IWRG, Wagner 3, Mexico Trios, GDL, USA Today

IWRG (FRI) 12/25 Arena Naucalpan [The Gladiatores]
1) Keshin Black b Dinamic Black
2) Gemelo Fantastico I & Gemelo Fantastico II b Hijo del Signo & Vampiro Metálico
3) Arlequin Amarillo, Arlequin Negro, Arlequin Rojo DQ Alan Extreme, Trauma I, Trauma II
4) Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Gringo Loco b Angelico, Bushi, Ultramán Jr.
5) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro b Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro [IWRG IC TRIOS]

One ref got KOed, the other ref went to check on him, and missed Black Terry giving 911 two backcrackers and covering. Black Terry went to get the live ref, and ended up getting backcrackered by 911 for the win.

After Bushi got pinned in the semimain (by Avisman, with his feet on the ropes), both Avisman and Gringo Loco asked for a title match.

The Gladiatores also has a recap for the 12/27 IWRG show, which included Exodia challenging Gringo Loco to a mask vs hair match (UH OH. DON’T DO IT!)

indy (FRI) 12/25 Arena Azteca Budokan [The Gladiatores]
1) Elemento & Muerte Bucanero b Elemento & Principe Zarac
2) Dr. Jenquils & Skayderman b Brozo & Corcel de Plata
3) Silver Cat I & Silver Cat II b Skullman & Sobre Dosis
4) Mascarita de Oro, Mini Oriental, Sexi Ruby b Espectrito I, Mini Apache, Mini Cibernetico
5) Diosa de Oro, La Chola, La Valentina, Rossy Moreno b Afrodita, Flor Metalica, Sexy Boy, Shina
6) Charly Manson, Dr. Wagner III, Groon XXX, X-Fly b Halloween, Histeria, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Oriental

Dr. Wagner III got pinned by Halloween’s spear in his first fall. Welcome to wrestling. He pinned Oriental as Groon beat Mascara Año for the win.

CMLL (TUE) 12/29 Arena Mexico [Cesar]
1) Disturbio & Inquisidor b Apolo Estrada Jr. & Astro Boy
2) Amapola, La Seductora, Zeuxis b Dalis la Caribeña, Lluvia, Marcela
3) Delta, Leono, Valiente b Diamante, Pegasso, Rey Cometa [MEX TRIOS, quarterfinal]
4) Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca b Fabián el Gitano, Máximo, Rouge [MEX TRIOS, quarterfinal]
5) Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca b Delta, Leono, Valiente [MEX TRIOS, semifinal]
6) La Máscara, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. b Averno, Mephisto, Terrible

The expected result from the tournament. Poder Mexica will be the strong favorites against Máscara Dorada, Metro, and Stuka Jr. next Wednesday.

Terrible replaced Ephesto, who’s missing shows all over the place this week. Injury? Marcela replaced Estrella Magica. Apolo Estrada, Delta and Maximo were hurt in their matches.

CMLL (TUE) 12/29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Angelo & Idolo b In Memoria & Skaxy
2) Acertijo & León Blanco b Hierro & Metatrón
3) Metal Blanco & Palacio Negro b Máscara Mágica & Ráfaga
4) Neutrón & Stuka Jr. b Shigeo Okumura & Vangelis
5) Mr. Niebla & Último Guerrero b Místico & Toscano

Niebla fouled Mistico and pinned him for the win. That’s happening a lot to Mistico this week.

The big article of the day is USA Today talking about WWE hurting lucha libre in Mexico. For people already following this story, there’s not a lot new, but there’s some interesting specifics

– Joaquin Roldan is quoted as saying live attendance is down “as much as” 30%, but blames the recession
– An Arena Mexico t-shirt vendor says WWE merchandise has gonef rom 2-3% of his sales in 2004 to 30% of his sales today.

Salomon Durate of Box Y Lucha blames too much TV, which definitely affects things (and probably more so lucha libre, since WWE live shows are still special occasions.) The recession is a factor too, but WWE has to deal with those same problems in Mexico, and they’re way out ahead on ratings. There’s deeper problems with the presentation and the creativity. (And there’s the difference of WWE promoting everything around their TV, while TV is off to the side for the other two main lucha groups.)

Fuego en el Ring talks to Enrique Vera about his career.

Cesar talks about the new stretchy CMLL action figures. The four wrestlers: Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Mistico and Dr. Wagner Jr. Huh.

Cronicas y Leyendas looks back at Mil Mascaras beating the Killer in 1991 and Blue Panther vs Satanico, the same year but a much different match.

3 thoughts to “IWRG, Wagner 3, Mexico Trios, GDL, USA Today”

  1. Maybe Efesto took extra time to stay back home?

    “Poder Mexica will be the ***strong favorites*** against Máscara Dorada, Metro, and Stuka Jr. next Wednesday.”

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

    I’m going perfect for predictions in this tournament and taking the tecnicos in the finals.

  2. “Poder Mexica will be the strong favorites against Máscara Dorada, Metro, and Stuka Jr. next Wednesday.” Get ready to start calling Mascara Dorada, El Double Campeon.

  3. WWE is not hurting Mexican lucha, and neither is the recession. Joaqim Roldan needs to accept the fact that business is down because his product sucks.

    It’s like Stu Hart said, “if you give people what they want to see, they’ll pay money to see it. If you don’t give people what they won’t to see, they won’t pay money to see it.”

    So the Roldan’s have to look hard and figure out if they’re giving the fans what they want, instead of coming up with excusses as to why business is down.

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