02/06-8 Lucha Times

box. A couple new shows, and I’ll update this weekend when Televisa lists when their shows are actually supposed to air.

AAA-MEX: back to ‘new’ tapings, though this is the 12/18 Chilpancigo taping. WagnerManiacos vs AAA, Circus vs Legion

52MX: 2/4 means the women’s trios, and more Fantasma/Negro

IWRG: should be two title matches: Cerebro/Diablo for the lightweight (on what planet is Diablo a lightweight?) & Piratas vs Navarros for the tag team ttiles.


CMLL-MEX: thinking this will actually be top four. They’re not schedulding Fantasma/Bucanero and leaving it off TV. Have they actually made it clear if the tournament final is meant to be three falls?

AAA-MEX: quick turnaround on Monday’s show, with Mesias/Morishmia and WagnerManiacos vs Legion

CMLL-FOX: moved to 5pm CT this week, with a rerun on Sunday. 3/5 gives this Poder Mexica/Okumura vs Fuego/Metro/Valiente, and the big relevos match.

C3: top 4, including Felino/Sombra (and the angle I missed and should remember to go over tomorrow.)

Puebla: probably the whole show, including the tag team title match.

Monterrey: Ninja vs Furor? I should check results. By the way, last week’s show, in complete: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9WNJEGV8

Perros: they should be on to this past weekend’s taping, but sure what airs first. It’s only an hour slot, and they do need to stretch this for 3 weeks if the next taping isn’t until 02/20. Maybe the marquee tag match and the Super Crazy appearance.

CMLL-TFN: Sombra/Volador vs Averno/Mepshtio, and the Guerreros vs Garza/Mistico/Marco? This is old stuff.

4 thoughts to “02/06-8 Lucha Times”

  1. My guess is that the Perros will air more from the Arena Lopez Mateo show instead of jumping to last weekends stuff already. Maybe the opener and/or minis singles match and the semimain?

  2. The Gladiatores says this Monday’s Perros show will have Manson vs X-Fly and Turbo vs Black Thunder.

    Alan: Did you ever get to watch the Puebla show? The version that got uploaded to youtube indicates the first fall of the segunda was cut, the first fall of the tercera was cut and only the third fall of the semi-main aired. Not sure if it a problem with the guy uploading the files or if it aired that way?

  3. @Rob: I wish the Perros would use more of the previous taping. Going straight to last week’s show seems like they will have to rush the Ecatepec taping to TV. And, if it is those two matches, it seems like they will have to air lots of filler since they were oth one fall.

    I’ll confess that I didn’t ever watch Puebla that closely, but I did think that they only aired two falls of the segunda. I convinced myself that they somehow snuck in a third fall when I wasn’t paying attention.

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