Pantera loses his hair to Trauma I, Shocker, Tinieblas

IWRG (THU) 02/25 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (photos), Estrellas del Ring]
1) Comando Negro b Imperial
2) Dinamic Black & Héros b Alan Extreme & Keshin Black
3) Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Gringo Loco b Eragon, Freelance, Suicida
4) Flor Metalica & Tiger Fuka b La Diabólica & Lady Metal
5) Dr. Cerebro, Hijo del Signo, Trauma I b Hijo del Pantera, Pantera, Zatura [captains hair]

Trauma I and Pantera were drawn as the captains. Rudos won the first fall quick, Pantera rallied his team for the third. Pantera may have had Trauma I in the third fall, but Dr. Cerebro threw white power in the face of the tecnico, and Trauma I pinned him for the hair win.

Fuka got the pin on Diabolica in her farewell match here. SuperLuchas has a video from Fuka to promote the show she’ working on Sunday in Arena Lopez Mateos.

CMLL (FRI) 02/26 Arena Mexico
1) Astro Boy, Guerrero Maya Jr., Molotov vs Artillero, Semental, Súper Comando
2) Fuego, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo
3) Hijo del Fantasma vs Mephisto [lightning]
4) La Máscara, Shocker, Toscano vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Máximo, Mr. Niebla
5) Terrible, Texano Jr., Último Guerrero vs Naito, Ray Mendoza Jr., Taichi
6) La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Volador Jr. vs Felino, Místico, Negro Casas

Previews: Notimex, Ovaciones, SuperLuchas

It’s about time CMLL has a definite direction for Dos Leyendas. The four most likely participants are in the main event, setting the stage for something, but they need to have that something worked out, so they can start emphazing it and not whichever match(es) they’re waiting until September to run. I’ve heard the press conference for Dos Leyendas is next week, and CMLL usually makes the main event clear before the press event, so tonight’s finish should be telling.

As a fan, I want Sombra/Felino or Volador/Mistico, and a relevos suicdas would actually be less interesting than just a straight tag title match (the final encounter shouldn’t be a one fall six minute match, that’d be depressing.) A cage match is still a possibility, and by far the least interesting (outside doing nothing at all.)

Elsewhere on the card, the semimain is the Renegados (let’s just go with it for Terrible & Texano) getting another shot at Naito and Taichi (playing the part of Yujiro.) UG/V5 was last year’s Dos Leyenda’s main event, and Mendoza Jr. surely will figure into this year’s show with his father being honored. Maybe they’ll do Villanos/Guerreros?

Maximo continues to flirt with Mr. Niebla and the rudo side. Fantasma is in another lightning match that seems a bit big for a lightning match (and this one doesn’t look to make TV either.) Despite an on going feud the last couple of weeks, the minis are not on this week’s lineup. Mini Warrior/Bracito de Oro kind feels like a match to do on a week before or after Dos Leyendas to avoid the usual drop in attendance around a major show, but maybe that’s not the plan.

Shocker, hyping Sunday’s title match, he wouldn’t mind putting up his hair as well. Shocker says UG is a great fighter, and while he wouldn’t plan on losing, at least he would’ve lost to a great guy if he does lose. A similar article has a photo of Shocker with a giant comb in his pocket.

Talking with Fuego en el Ring about a variety of things, Negro Casas seems to have soften his stance on Mistico becoming a rudo, but still says Mistico would have to earn his spot and the fan’s respect as a rudo.

Tinieblas Sr. has a few more details for his retirement tour. It’ll start with a show on Thursday 04/15, and he’ll be honored at Arena Mexico the next day. This’ll be followed by 19 more shows up until the break for the world cup on June 6th.

Though AAA has said their tickets are on sale for their 03/19 DF, those going to the ticket office haven’t been able to purchase them.

Satillo’s Misterioso Jr. says he has permission to use that name, since 1995.

R de Rudo has an interview with Ricky Marvin.

LuchandoLibre and R de Rudo has photos of the Blue Demon Jr. jewelry. I might actually purchase a Blue Demon Jr. ring, if only I knew the proper occasion to wear one.

This article about an AAA show in Puebla on Sunday notes this is Estrellita’s final show with the company, but is more notable for the sad Wolverine setting at the press conference table.

Cronicas y Leyendas looks back at Perro Aguayo beating Mil Mascaras.

The mini lucha portraits shown here are really great.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and the latest Slammin’ Stan.

8 thoughts to “Pantera loses his hair to Trauma I, Shocker, Tinieblas”

  1. If Dos leyendas main event is felino sombra volador mistico it can be good if they do as each one doin for his own, and shocker vs u guerero could be a good semimain for the heavy title

  2. What a let down, CMLL is really taking away from the original plan of Mistico vs Volador. I dont give a sh!t about Sombra and fat ass felino (how can they claim he’s the fastest wrestler?). Let those have their own match. This is CMLL’s Big Event and if a couple young guys are left off the card so be it. Give us Mistico vs Volador!!!!

    Maybe thats why they cut out the challenge from Mistico to Volador from tv last week. People should boycott Arena Mexico until they return the main event to the original match. This reminds me of back in the day when Hogan and Flair were set for wrestlemania and then they changed it last minute, robbing fans of the real match they wanted to see.

  3. seriously, do you really think that CMLL will doing the Mistico / Volador mask match after one month of feud ?

  4. Let’s not kid ourselves – Mistico vs. Volador for the mask is the “must see” match and will be saved. This is a good way for the Mistico/Volador feud to have some longevity

  5. @Mr. Mystery:

    Well if for weeks they led up to it. Plus Mistico and Volador agreed to the match. Im just saying even stage the challenge only to edit it out. Its wrong, to have the live crowd hear one thing and the tv another. They complain about the gate being so low and people not being interested, but they F over the fans.

    Every site and magazine hyped CMLL two weeks ago for putting together a great fued that was leading to something great at the Dos Leyendas show. I am under the impression that the Dos Leyendas shows are their premier shows something like the big 4 PPV’s at WWE. It comes down to giving the people what they want to see.

    You have to admit CMLL bait and switched the fans.

  6. @LuChava: That is re-fn-cock-ulous.

    CMLL is screwing up if they give us a straight up mask match after a month of build. Mistico is still young, but he is a seasoned vet at the top of the cards now. Felino is a top skilled wrestler who is probably getting his last big run at the top. Sombra & Volador are two young high flyers who have years ahead of them at the top. CMLL taking any of these guys masks too soon would be a crime. Volador vs Mistico for masks could SELL OUT Arena Mexico… In September. It would just draw a good house in March.

    Looking at anything CMLL in terms of how it relates to the WWE PPV schedule is misguided… but a better analogy is that this is someone winning a “Money in the Bank” Match and now we are waiting for them to cash it in.

    “Bait and Switch” is advertising one thing, and then delivering something else. If CMLL had announced a card with a mask match on it for 2Leyendas and then the night of the show didnt have the match, THAT is a bait and switch. Wrestlers making challenges for matches and the press reporting and speculating on those challenges is not CMLL baiting and switching anything.

  7. It’s common for mask/hair challenges to be tossed out when wrestlers are feuding. How long have Parka/Wagner been doing it? Since roughly 1998. Is that the longest bait-and-switch ever? Mask/hair matches don’t happen from feuds that start 3 weeks earlier unless they are rushed awful feuds. Did Rayo De Jalisco Jr. and Cien Caras have their mask match 3 weeks aftet their feud began or almost 8 years? Did the Brazos and Villanos just decide randomly to feud and lead to a mask match or had they been feuding on and off for many years?

    Bait and switch would be the CMLL Anniversary Show from 2005 where Canek/Wagner was the announced main event until 2 weeks earlier when someone backed out of losing their mask and Rayo/Universo were added.

    Mistico vs Volador is still happening. Just Sombra/Felino are being added. The difference is at no point was the singles match ever advertised as taking place. It was just guesses from the media and fans.

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