DGUSA: Fearless, January 23, 2010


(pre show)
1) Kyle O’Reilly won a six way over Arik Cannon, Johnny Gargano, Lince Dorado, BA (?), and Jon Moxley
2) Silas Young defeated Hallowicked to retain the AAW World Heavyweight Championship
3) Jon Moxley defeated Darin Corbin
(intermission 1)
* Moxley and Kendrick come out to discuss Tommy Dreamer; Moxley would like to beat him up, because Dreamer is not good. Kendrick says he shouldn’t bother to beat him up, because Dreamer is not good.
4) TJ Perkins beat Gran Akuma
(PPV starts here?)
5) Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw b CIMA & Super Crazy
6) Brian Kendrick (w/Moxley) b Jimmy Jacobs
– Kendrick brought out Lacey to get in Jimmy’s head. Lacey distracted Jacobs by making out with him for the finish. Jacobs threatened to steal Brian’s wife (Taylor from TE, mentioned as such). Kendrick responded by laying out Lacey with a clothesline and beating up Jimmy more. Dreamer made the save, beat up Moxley for a while.
7) Davey Richards (w/Kyle O’Reilly) b Masaaki Mochizuki to win the FIP World Heavyweight Championship
(intermission 2)
8) Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino defeated both Shingo & Yamato and the Young Bucks in a three way elimination match
9) BxB Hulk b Dragon Kid (w/CIMA) to retain the Open the Freedom Gate Title
– Yamato, Akuma and Richards attacked both men after the match. Shingo acted as if he was going to make the save, but joined with his partner to beat down Hulk. Security, BA (?), and Arik Cannon were unsuccessful in making the save. Team CHIKARA (Quack, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, Lince) turned the battle, and CIMA cleaned house with a broom.


This was a strong show, despite not having any epic matches like the 2 on the last show. Almost everything was good-great stuff. I went into this show barely knowing the lineup and was able to follow everything well.

Hulk/Kid probably will get MOTN when this airs on PPV, but I liked the QuackSaw/Crazy/CIMA match a little more. Those two, the triangle tag (which was pretty good and may be even better on TV), and Richards/Mochizuki were all north of ***. Richards/Mochizuki might also be better with different audiences – it didn’t seem like the crowd was familiar with Mochizuki, or at least were not as into him at all.

Kendrick/Jacobs felt like it belonged in a different promotion than this one, and we’re now 0-2 for interesting Kendrick matches on these Chicago shows. In a vacuum, I’d definitely put the TJP/Akuma or the six way on the PPV ahead of that match, but they’re clearly going some place with it. And there were a good section of fans really excited to see Dreamer and chant ECW.

Enjoyed the show and it should be good on PPV. Next show here is 09/25; they’ve got shows in Phoenix for WM weekend before then.

8 thoughts to “DGUSA: Fearless, January 23, 2010”

  1. I saw the DG USA PPV on Friday, and didn’t like it. It was just too many high spots, too fast, and by the time the main event happened, there was nothing left to chant, “THAT_ WAS_AWE_SOME”, or “HO_LY_SHIT” to.

    The PPV usually starts at the point when they jack up the crowd by telling everyone to stand and make as much noise as possible.

  2. @LLL: Yea, it was just odd because they had listed TJP/Akuma as a PPV match on their card going in and I guess it no longer was!

    I could definitely see people having a problem with too much too fast. But I was, um, listening to a podcast, browsing my google reader and waiting for my shift on NHL10, so this is what I’m made for.

  3. @Rob: I appreciate the athleticism, and understand what Gabe Sapolsky and the wrestlers were trying to accomplish. A jaw-dropping, MOTC candidate producing, better than ROH, PPV. I actually got into ROH after getting one of their 2-hour PPV’s. The DG USA PPV probably won’t have the same effect on people.

    The problem here is similar to the problem with the current AAA product. Too much. Too fast. I’m watching Triplemania right now. Wagner and Mesias are trying to have a great match, but……..

    but it means less to the crowd. They’ve already seen it all because Extreme Tiger, Alex Koslov, Alan Stone, and Crazy Boy busted a bunch of tables, chairs, did extreme power moves off the top rope through tables, and Stone did a stretcher job. So what’s left for Wagner and Mesias to do? Well, they started out with a scientific match, but they’re now using more chairs, tables, etc………and it’s so overused at this point on the show.

  4. @LLL: That’s fine but once again… the product isn’t for you. People who enjoy that style aren’t thinking it’s too much and too fast. They just want more. I’m one of those. It’s the exact opposite reaction of what I think when I watch WWE. It’s too little and too slow.

  5. Where were you sitting, btw? I noticed one of the guys in the front row opposite hardcam bought the pink Alushe mask from Jorge’s table and was wearing it during the show :p also, I’m not a toy guy (La Parka 12″ vinyl excepted) but MAN O MAN are those DG action figures nice.

  6. @jesse: I was sitting across from the hard camera, not too far away from that mask. Like, directly where Davey dove into the crowd. The wrestlers keep finding me on these shows, no one else can.

    Is Jorge the MaskMan guy who was running that stand? They had an amazing amount of cool masks. Visited the stand so many times during intermissions that I could’ve been arrested for loitering, but I broke down and bought a Cubs mask on the way out of the building.

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