CMLL on 52MX #212 (12/12)

taped 12/06 in Arena Coliseo

Amapola, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda vs Dalis la Caribeña, Lady Apache, Marcela – by the end of the first fall, I was worried Dalis was going to be horrible. By the end, she seems just more limited. She’s fine when she’s adapting her kickboxing but isn’t up to speed in other ways. (She’s every other new female wrestler here, basically.)

Metro, Toscano, Valiente vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura – a mostly unnoteworthy match. Metro and Okumura should have a war over the German suplex, just to give me something interesting to say.

IWRG on Teleformula #6 (12/12)

taped 11/29 in Arena Naucalpan

Oficial Fierro vs Freelance [hair] – I dunno about this as a good match (too much stuff with Freelance/ref that seems to have been nothing but this match), but it was definitely an event – turned into one once Fierro missed that tope, and 911 poured a beer on him to wake him up.

The production of these shows have not been great – as Alfredo notes, they could use an actual open and closing for the show – but the sound tech needs to be picked up by CMLL or AAA immediately. Arena Naucalpan sounds alive and vibrant, even though it’s not clear they’re drawing four digits crowds. The show is significantly better to watch than shows sounding like a morgue (like, say, the UWE show.) It’s come thru on a lot of shows, including in this match.

Angelico, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Scorpio Jr. vs Oficial 911, Tóxico, Veneno (and part 2) – A lot of people I don’t miss seeing regularly. Actually, Veneno is still awesome in his Veneno way (like the super great wacky skit – see part 1.)

Mistico/Rey, Electroshock, Rock, Laredo Kid

CMLL (MON) 01/11 Arena Puebla [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Alarido, Ares el Guerrero, Crazy Black b Blue Center, Centella de Oro, King Jaguar
2) Disturbio, Espiritu Maligno, Hooligan b Milenium, Sensei, Tigre Blanco
3) Fuego, Metro, Stuka Jr. b Dr. X, Pólvora, Virus
4) La Sombra, Strong Man, Super Porky DQ Atlantis, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero
5) Místico b Rey Bucanero

Rey tried to apply La Mistica, failed, got beat by La Mistica. :-(

UG yanked Sombra’s mask in the semimain. Crazy Black joined the rudos in the opener, which will surely change the balance of power in Puebla.

Both ESTO and Ovaciones and ESTO hype Naito on today’s Arena Mexico show. It is in Arena Mexico after all.

Electroshock getting into a car accident got picked up in a lot of places yesterday, though there’s not much there that wasn’t in the first article. AAA interviews Electro, and he says he’s doing OK.

The other random story popping up everywhere is The Rock’s trip to Mexico to promote his (awful looking) Tooth Fairy movie. He told ESTO his lucha libre idols are Mil Mascaras, El Santo and Eddie Guerrero.

AAA reprints a Laredo Kid interview from Box Y Lucha. Laredo wants to get more experience fighting the top guys. He thinks the Air Force is done – Super Fly is fine on regular shows, but acts all jealous on TV. (They seemed to drop that months ago.) Laredo says he has no problems with injuries right now.

WagnerMania has a two part video interview with Silver King

Estrella del Ring has an interview with Hijo de Lizmark, who’s out with an injury to his right leg.

Luchando Libre posted their 2009 awards. They went a lot of ways I wouldn’t have considered.

La Voz has the Mexicali Box y Lucha awards. Can’t say I have strong opinions on those, sorry, though I will note that there’s a point in SuperLuchas favor inside.

El Pancracio has an interview with Rambo, who says he wanted to use Sargento Furia or Capitán Sangre when getting a new persona, but Francisco Flores insisted on a shorter name. Capitan Sangre was a pretty good idea. He says kids need to learn wrestling from A-Z, and they’re only learning it from X-Z. There’s also an interview with Super Muneco, who says he’s won 98 masks. Hope they build something for #100.

Pancracio also mentions the third season of Idolos del Ring (reality show?) starts filming on 02/21/10 and includes Claudio Castagnolli in the cast. So confused. This is all I know.

Somos Distribution is mentioned as marketing CMLL lucha libre at the NATPE (TV) convention in a couple weeks. Another article says Somos signed a content deal with CadenaTres, so it’s the Tuesday Arena Mexico show.

New Viper Amnesia has a Twitter account.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

IWRG (THU) 01/14 Arena Naucalpan
1) Volaris vs Flama Eterna
2) Dinamic Black & Imperial vs Comando Negro & Hijo del Signo
3) Brazo de Plata Jr., Brazo Jr., Brazo Metalico vs Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Gringo Loco
4) Suicida & Zatura vs Trauma I & Trauma II
5) Angelico, Pantera, Solar I vs Bombero Infernal, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Negro Navarro

This card has some promise and is supposed to be taped for TVC Deportes. Bombero Infernal makes a return (after he lost his mask as Capitan Muerte.) Tercera is a rematch, which worries me slightly.

CMLL (SAT) 01/30 Mission Valley Ballroom, El Paso, TX
1) Drako & RBD vs Pagano & Rey Infernal
2) Samuray & Samuray Jr. vs Ghost Rider & Scorpio (El Paso)
3) Sexy Flowers & Trinigistro vs Freddy Kruger & Rey Scorpio
4) Crazy 33, Magnum, Marquez Jr. vs Black Fish, Crazy 32, El Migra
5) Hijo del Fantasma & Místico vs Texano Jr. & Último Guerrero

Rare appearance north of the border. Hilariously, this Mistico is listed as El Unico & Original on the poster in Incognito’s hometown. That’s quite the message.

AAA #916 (12/12)

taped Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba, 11/20/2009

Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis – not quite as great as the previous, but still pretty well up there.

Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Jennifer Blake, Rain, Sexy Star – not a long match, but definitely the best they’ve had since bringing in Rain & Blade. I’m still not sold on Blade, but Rain should stay here as long as she wants (assuming the Apaches don’t kill her.)

El Elegido & Rocky Romero vs Alex Koslov & Ozz – much better than the previous week, because of the amusing cross feud matchups (Alex/Elegido most of all.)

Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King vs Chessman, Teddy Hart, Zorro (and part 2) – another long WagnerManiacos squash. They’ve been booked very dominant in this feud, so it seems odd it never went anywhere.

Legion beats up Cibernetico – too long, but they got the point across. If only they kept it to doing it once. Next time was excessive.

If you work backwards, this should’ve been “Legion and Cibernetico attempt to murder each other, AAA security steps in, but get taken out by both sides”. That would’ve better built the reasoning for the GdT match to be unsanctioned (it’s a war zone, AAA doesn’t want to get involved) and they’re not doing the same beatdown twice.

El Mesías, Latin Lover, Marco Corleone vs Joe Lider, Konnan, Nicho el Millionario – exactly as you’d expect, but at least Latin finally got his win back from TripleMania.