03/14 Perros del Mal TV Lineup (Tlanepantla)

PdM (SUN) 03/14 Centro de Convenciones de Tlanepantla
1) Mr. Aguilita vs Drastik, Dinastía
2) Estrellita & Skayde vs Medussa & Veneno
3) Konami & Turbo vs Black Fire & Black Thunder
4) Celestial, el Ángel, Súper Nova vs Histeria II, Pesadilla, Ragde
5) C. Manson vs X-Fly [bull terrier]
6) Groon XXX, Hijo de LA Park, Hijo del Lizmark, Oriental vs Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Mr. Águila

Lineup: Perros del Mal & Fuego en el Ring (the one with the full lineup)

Sooner than May!

Main event is the debut of Black Spirit under the Hijo de LA Park name, and it’s kind of surprising LA Park isn’t there with him. Maybe they’re saving it.

Technically, the semimain is an Extreme bull terrier match. So you know.

Second match is notable for the women. Estrellita was listed as working on AAA spot shows as late as two weeks ago, and I guess she could still change her mind (again). Medussa was last seen losing her hair in Guadalajara one year ago, then become a new mom over the summer.

As much as there was talk about bringing in Todos x el Todos guys on these shows after Santo worked the main event, that never has seemed to happen. There was no announcement about an alliance with Super Crazy’s promotion in Tulancingo, but his guys have been turning up a lot in the bottom half of the card. (They’re a lot cheaper, surely.)

Looking at the taping schedule:

03/01-03/15: Ecatepc 02/20 taping
03/22-04/06: this show
04/13-04/27: unknown taping in early April
05/04-05/18: Tijuana 05/01 taping

Can TVC Deportes and Perros del Mal turn around a taping in 3 days, especially one that far from Mexico City? They’re probably going to need to squeeze out an extra week from the three tapings before it.

One thought to “03/14 Perros del Mal TV Lineup (Tlanepantla)”

  1. This has probably been said elsewhere, but Black Spirit changing his name and getting shoved in main events is a horrible idea. I’m a huge Black Spirit fan, and I don’t even mind the idea of Park acknowledging that his is his son, but Black Spirit gave him a bit of his own identity. I could even live with him interfering in some of Park’s matches, but pushing him up this fast is just going to make him look bad. Working with Skayde, Turbo, and Black Thunder for a while longer would definitely serve his career well. Now he is going to look like Hijo del Wagner.

    At least we can look forward to them teasing a Hijo del Wagner vs Hijo de LA Park mask match for the next 20 years or so.

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