01/02-03 Lucha Times


Some notes:

  • not sure what aired on CMLL last week
  • as far as I can tell, the AAA Lucha Libre Premier show is no longer airing. Fox Sports Latin American still hasn’t put up their schedule grids, but it’s not on Televisa’s (painful, horrible) grid of all channels. If this show is still on, it would be nice for AAA to post a reminder, hint hint.
  • I’m dumping the Lucha Mania tapings from the grid, though I may still track them if I have the time. It’s near impossible to predict and no one cares.
  • Posts will be slow here for the next two days. But there’s nothing going on anyway.

AAA-US: part one of Guerra de Titanes – minis, Sexi/Fabi, Wagners/AAA and Konnan/Cibernetico. Though the lead up show to this wasn’t particularly strong (and I would’ve been even more certain of Latin/Wagner if I had seen it before GdT, so what do I know.)

52MX: Cancerberos vs ACChamps/Sagrado, Mistico/Dorada/Rey de 52MX vs Felino/Terrible/Texano

IWRG-TF: going back to the skip week, so more Angelico/Trauma II for your dollar (and also sadly more Canek/Pirata)


CMLL-MEX: Normal two hour slot, so top 3 from the anniversary show – Mascara/Sombra/Volador vs Triad, Liger/No Limit/Okumura vs Atlantis/Warrior(!)/Garza/UG and Mistico vs Negro Casas. Please please rip this show and post it to YouTube.

AAA: Best of? Maybe? I guess so

C3: Presumably, the usual Thursday show, with the Mex Trios tournament and the Mascara/Stuka/Volador vs Averno/Mephisto/Terrible main event.

Puebla: Guerreros/Sangre vs Mascara/Mistico/Shocker

Motnerrey: top 3 from Sunday, I guess. They may be in Best of too.

4 thoughts to “01/02-03 Lucha Times”

  1. You know up until I read your preview for the C3 show I totally didn’t realize that Stuka Jr. was booked for last night’s main event and didn’t show up. Seems like you forgot as well.:) Cesar didn’t even notice!

    Also, top 3 aired on CMLL TV last weekend.

  2. First and Foremost, Happy New Year, and Feliz ano nuevo.

    That Cancebros/ACC champs match should be good

    And not to bring down the board, but a legend passed today as “Dr Death ” Steve Williams lost his battle with cancer, he was 49. RIP Dr Death

  3. Ugh, this post just reminded me how horrible Volador was at the Anniversary show. I won’t be back till Sunday, but hopefully I’ll be able to track this down on DVD whenever I get to a show next.

  4. About that stuff on Superluchas and CMLL clearing all those countries, it looks like a demo to me. CMLL will probably attend NATPE, just like they attended Monaco in France. Those are just the broadcasters they are trying to line up, and they mention them by name hoping some mark out for the localized promos.

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