02/07 AAA TV Results (Salamanca)

AAA TV (SUN) 02/07 Gimnasio Lazano Cardenas, Salamanca [AAA]
1) Alex Koslov & Sexy Star b Fabi Apache & Mari Apache
2) Rio Bravo II, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana b Gato Eveready, Lasser Boy, Relampago
3) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario b Crazy Boy & Extreme Tiger
4) Cibernético, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Alex Koslov, Chessman, Konnan, Zorro
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Electroshock b El Mesías & Marco Corleone

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#926)
Mexico:  02/21
US: 03/06

Before I get started, a brief point on AAA creative: it’s pretty clear that there’s been a booking change here, based both on the evidence we call see (these results) and the background noise of late (Roldan stepping away from creative, writers being let go.) If you take a moment to step back and look at the big picture, the Dec/Jan tapings were lame duck shows, and this week was the start of some new directions and the start of whomever is making those decisions. The point is – you can’t wholly blame the current guy for the old guy’s decision, because they’re two different people.

One of the many things very clear from this week is while the old guy might have set up Latin Lover vs Mesias for the AAA Heavyweight Championship for Rey de Reyes, the new guy is not very interested in actually doing this match. This main event was again all about Electroshock trying to force his way into that main event. He got the clean pin on Marco, despite failing to get along with Dr. Wagner thru the match. Electroshock is not feuding with Wagner but seems out on his own, and still demanding to be in that main event. I’d expect him to get it.

The rest of the card, starting from the opener

  • No typo in the opener. Legion attacked Cinthia in the back. Somehow, Alex was allowed to take her place, and got Fabi with the crossface for the win. After the match, Aerostar, Fabi Apache’s partner/secret admirer Gran Apache, Fabi & Mari’s father who was on the show Xtreme Tiger, who has absolutely nothing to do with any of this and appeared to be going after an entirely different title, made the save and challenged Alex for a title shot. Hooray?
    • There have been 4 TV title defenses of the AAA Cruiserweight Title. All four have involved Extreme Tiger, and all but one have included Alex Koslov.
  • Lasser Boy won one consecutive match before losing, clean, to Tiger Cota. Saving my eye roll for the next taping, if this isn’t going anywhere.
  • Hermandad Xtreme defeated Crazy Boy and Xtreme Tiger (there he is.) They beat Crazy Boy so bad, AAA calls him Atomic Boy. (I don’t really understand that joke either.) Nicho & Lider are believed to hold the record for the longest title reign by a team no one cares one iota about.
  • Monster Clown beat Alex Koslov to keep the streak going. Also, we now know Monster Clown would probably beat Fabi Apache in a fight. (In case you were curious.) Cibernetico said he and the Circus were together. Maybe together enough to stop wearing the Bizarros shirt?

(News update will be up late tonight. Probably.)

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  1. Are there comma issues in that note regarding the fabi match?

    gran apache is fabi’s secret admirer? even konnan wouldn’t redo the creepy vince/stephanie anglew would he?

  2. What’s with all the hate on La Hermanidad?They’re not that bad.They’re fun to watch beating other people up extreme style and they have good chemistry for a tag team.:)

  3. “Alex Koslov & Sexy Star b Fabi Apache & Mari Apache” What’s up with this picture? Is Koslov like the Chris Brown of Lucha Libre now??

  4. Here’s my thing about “Creative” being changed. Their is no fix to this between the date the announced the change to Rey de Reyes. These story lines if any are either old or make no sense. If in fact they did change writers why not wait until Rey de Reyes and give the new guys time to map out a few months of booking. The way I see it, is that its pretty f’d up to to throw the new guys under the bus on day 1.

  5. Oh man, Alex winning with the Crossface is a great Chris Benoit joke.

    And Cibernetico probably printed a shitload of those Bizzarros shirts. They’re not going to wear themselves.

  6. well i just watched this weekends AAA from Chilpancingo.

    no vignettes/promos at all. Cubs must be right. There must be a new person running everything.

  7. My buddy said the opener with Atomic Boy made TV which is odd b/c I don’t remember it airing in Mexico. Both shows that got uploaded to youtube started with the Vipers match.

  8. New writters or not this is all the same shit but different pile. In the end Konnan and Dorian are running the show. Let’s break this down to see how it’s still much of the same:

    -Alex Koslov inserts himself into a woman’s match…that’s Vince Russo style writting which is what has been inspiring Konnan for a long time now.

    -Taking a good thing and making it stupid. We had a good one on one main event being built up but now we water it down by adding a third man and making it a triple threat. Yet another attempt to be like ECW. Paul Heyman had the tendency to do three way matches and even adding a third man to a main event.

    I will give them credit for rememberig that Electoshock won Rey de Reyes last year, but it would be much smarter to have him face the winner of Latin Lover vs Messias at Triplemania, and have a Triple Threat at a later event, than to throw all the logs in the fire at once and have a weak product.

  9. They probably haven’t told Latin he’s losing yet and were afraid he’d be unprofessional and no-show. So Electro is in just to be safe.

  10. @Tim, so accroding to you Latin Lover won’t want to “do the right thing and job.” Last year he lost in the finals to Electroshock, so there is no lack of proffesionalism on his part. He was once pinned by X-Pac, so if he didn’t refuse to lose to X-Pac he won’t refuse to lose to anybody. But nice try tim, maybe you should learn your facts before you speak.

    @CM93, yes he can and has had great one on one matches.

  11. Much like when fans put up their hair to support their favorite wrestler who is in a hair match – I think Daniel should risk his status here at Rey De Reyes. If Latin Lover wins, nobody can ever insult Daniel again or say anything negative about Latin Lover. If Latin Lover loses, we never hear from Daniel again.

  12. Of course Lover can have a good match. He’s not working full-time, so his body isn’t all beat up, and he has kept himself in good shape after all these years.

  13. @CM93: Sure. He’s a very capable worker. Helps if he has a good rudo though who can bump for him. In the past Latin has showed if he doesn’t have a rudo who he can work with – he is useless. see: matches against Cibernetico and El Sanguinario

  14. @Rob: and konnan at guerra de titanes 08.

    i still dont think a singles match with him and mesias is a good idea or three way.

  15. @Rob, so you’re saying Latin Lover won’t look good if he’s not working with a good rudo. The same can be said for any wrestler. A wrestling match is a co-operation betweent he two wrestlers. They have to make each other look good.

    @CM93 Latin Lover vs Konnan at Guerra de Titanes 2008 was a GREAT match. Konnan was not physically able to have a real one on one match, so it became Latin Lover vs 5 guys, and in the end the hero won. That was a properly booked match with the right guy to pull it off.

  16. @Daniel your are right that it was a great match to push the storyline but that match was horrendous wrestling wise

  17. @CM93, no it was not horendoud because it was done the way it was for a purpose. If it served it’s purpose then it was well done. I’m not saying it was a technical mat classic because of all the chaos but it was well done for what it was.

    On the other hand Konnan vs Cibernetico at the 2009 Guerra de Titanes was horendous because it was just 20 minutes of 30 guys beating on Cibernetico. That was stupid and in the end it accomplished nothing. Watch both matches and you’ll see the difference between a plunder match that is well done and one that is a train wreck.

  18. @Daniel: now that is being irrational! i may like chessman, zorro, and other luchadors but there are nights where they look like crap, especiaclly nowadays.

    latin lover has had bad matches.

  19. @Daniel: Now you see why…

    a) people treat you like a moron
    b) you come off like a moron
    c) your opinion on Latin Lover… erm… wrestling… erm… anything is pretty much dismissed instantly.

    But here again I’ve fallen into commenting on a gimmick poster so I have my own obvious faults.

    Why didn’t you accept my challenge from earlier? I’ll repeat it…

    Much like when fans put up their hair to support their favorite wrestler who is in a hair match – I think Daniel should risk his status here at Rey De Reyes. If Latin Lover wins, nobody can ever insult Daniel again or say anything negative about Latin Lover. If Latin Lover loses, we never hear from Daniel again.

    The chat will be so much more fun with something meaningful actually at stake!

  20. @Rob

    No I won’t accept your lame challenge, simply because it’s stupid.

    As for this “bad matches” business, I think you’re missing the point. Latin Lover is the type of wrestler who rised to the occasion everytime he’s in front of an audience, so no matter who he’s in the ring with or what the scenario is he does his job well like the star he is. So you can argue about wrist locks and hammer locks all you want, but an intelligent person looks at the big picture.

  21. @Daniel: An intelligent person knows there is no such word as “rised”.

    Good to see you’re too chicken to accept a simple challenge. All talk, no action. Very much like Konnan.

  22. @CM93: Well, the venue AAA runs in Queretaro holds about 4,000 or so. It’s a cool venue with bucket seating, like many venues in that country.

    WWE ran an outdoor bullring or stadium in Queretaro.

    Keep an eye open for some indy Lucha action in the northeast. I see a show listed at the Asbury Park Convention Hall for 2/21, and figure the wrestlers must have a Saturday date we don’t know about yet.

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