second Felino, Mistico/NJPW, team GDL

Clean up from Tuesday’s show: part of the finish of the Sombra/Felino match was a second person in a Felino gear showing up on the ramp. That was the distraction for both Sombra and the ref to set up the low blow. The mystery person has not been identified – CMLL just refers to him as “a representative of Peste Negra” – and I haven’t spotted any clear photo of him. The only hint is the photo from >the ESTO article, but it’s still not a clear shot. If it was simply Tiger Kid or Puma King, I would think someone would’ve identified them.

Mistico talked to Fuego en el Ring, mostly about tomorrow’s match, and mostly what he’s been saying everywhere the last couple weeks, especially on not being a tecnico or rudo. (Still, “Volador think he’s the original King of Air, but I’m the King of Air!”) Near the end, Mistico digresses, complaining about New Japan Pro Wrestling. Mistico feels disrespected that Ultimo Guerrero & Averno, two of the top wrestlers in his company, were placed in the second match of the NJPW show, while every guy from NJPW is put in top positions in Mexico. Mistico’s only satisfaction in this matter is that he did beat Tiger Mask. (FWIW, Terrible/Texano are 6th on a 9 match card in 10 days.)

Ovaciones and ESTO both have interviews with Atlantis and Mascara Dorada, who have respect for their DF opponents and their school, but vow to make sure Guadalajara wins the tournament. Atlantis says Diablo Velasco’s training was key to his career.

AAA has Lasser Boy talking about his debut tomorrow.

The anniversary of Santo’s death is tomorrow, and there’s a new book coming out, promising unseen personal photos.

While talking about his situation once more, Super Nova says he’ll only go to the WWE if he gets to keep his mask. (So he won’t be gone, then.)

Cronicas Y Leyendas has the career of Hector Guerrero and a picture of the Shadow “brothers”

Segunda Caida has 2009 IWRG awards and starts in on 2010 with KrisZ’s news update, and a new Slammin’ Stan later tonight.

Ras de Lona #83 has lots and lots of Mistico vs Volador.