CMLL Roster, by training area

I was looking at articles to link to tomorrow, and I noticed ESTO’s preview of the show is based around and interview with Stuka & Ultimo Guerrero. They must’ve been on a media tour this afternoon, having also appeared on TelevisaDeportes’ website and probably being quoted more places tomorrow. It’d be a pretty big upset for these two to lose in the first round on Friday, if only because they’ve drawn lots of attention to the poor record of Team Laguna so far (0-3), though they’re not likely to win it all either, since UG won’t stop talking about facing Atlantis. He’s totally jinxed it.

The quote from this article that caught my eye was at the very end, where UG says Guadalajara is the best lucha libre school, but notes there are more than 10 Laguna wrestlers on the current roster. UG doesn’t actually give an exact number, and I’ve figured out that even being on another level doesn’t give you the ability to count everyone up, especially when they’re sprouting like weeds. Just to figure out the answer, and because no one will care much about this discussion a month from now, I broke down the roster by location, the same as being done in the ongoing tag team tournament.

mmm, pie
mmm, pie

Just like the tournament, some of the geographical distinctions are iffy at best, and a few could probably fit in different categories. I based my info off the data on the luchawiki profiles, and also the Current Roster based on that category, so I might’ve missed a couple. (Not sure if Metatron is officially on the roster. Super Cameleon slipped by! And we need to remove Black Warrior, I think.) I did include minis and women. The full list is after the jump, but the big summary is right here:

70 Mexico City
14 Laguna
10 Guadalajara
10 Monterrey
20 Other/Unknown

Just eyeballing the list real quick, only 5 Laguna guys have been around for a while  (UG, Panther, Ephesto, Hooligan and Misterioso); guys from about Stuka on are part of this Laguna Wave. It’s a lot different from the mostly veteran lists hailing from the north and the west.

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01/30-31 Lucha Times

Not on the schedule, but starting this week, CMLL will air on The Fight Network in Canada. Looks like a one hour slot and a lot of reairs. It’s not new shows – most likely, it’s the same run of tapes from 2008-2009 that have turned up in France and England already. I guess we find out on Monday.


AAA-US: part 2 of TripleMania. I assume the Clowns/Air Force match isn’t airing this time either.

52MX: Angels/Fabian vs Tigers/Skandalo. Almost a good match there. Plus Poder Mexica faces Rush, Toscano, and Sagrado. Watch that match and see if you can still tell me Sagrado’s the disappointment.

IWRG-TF: IF A NEW EPISODE ACTUALLY AIRED, this would be the second half of the IWRG tag tournament, plus a Diablo/Loco vs Terry/Cerebro match. It’d be nice to finally get a Gringo Loco match.

CMLL: looks to be a few minutes shorter than usual, so maybe only the tournament here?

AAA-MEX: Listed as two hours, so the minis are getting cut from the first taping of the year. Main event is Cibernetico/Psycho Clowns vs Legion

CMLL-FOX: Minis! Plus Negro/Terrible/Texano vs Plata/Garza/Fantasma. On at 9AM this week.

C3: top 4 includes more Sombra vs Felino. I forget to list this, but this show does reair very early on Monday mornings, in case a recording goes wrong again.

Puebla: More Sombra(/Volador) vs Felino(/Niebla)

ACM: Hijo del Ninja/Furor. I legit recorded this, but it randomly stopped recording at 22 early. Here’s what I got, if you want it, and I’ll keep trying.

IWRG-TVD: maybe it’ll be Perros? TVC Deportes doesn’t have listings up for February.

Terrible & Texano suspended, Ephesto out three weeks, ratings, Tinieblas retiring

Texano & Terrible are suspended from wrestling in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara for 2 months for getting into a fight with a fan. It sounds like Terrible was sent into the second row on a Dorada dive, knocking beer out of a fan’s hands, the fan responded aggressively, and Terrible & Texano responded just as aggressively. They apologized later, but still got suspended. Being banned from an arena for two months (especially when you’re supposed to be the tag team champions of the building) is obviously a bad thing, but at least it was rudos and probably the right rudos too.

Mephisto, when talking about his title match with Valiente on the same show, says Ephesto will be out two months after hurting his leg on Friday night’s show. Didn’t pick up an obvious injury spot when I was watching the TV, but I didn’t know to look for one. Ephesto did work a show on Sunday, so maybe Mephisto just got the day wrong. Sounds like the crowd wasn’t much into the title match, by the way.

Tinieblas Sr. says he’s retiring. By the end of the year. (Maybe.) He’s planning a retirement tour from 04/16 to the start of the world cup, and then a second retirement tour from July to November, but no precise dates. I’m thinking he’s announcing this tour 2.5 months before it’s starting because he’s got a lot of open dates on the tour to fill, but Tinieblas claims he’s got plans to visit AAA, CMLL and IWRG. His only regret is he never got to win Mil Mascaras mask, but maybe there’s a little more time.

In this week’s WON, there’s a section about major changes in AAA coming soon. I am sure I’ve read that same thing in that same section a half dozen different times in the last six months. The idea for this year is to build around Marco Corleone, Jack Evans, Zorro and Laredo Kid (with Wagner, Konnan and maybe Vampiro still around.) Again, seems like we’ve been here before. AAA is a out of shape person who makes a New Year’s Resolution to join a gym, and is back booking Wagner vs Mesias all over again by the end of February. I think I mixed my metaphor there. Funny how Mesias is not on the list.

TV ratings for this past week, as pointed out in the comments

SmackDown: 9.6
CMLL: 3.3
AAA: 2.4

AAA was bumped a few hours early, which surely hurt the number. Both promotions could do a far better job of promoting their own TV show. CMLL’s been mentioning the start time for their show on Twitter, and it’d be great if AAA was doing the same. There really should be no reason for me to do Lucha Times posts in 2010; the promotions should make it blatantly obvious when their TV shows are going to air and even what will be on them. Even if they’re not making a dime off the TV, the TV is still supposed to drive interest in the company, but the promotions still promote it as an accessory product to the live events they’re really promoting.

El Pancracio has an interview with Rey Mendoza, who says he WILL wrestle on Friday, having recovered from peritonitis. There’s also interviews with Shocker about his changes this week, and Claudio Castignoli heading to Uruguay.

Laredo Kid and his brother Oscuridad are opening up a lucha libre gym in Nuevo Laredo. They say there hasn’t been a lucha libre focused gym there since the 70s, and they’re renting a place for three days a week to see if it’ll work.

Perros del Mal held a press conference to promote Sunday’s show. Not a lot of new stuff on the promotion itself, but some minor details. Super Nova says he has NOT signed with the WWE but is hoping to get a call back, and will continue working here and in NWE for the time being. Charly Manson says his feud was supposed to be with Psicosis II but “due to problems, he’s not active right now.” That’s odd – Psicosis is listed as working AULL tomorrow and Monterrey on Sunday.Dr. Wagner III and his partners talk to ESTO about their match against the Perros this Sunday. The Perros respond in another article by calling Dr. Wagner III green, Groon only muscles, and Oriental the only real fighter of the group.

AAA has a preview of the Electroshock interview from the latest Box Y Lucha, and points to upcoming video of La Hermandad spray paitning Decnnis’ gear.

Over on YouTube, there’s video of The AAA Van Nuys tryouts.

Among projets on the table for the Guadalajara city government: building a Blue Demon statue.

You can video chat with Laguna’s last hope Ultimo Guerrero & Stuka over at Televisa Deportes, today at 5pm.

DJ Spectro has a report on the show to honor Tigre Colombiano.

Cronicas Y Leyendas notes a photo of Hombre Bala doing a frankensteiner in 1985.

Segunda Caida thinks they finish up IWRG ’09 with the 12/25 and 12/27 shows, but they haven’t yet see the non-excitement of the extra 11/01 matches from the past weekend. Maybe it’s just this bad cold, but that show cured me of enthuasism for IWRG.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.