IWRG on Teleforumla #12 (01/23/2010)

taped 11/01/09 @ Arena Naucalpan

megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CSKEPA98

Mascara Magnifica & Star Boy vs Carta Brava Jr. & Hijo del Signo: NO. Expected Carta Brava Jr. to be more interesting because he’s always in the mix with the Skayde Crew, but he didn’t show a lot here. Star Boy was the only one I’d be encouraged to see again, and Mascara Magnifica was the least of the crew.

Flor Metalica & Josseline vs La Diabólica & Lady Metal: NO. This show only ran 38 minutes for who knows what reason. Maybe they realized these two matches did not need 5 more minutes. This match really needed to be a trio (and may have been planned that way), because they had too much time for four people. The singles match the next week is pretty unimaginable. Hopefully Teleformula doesn’t help with that by showing the 11/08 undercard.

2 thoughts to “IWRG on Teleforumla #12 (01/23/2010)”

  1. I actually thought briefly that they were gonna air the third match from that show that ended up not airing since I wasn’t expecting a women’s match to go so long.

  2. I think we’ll have a segundacaida review of this up in next couple days, but I actively liked both matches.

    Flor Metalica v La Diabolica for the title was actively bad, but this seemed like the perfect match for them.

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