Tzuki, tag tournament, Averno, Oriental

On yesterday’s Figure Four Daily, Dr. Lucha Steve Sims said Tzuki had been fired by CMLL for no-showing the last week. In possibly unrelated news, CMLL’s Twitter says Mr. Niebla & Maximo are good to go for tomorrow’s tag team tournament.

Speaking of that – over at SuperLuchas, alexruizg does a superb team by team breakdown for the National Parajes Incredible tournament tomorrow. I have as little time for this tournament as they’ll have for matches (not much!) but if you’re more excited for it, that’s a nice preview. I will do a poll tomorrow, but I agree with the Panther/Misterioso team looking weak – Misterioso is clearly cursed.

(Ras de Lona needs to air a skit of Poder Mexica trying to lift the curse, if they ever get their rematch.)

Ovaciones previews the tournament by listing the greatest trainers in the four regions represented
Guadalajara: Diablo Velasco
Nuevo Leon: Mr. Lince, Blue Fish, Mario Segura
DF: Shadito Cruz, Felipe Hamm Lee, el Arquero, Potro Salvaje, Rafael Salamanca, Ojo de Tigre, Scaramuche, Blue Demon Sr.
Laguna: Halcon Suriano, Blue Panther, Ultimo Guerrero

In Notimex, Averno says he would like to face Mistico in a mask match in 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010. I guess it’s early yet, and it was about this time last year where I was sure it was actually going to happen.

ESTO interviews Oriental, who says he joined Perros del Mal because Aguayo “understands the needs of the fighter.” It sounds like he and Charly Manson talked to CMLL and didn’t like what they heard.

IWRG has added Dr. Cerebro & Black Terry vs Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco in a super libre rematch for this Sunday.

Estrellas del Ring talks to Veneno about coming here from Panama 10 years ago.

The Gladiatores has video interviews with Charly Manson and Super Nova, and shows off Cocolores’ legal paperwork. There’s also a letter from the FMLL people, who appear to have invited this Cocolores, got turned down (another booking), and then someone invented a new Cocolores to lose their mask.

AAA & Puebla wrestlers are working benefit show for luchador Factor X, who fell on his head during a mask match in November and suffered a stroke. They’ll also be doing an autograph signing, and premier the AAA movie.

Cronicas y Leyendas has Andy Barrow’s debut in horrible colors, the Brazos in 1991.

DTU looks back at their show with CZW.

El Universal compares WWE and lucha libre by – calling people? going to shows? doing some research? No, summarizing posts from a BBC message board. Hooray, journalism. The Marcela/Kelly Kelly comparision they make, besides coming off undignified, is sort of apples & oranges. Kelly/Linavis or one of the other edecanes is a fairer comparision in roles.

Segunda Caida recaps 12/06/09 IWRG with Alebrije.