top six stories of the last two weeks

1) Mistico might be going rudo. He definitely has an issue with Volador Jr., fouling him to advance in the regional tournament, throwing a drink in his face, and then pulling Volador’s mask off the following Sunday to win that match. They’ll face in a singles match for the first time this upcoming Friday, and Mistico has declared himself neither tecnico nor rudo.

2) Atlantis & Mascara Dorada (representing Guadalajara) and Negro Casas & La Mascara (representing Mexico City) advanced to the finals of the National Relevos Incriedble tournament.

3) Perros del Mal held their first show with El Hijo del Santo & Blue Demon Jr. (It ended in a DQ.) Despite CMLL running a special show at Arena Mexico, Perros had a strong turnout.

4) AAA held their first taping of three this week. NOAH’s Takeshi Morishima lost to Mesias in a special singles match. The Legion tried to attack the WagnerManiacos in the main event, but Pimpinela Escarlata surprisingly made the save, and may join forces with the WagnerManiacos

5) AAA held an open tryout in LA. No one was signed, but AAA talked about opening a school (and office) in the area.

6) Terrible & Texano Jr. were suspended from wrestling in Guadalajra for two months after getting into a fight with a fan.

Other notes: AAA’s movie officially premired. Lasser Boy, debuting in the movie as La Parka’s younger brother, will start soon in AAA…Among a few different title defenses, Ultimo Guerrero defeated Hector Garza to hold onto the heavyweight title…Tinieblas Sr. announced a long running retirement tour…Tzuki was fired from CMLL for no-showing.

5 thoughts to “top six stories of the last two weeks”

  1. They should have turned Mistico into a rudo when he started getting rudo-ish reactions. I don’t like tweeners at all.

  2. Speaking of Lasser boy, have you seen the video AAA posted a couple hours with him Cubs? He looks like he’s 12 years old.

    How about Super Crazy debuting with PERROS?

  3. The fact that Perros did a huge gate even with CMLL running against them, is more proof that throwing competition sometimes creates excitement, and everyone draws better in the end.

  4. Was that Perros show the first time Santo wrestled in DF in several years? That could possibly have something to do with drawing a strong crowd, too.

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