CMLL on Televisa #960 (01/23/2010)

taped @ Arena Mexico on 01/22

watched @ WarriorX2000’s YouTube channel

Even though there wasn’t a great match on this show, and the matches were clipped up, this definitely felt like a show worth checking out, where things were actually happening. The Mistico turn stole the headlines, but the winners all came off as true winners. Even shortened, both the tournament and the title match had enough to them that you felt like that side that won proved they were the best. Ultimo Guerrero is clearly better than Hector Garza, and Atlantis & Mascara Dorada were the top team on that night.

The Mistico angle came off great. They teased that the Volador/Mistico matchup in the match, and the excitement was there when they finally faced off. The foul was perfect, and so was the post match. It seemed even less ambiguous watching it; Mistico chooses to foul Volador for his city, but it turns into something beyond once he throws the drink into Volador’s face. Even though it wasn’t the final of the night, it didn’t lose any impact for it.

The main event was too short to be very good, but what they showed was fine.