Black Warrior to AAA, Super Nova to WWE, Crazy Boy to not extreme wrestling

As originally mentioned on their Thursday radio show, LuchandoLibre says Black Warrior will resume his career shortly, in AAA. This would be a return to AAA – he was a regular from 1992-1995, during the part of his career where he was frequently switching gimmicks and before he became Black Warrior. There had been rumors of this sort of jump last year, but more recent reports had him being disinterested in the wrestling business after leaving CMLL. AAA tapes next Sunday.

Can’t link to it, because the PDF version of Ovaciones is not working, but their big lucha story is Super Nova confirming he’s signed with WWE and will be starting there. He worked that same tryout match as Incognito, and similarly will probably be heading to FCW until/if they have an idea for him. Thing that’s the important thing to remember (for these guys and Dos) – there’s a little bit to the idea of getting use to the different style, but WWE’s brings in new people to their main shows based on having an idea for them, and not as much as on their performance. Bad performance can get you dropped, but you can find plenty of stories about talented people who never got out of developmental.

Al Filo del Ring has a pair of interviews from today’s DTU show: unmasked Ultimo Gladiador talks about joining the Wagnermaniacos, and Crazy Boy says he’s retiring from extreme wrestling after this show, though DTU will go on without him.

Mini Cibernetico is banned form wrestling in Nuevo Laredo until the whole stabbing thing gets cleared up. This seems reasonable. (via Delac @ SML)

Luchando Libre profiles Juarez area luchadoras Princesa Guerrera & Estrella Diabolica

A Puebla mask maker talks about the changes in mask making. He says it costs him 200-300 pesos ($16-$23.5) to make a professional mask, and they sell at 2000-5000 pesos ($158-$394), and then he complains the wrestlers want cheaper masks today (which doesn’t seem a surprise for 5000 pesos.)

Cesar reviews this week’s lineups, notes the lack of trios with any natural union.

Cronicas y Leyendas looks back at El Solitario talking about his mask match with Angel Blanco and Canek in Madison Square Garden.

SuperLuchas #346 has their 2009 awards. I don’t want to give it away, but I’m pretty sure you can not possible guess the tecnico of the year. (I’m not kidding.) The concept of 2009 awards seems familiar, as if there’s something I’m supposed to be remembering to do about now.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

If you’re outside the US, you can talk to Octagon and Cibernetico about the AAA movie on Tuesday in a video chat with Televisa DEportes. If you’re in the US, you’re blocked as usual.

CMLL National Parajes Increíbles Tournament

On this week’s CMLL TV show, they announced an upcoming region based tag team tournament. (Note Dr. Lucha called this about three week ago, in what seemed to be a random guess, but I was too distracted by his league format hypothesis to make mention of the important bits.) Teams announced, via polloxxxcuemanco @ Box Y Lucha

– Atlantis & Mascara Dorada
– Rush & Texano Jr. (though Texano was actually born in DF, and is named “Texano”)
– Shocker & El Sagrado

– Blue Panther & Misterioso Jr.
– Ephesto & Euforia
– Sombra & Dragon Rojo Jr.
– Ultimo Guerrero & Stuka Jr.

Nuevo Laredo
– Héctor Garza & Toscano
– Terrible & Volador Jr.

– Mr. Niebla & Maximo
– Místico & Averno
– Hijo del Fantasma & Mephisto
– Negro Casas & La Mascara
– Ray Mendoza Jr. & Brazo de Plata
– Rey Bucanero & Valiente
– Sangre Azteca & Felino

Tournament will take place on the Friday shows of 01/22, 01/29, and 02/05. Except the usual rushed 7 matches per show.

Maybe Rush/Texano is actually meant to be DF; that’d give us an even 8/8 split between DF teams and other ones. (Probably worth noting that Mictlan is definitely hurt or gone from here if they went with Rouge over him.)

There’s also the issue of Mr. Niebla (MIA and CMLL doesn’t appear as if they’re going to bother with an explanation), but it would seem easy to be find a replacement DF wrestler on CMLL’s roster. (Randomly, I’ll pick Virus.) A Shocker missing act would be more problematic, but I guess Metatron is around.

The name says it’s parajes increíbles, but it looks like they ran out of partner teams. This seemingly gives an advantage to Shocker/Sagrado, Epehsto/Euforia, Garza/Toscano and Sangre Azteca/Felino.

Among the actual rudo/tecnico teams, there seems to be an idea to match up some rivals. Like, Villano V & Porky are probably having a hair match as a fan appreciation ‘treat’ at some point down the road, and Mistico/Averno, Terrible/Volador, Sombra/Dragon Rojo are all rivals teaming up. They could’ve done a couple more, if they had switched together Sangre Azteca/Valiente, Stuka/Euforia, and Texano/Shocker.

These teams are they way they are because they must be setting up something. If there’s not at least one new team or one new feud out of all of this, it’s a waste of time. (This is January, so that’s very possible.) Mistico remains the favorite of any tournament he’s in, but it may be a loss that’s ultimately more meaningful.