01/23-24 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Part 2 of the best of.

52MX: Metatron and Durango Kid turn up on this show for the first time ever, and plus Averno/Mephisto/Negro vs Fantasma, Mascara, Sagrado

IWRG-TF: assuming they air a new episode (?), Block A of the tag titlte match, and Diablo/Gringo vs Terry/Cerebro


CMLL: listed as the usual 2 hour slot, so it’ll probably be some of the tournament and the Garza/UG main event. No room for much else.

AAA-MEX: actual new content should start this week, with the Chilpancigo taping. This was the new Vipers debut, as well as the Circus vs the Legion

CMLL-FOX: listed as 1PM on Saturday, with a Fuerza/Angel vs Tuareg opener, and Guerreros vs Garza/Mistico/Shocker main.

C3: top 4, including a short main event.

Puebla: listed as 4pm on Satuday. Since the minis are in teh segunda, I hope that makes air. Felino/Niebla/UG vs Sombra/Shocker/Volador in the main event.

Monterrey: More of the Silver Star vs Hator promotion war?

IWRG-TVC: Listed on their schedule as Monday at 4, but that may be Perros again. If not, Angelico/Navarro should air here.

5 thoughts to “01/23-24 Lucha Times”

  1. You listed Sunday’s ACM card in the box Cubs. This week will have Silver Star/Hator and hopefully the final VOLTAJE/Furor match.

  2. Attention Alan: TVC online guide has CMLL listed tomorrow at 4:00 – 5:30. Could be a Puebla repeat but Puebla was scheduled today and for 2 hours, not an hour and a half. Maybe they’ve got a bonus CMLL show taped?

  3. @Rob: I hope Puebla and Perros air tomorrow since I went out drinking to watch NFL tonight and taped Fox Sports instead of TVC, so I have no idea what aired in Puebla today!

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