top six stories of the last two weeks

1) AAA held a press premier, and a red carpet premier for their AAA: Sin Limite de Tiempo movie. The movie opens this Friday, and AAA is very optimistic on it’s success, looking for to more than double the money that was put in. A success could open up the promotion to a much larger audience. A failure would seem to be emotionally, if not economically, heart breaking. (It’s never been said, but it’s likely Televisa is putting in a large portion of the money here, and they’d be the ones to take a loss.) AAA aired TripleMania ’09 on TV for the first time this past weekend, presumably to get more eyeballs on the show.

2) Perros del Mal announced a union with Hijo del Santo’s Todos x el Todos shows. Santo has rarely run shows domestically the last couple years, so this is actually just Perro paying for Santo and Blue Demon to come in. (No one even bothered to pretend about NWA Mexico.) Together, it gives Perros del Mal a new mask vs hair match to tease without intention of delivering. Perhaps it’ll also lead to a bump in attendance, if they can get that tease to enough fans. The first show with both sides will be 01/31.

3) First time trio Stuka Jr., Mascara Dorada and Metro upset Poder Mexica to win the vacant Mexican Trios titles. As usual with CMLL, set grouping are meaningless and championships are meant more as token trophies than ongoing storylines.

4) CMLL announced a National Tournament of lucha libre schools, which was interesting on paper but probably not in reality; all CMLL one tournaments are awful. In addition to the first block of the tournament, this Friday will see Ultimo Guerrero defending the heavyweight title against Hector Garza, for the

5) LuchandoLibre reports Black Warrior is heading to AAA, and others echo that rumor. No word from AAA yet. In other comings and going, Super Nova confirmed he signed with WWE and will head to FCW soon, Bushi finished up in IWRG and returned to AJPW, Naito returned for a limited run, and Taichi was announced as coming to CMLL for an extended period.

6) It’s still January, and everyone’s still not doing much towards the long term plan. AAA’s sole TV taping of the month was mostly status quo, pushing Cibernetico vs the Legion in the guise of the Clowns/Cibernetico teamup.

Other things:

– In Ovaciones, Sexi Star complained about Fabi Apache not actually shaving her head, despite the company still acting as if Fabi did.

– Mini Cibernetico says he stabbed no one. No one is totally sure what the story is.

– AAA held a tryout on Tuesday in LA. No one is totally sure what the story is.

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