslov has been set up on TV, but everything else seems disconnected from the events on TV.

2) CMLL has not announced it’s Dos Leyendas card as of yet, despite having wrestlers talk about mask matches between Mistico and Volador, Felino and Sombra, and all four of the wrestlers in one match. There’s a press conference scheduled soon to make the match clear, but the card is up in the air 15 days out. The only thing CMLL has announced is Ray Mendoza and Salvador Lutteroth will be honored. Meanwhile, despite the events in Arena Mexico, Mistico generally continues to wrestle as a tecnico elsewhere when not matched up with Volador.

3) On the same night as Dos Leyendas, AAA has scheduled a show across town in Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera. The card itself is nothing different than a usual TV taping, including a Cibernetico/Psycho Clown vs Foreign Legion. Partially it’s because some wrestlers will be in Panama instead for a previously scheduled show, but AAA is still treading this DF show as if it’s extra special deal.

4) X-Fly defeated Charly Manson to win the Mexican Heavyweight Championship at the latest Perros del Mal taping. Apparently, Charly Manson kept the belt, because he lost it again to a indy wrestler the following weekend, apparently renting himself out to lose the belt to whomever. Getting back to X-Fly/Charly, they’ve been announced for a hair match for two months from now.

5) Taichi arrived in Mexico. He says he’s going to be here five months, though NJPW said maybe 2 years. Taichi hopes to win a title and a mask while he’s in Mexico. Taichi has silly hair, which he’s clealry going to lose.

6) In IWRG apuesta matches, Trauma I took Pantera’s hair (with some help from Dr. Cerebro) and Hijo del Diablo took the hair of Chico Che.

Other notes

  • Angelico & Hijo del Fantasma won Toryumon’s Yamaha Cup, which included IWRG and CMLL wrestlers
  • Santo & Todos x el Todos ran shows in Belgium.
  • Monito, caught in a tug of war between Shocker & Maximo (not litearlly, yet), walked out on both of them.
  • Juvi may or may not have won a case vs Konnan and may or may not be coming back to AAA. Very clear!
  • Misterioso II is unhappy about Satillo’s Misteroiso Jr. Somewhat more clear!
  • Olimpico went to the press to get back into CMLL; ripped Perros del Mal as being badly runned and doomed
  • Ultimo Guerrero retained the CMLL Heavyweight title over Shocker, may defend against Strong Man next Monday
  • Building CMLL feuds: Mini Warrior/Bracito de Oro, Mini Violencia/Bam Bam. And Maximo may be joining the rudos.

(What did I miss?)

7 thoughts to “top 6 stories of the last two weeks”

  1. Estrellita heading to Perros Del Mal according to Fuego En El Ring. Hopefully, Dr. Lucha will have more on this breaking news….

  2. Monito thing will be the best thing in weeks that if he betray Shocker to get back with Maximo

  3. I just want to clear up the Monito deal…

    He helped Shocker at the start of the match b/c he was mad at being kissed by Maximo. While he was trying to hide in the corner Shocker got backdropped onto the apron and landed on Monito who got angry. He pointed angrily at both of them and left the ring but Niebla stopped him and gave him an afro. Monito put the afro on and they did the Niebla dance together. Then Monito walked away before Shocker/Maximo could attack him.

    So as of right now Monito seems to belong to Niebla.

  4. @LLL: I don’t know if I brought this up here, but it appears like the LATV affiliate here in LA uses the other feed for DishNetwork. Instead of 57.2, we get 57.1, so no repeats on Dish.:(

  5. Yup. It’s a “Must Carry” deal, and LATV makes big money on the infomercials. That’s why you would have to have a disconnected television to see it.

    Let’s hope Dish and Direct start carrying LATV across the country.

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