Perros del Mal on TVCDeportes #6 (02/08/2010)

(Assuming I’ve got the date right. I’ve got crossed up 3 times already.)

taped Sala de Arams Magdalena Mixhuca, 01/31/2010. All video links via LuchaLibreDeMexico, who would really like you to purchase a DVD.

Turbo vs Black Thunder: – part 1 part 2 part 3 – had some fun moves, also had Black Thunder completing a marathon in his wanderings around the ring in between moves. It was pretty good but not five stars.

Charly Manson vs X-Fly in a super libre match – part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 – Remember when Charly left AAA, and was saying stuff like AAA made him do all the hardcore matches and he really just want to get back to ras de lona mat wrestling? This did not appear to be true in this match (though I guess we’ll see with the title match.) If you like stupid violence, this match was good for you. This match was thought provoking: considering this match involved broken glass, thumb tacks and a cheese grater, shouldn’t DTU be able to do same thing on their shows at the Lucha Libre Expo. I don’t want DTU or these guys do it (and maybe it’s a rule of the building rather than the commission), but it seems an odd double standard.