05/01 Perros del Mal TV Lineup (Tijuana)

Perros (SAT) 05/01 Plaza de Toros La Monumental Tijuana
1) Oriental vs Damián 666, Histeria II, Hijo del Lizmark, El Alebrije, Halloween, Groon XXX, Mr. Águila [cage, mask, hair]
2) X-Fly vs C. Manson [hair]
3) El Hijo Del Santo & LA Park vs Blue Demon Jr. & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

Putting a lineup out for May kinda hints it might be a slow couple months in storyline progression.

From the Perros del Mal facebook. This is a bit overloaded, but it is a 21,000 person bullring. If they draw well here, maybe they come back to Tijuana for the big match involving the top 4 guys (if such a match were to actually occur.)

Charly really needs to start wearing a shirt with a shiny “C” on it instead of the mysterious “R”.

Normally, I would presume the unmasked guys (or someone not listed in the match) are the people who are going to lose their hair in that cage match. Howver, if there’s going to be a big payoff (giant if) and they have to spend the rest of your days fighting for the right to use their current gimmick anyway, wouldn’t a Alebrije or Histeria consider cashing in their masks right here? Oriental owns his name and Groon could not make it thru life without being Groon. And I guess maybe Alebrije can still do that bit forever. But Histeria?

Perros are either running more shows or (more likely) doing a better job of informing people of the shows they’re running. They’ve also posted lineups for the SLP and Monterrey shows, neither of which appears to be a TV taping. At least for now…

2 thoughts to “05/01 Perros del Mal TV Lineup (Tijuana)”

  1. My gut is that at least the SLP show will wind up being a taping. I don’t think they’ll bother bringing in Santo without taping it. Plus, the timing is about right for what they need in terms of the next taping.

  2. I agree Histeria should cash in. Maybe it’ll depend on attendance. If it’s a big crowd – he’ll surely cash in and get a nice payout. If it’s a small crowd – they’ll just shave Damian or Halloween.

    Another main event that is heading nowhere.

    They’re dreaming if they think 21,000 people are showing up.

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