2009 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Record

As an annual tradition, I’ve got some stats from the win/loss lucha libre stats from the lucha libre database. You can find this year’s and last years under the records tag. You can find the prior year records by – I dunno, very careful googling? Maybe I’ll fix that a bit later.

Most matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)

211	La Parka Jr. (top AAA)
194	Místico (top CMLL)
182	Héctor Garza
172	Volador Jr.
170	El Elegido
170	Electroshock
169	Último Guerrero
166	Shocker
165	La Sombra
165	Negro Casas

Top in IWRG: Black Terry (98)
Top in Puebla: Ares (33)
Top in GDL: tie, Boomerang & Acertijo (41)

AAA posting spot show lineups has changed this list greatly from past years. At the same time, it makes them more iffy, because we really hear about results for these shows. There are no results for 56% of Parka’s matches, and he’s on the low side for AAA wrestlers. Mini Chessman, who’ll pop up here later, has 1 win, 12 losses, and 64 unknowns on the year.

AAA wrestlers range from 50-70% unknown finishes, while CMLL wrestlers are 12-25%. For this post, that means CMLL guys pretty much dominate the rest of the lists. For this site, that means we’re probably means a ton of CMLL spot shows or they ran a lot less of ’em.

Most wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)

110	Místico (CMLL)
104	Héctor Garza
95	Volador Jr.
87	Shocker
85	La Sombra
81	La Máscara
66	Dr. Wagner Jr. (indy + AAA)
65	Valiente
65	Blue Panther
64	Máscara Dorada

Top AAA only: Murder Clown (56)
Top IWRG only: Black Terry (44)
Top Puebla only: Asturiano (15)
Top GDL only: Metal Blanco (23)

No big surprises there. Almost all CMLL tecnicos, as usual. UG is the first total rudo at 11, and the Psycho Cirucs are 14-16.

Most losses

2008: Averno (84)

86	Negro Casas (CMLL)
81	Averno
76	Mephisto
71	Último Guerrero
68	Atlantis
65	Mr. Niebla
64	Felino
64	Ephesto
61	Misterioso II
60	Texano Jr.

Top AAA only: Electroshock (49)
Top IWRG only: Trauma II (44)
Top Puebla only: tie, Sauron & Siki Osama Jr. (10)
Top GDL only:

And this top 10 is all CMLL rudos, as usual. Still, rudos had a better year than in recent years, with some of the top guys winning about 45% of their matches. It’s seemed to be a more 65/35 split. Electroshock is a bit of a surprise.

Best win % (at least 10 known results)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)

100%	Murder Clown
100%	Monster Clown
100%	Psycho Clown
96%	Panthro
94%	Huracan Ramirez
93%	La Parkita (Original)
92%	El Hijo Del Santo
92%	Strong Man
89%	Tigre Universitario
87%	Blue Demon Jr.

Top IWRG only: Brazo de Plata (80%)
Top Puebla only: Asturiano (86%)
Top GDL only: tie, Angel de Mal & Mr. Trueno (21)

That’s quite a group. Psycho Circus, Santo & Demon, two Monterrey heros (Tigre and Panthro), the dozen people playing claiming to be Huracan Ramirez, the Parkita who died (maybe – those numbers are always iffy) and STRONG MAN.

Worst win % (at least 10 known results)

2008: Carrona (0%)

0%	Espectrito I
7%	La Diabólica
8%	Mini Chessman
10%	Alan Extreme
11%	Zayco
12%	Bronco III
13%	Espíritu
14%	Cholo
17%	Ozz
18%	Sobredosis

Top IWRG only: Pierroth II (21%)
Top Puebla only: Tigre Rojo (20%)
Top GDL only: Katana (6%)

Espectrito I lost all those matches versus Parkita. Diabolica has a tendency to turn on her partners, making it hard for her to win. Alan Extreme not only losses, but also has to deal with being named “Alan Extreme”. Cholo winning 14% is a marked improvement! Ozz & Espiritu being here is great. Sobredosis is another Monterrey area wrestler – can you tell I’ve been working on getting them added to the lists? Durango Kid is actually tied with him, with the same 3-14 record.

I’ve posted the record for every tracked wrestler with at least 10 matches last year, as well as the record for everyone on the five tracked rosters (AAA, CMLL, IWRG, Puebla, GDL – maybe ACMonterrey next year?) while they were on that roster over on this Google Doc. And if any of that made any sense, let me know in the comments below.

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