Black Terry loses his hair, next AAA taping, Perros

IWRG (SUN) 02/07 Arena Naucalpan [Al Filo del Ring]
1) Alan Extreme b Imperial
2) Eragon & Eros b Avisman & Hijo del Signo
3) Chico Che, el Ángel, Hijo del Pantera b Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Trauma I, Trauma II
4) Máscara Año 2000, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Veneno b Angelico, Pantera, Rayman
5) Black Terry L El Hijo del Diablo, Gringo Loco, Dr. Cerebro [cage, hair]

Everyone but Black Terry bled in the cage. Gringo Loco was first our, Dr. Cerebro was next, and Hijo del Diablo gave Black Terry a martinete before escaping. A fan was so angry about this, they attacked Gringo Loco on the outside before security got involved.

An article for an AAA show on 02/28 includes a surprise luchador from CMLL (Black Warrior), as well as Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. Maybe Wagner really did resign with AAA, in exchange for his son being picked up?

AAA says their next taping is 02/18 in Toluca. That show will air in Mexico the same weekend as these Black Warrior appearances, so it would make sense for him to be on TV by then. After Toluca, AAA needs two more TV tapings to make it to Rey de Reyes.

AAA catches up with Tiffany. It’s kind of like a “where are they now?” interview, except the answer is “still on the roster, just not on TV.”

Atlantis says his team won the tournament because of their positive mindset.

Fuego en el Ring talks to Guadalajara wrestlers Magnum & Samuray, who want to have a match against each other after their many failures as a team.

TabascoHoy has a two page foldout story on Perros del Mal (page 2) local show. Don’t seem a number, but it looks like they drew pretty well. Sure a lot of football gimmicks for a show going on against the Super Bowl.

Record reprints the article from their magazine about Lluvia’s internet cafe.

The Gladiatores has photos and video of the press conference for the new Santo book

DJ Spectro has a El Cobarde biography.

Kcidis illustrates the new Mistico.

Box Y Lucha has a Villano III column on being in charge of a show, and why you should not let Villano IV run the dessert stand.

On flickr, there’s a cool mask data visualization poster, matching up who lost their mask to whom, and who teamed with whom. There seems to more lucha visualizations concepts on his website.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and Alfredo on 01/22 CMLL. I like the idea of adding more places if they run the national tournament agian next year. The more regions (and the less forced teams), the better.


indy (TUE) 02/09 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Principe Leo vs Diamante Negro
2) Ángel Espacial & Infinito vs Gian Carlo & Solovino
3) Pulpo & Zodiaco vs Bello Rubi & Koko Viper
4) Gato Fantasma & Hijo del Ninja vs Lover Boy & Simbolo
5) Orlando Santa Cruz, Rambo, Silver Star vs Furor, Hijo del Cien Caras, Pierko el Boricua

CMLL (SUN) 02/14 Arena Mexico
1) Camaleón & Trueno vs Camorra & Semental
2) Dalis la Caribeña, Estrella Mágica, Marcela vs Hiroka, Yezca, Zeuxis
3) Máscara Dorada, Metro, Sagrado vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
4) Blue Panther, Strong Man, Toscano vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Hijo del Fantasma vs Negro Casas [CMLL MIDDLE]

New lineup because of the title match; they got rid of one match instead of going to six.

Perros (SAT) 02/20 Centro Civico de Ecatepec
1) ? vs ??
2) Cósmico & Konami vs Black Fire & Mr. Aguilita
3) ?, Celestial, Oriental vs Histeria II, Pesadilla, Ragde
4) X-Fly vs Charly Manson [MEX HEAVY]
5) Blue Demon Jr., LA Park, Super Crazy vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Mr. Águila

Next TV taping for them. Since they probably won’t be turning this around in two days, this date means they’ll need to get three weeks out of the previous taping. Kind of a surprise they’re not running six matches here too, so every taping can last three weeks.

Note the DTU guys in the tercera.

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  1. YEA I WAS READING THAT TIFFANY ARTICLE and it is exactly what you said.

    rey de reyes is in queretaro this year

  2. I seem to remember Black Fire and Konami being fun at the Expo last year, so they could be a nice addition to “minis” division in PdM.

  3. Here are a few notes from tonight’s Arena Mexico show.

    Two quick highlights first. We ran into Okumura outside before the how. He was surrounded by about 6 Japanese fans getting their picture taken with him. My friend Greg is Korean and when we went to a show a few year’s back, the fans around us all decided that Okumura was his “hermano” so we got his picture taken with Okumura tonight and he bought and Okumura shirt. This shirt was conveniently located at the stand next to where we ran into him, so our theories are that he was either dropping off shirts to vendors or that he was buying a shirt to wear that night.

    The other highlight was discovering that Cancerberos T-shirts are now readily available outside the Arena. I was a little surprised by this since I can never find the Tuareg shirts, but happy to be able to pick one up.

    We bought tickets from a scalper before the show and sat second row on the tecnico’s side of the ring slightly toward the stage. Very good seats, and I’d probably say the best I’ve had at Arena Mexico. Crowd was very small as usual on Tuesdays and they are no longer even trying to sell the upper deck for these shows. Lower deck was maybe 50% full, but probably closer to 1/3. When we were getting taken to our seats, the attendant took us around the backside of the Arena and we ran across Ringo Mendoza hanging out there.

    Biggest disappointment of the night: getting handed the program for the night and seeing the segunda listed as Tsuky, Ultimo Dragoncito, Pequeno Olimpico vs Pequeno Damian 6666, Pequeno Violencia and Pequeno Universo 2000. So, I figured there was a 50% chance we would get to see the minis and a 2% chance Tsuky would show up and this would be Rob’s favorite show ever. But, we got the previously advertised segunda with Felino’s kids instead. Still a good match, but the minis match would have been a good show.

    1) Bengala & Principe beat Cholo & Zayco. I’m about 70% sure that this was the outcome here.
    2) Astro Boy, Metálico, Sensei beat Dr. X, Puma King, Tiger Kid. 90% sure on this. I really have to start remembering to jot down finishes so that I can remember everything better at the end of the night. Fun match which should come off good on TV.
    3) Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Rush beat Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo. Two fall match ending in DQ for excessive violence by the Rudos who kept up the triple team too long. The match was decent, but I clearly expect a lot more from everyone not named Rush in this match.
    4) Blue Panther, Fuego, Metro beat Raciel, Shigeo Okumura, Virus. Match of the night by far. Raciel actually got to work quite a bit with Panther and they opened up the match with the two of them doing some mat work. Opener saw Virus get Panther(c) while Raciel was being pinned, segunda saw Metro get eliminated before Flash got Okumura(c), and tercera had Panther getting Virus to submit while Flash (I think) got Raciel. The crowd threw a decent amount of money into the ring considering that it was a small crowd and it was mostly coins, 20s and 50s. Panther seemed to genuinely appreciate the sentiment.
    5) Máscara Dorada, Sagrado, Shocker beat Terrible, Texano Jr., Vangelis. This match wasn’t bad, but not exactly what I was hoping for. Actually the highlight I would say was Shocker getting what I believe could politely be called “man boob heat” from the crowd. I have no idea why they wouldn’t give Terrible and Texano the win before sending them off to Japan for the title match. I know that noone in Japan will know about this loss, but they make somewhat of a big deal about the trip here, so why not send them off with a big win against a tecnico team that doesn’t matter much. The end saw the rudos get DQ’d for a foul on Shocker. Pretty much a complete waste. Right before the end, I did think that I was going to have to catch Dorada and Vangelis, but Dorada’s dive left them both right in front of us without quite making it to the front row.

    If Tsuki had somehow appeared on the card, and I had wound up buried under Dorada and Vangelis, I would have lived in fear that Rob would fly down and kill me in a jealous rage.

  4. That fear is quite justifiable!

    You’ve got me really excited for Saturday’s show now. I can’t wait to see Panther and Caligula working the mat. That’s a dream match I can check off my list. Whoever is booking Tuesday’s recently seems to be using the semi-main spot for a long match with matwork that steals the show. It would be great if they booked some sort of tournament spread out over weeks with teams like Panther/Valiente, Cancerbero/Raciel, Virus/Euforia, Stuka/Metro, Arkangel/Hooligan, etc.

    What do the Cancerberos t-shirts look like?

  5. @Rob: Yes, but if they put a picture of them on it, it would be one of the cartoony pictures that they do on all of the shirts. Hard to look like a hound of hell when you are drawn as a cartoon (see Hijos del Averno shirts).

  6. I’d totally be holding out for a luchador named Big Baby Jesus, but I’m guessing that there has already been an Osiris, so ODB is taken care of.

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