Bucanero/Mistico, Silver King, Mistico/Negro, Fabi/Sexi

CMLL (MON) 12/28 Arena Puebla [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Black Tiger & Centella de Oro b Mr. Rafaga & Sauron
2) Delta, Molotov, Trueno b Disturbio, Puma King, Tiger Kid
3) Ángel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata DQ Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo
4) Máscara Dorada, Metro, Valiente b Dragon Rojo Jr., Euforia, Shigeo Okumura
5) Rey Bucanero, Sangre Azteca, Último Guerrero b La Máscara, Místico, Shocker

Bucanero fouled Mistico, pinned him, and demanded a title shot. He’s sure not wasting time.

Mascara Dorada replaced Sagrado. DQ in tercera was Loco Max pulling Angel Azteca Jr.’s mask. Disturbio replaced Apocalispis.

AAA (MON) 12/28 Centro de Convinencias, Tapachula, Chiapas [El Orbe]
1) Chessman, Dinastia Surena, Silver King b Gallo Sureno II, Gallo Sureno Jr., La Parka Jr.

Before the main event, the local Box Y Lucha commission stopped the show, saying Silver King was banned from wrestling that night because he was wearing the mask he lost. If there was an option of Silver King just unmasking, as has been in the case in DF, it was not mentioned in the article. La Parka & Chessman rallied the crowd (500 people) against the commission, saying these sort of actions are why AAA never comes to this town. They ended up just agreeing to pay a fine.

Today’s Arena Mexico show is the second part of the Mexican Trios Title Tournament. Poder Mexica is the heavy favorite.

CMLL’s Twitter says Mistico vs Negro Casas will air this weekend, a special broadcast on the normal broadcast. There does not appear to be an added broadcast on Televisa or Cadena3, so the matches this Friday will probably not air.

Catching up on things I post on Twitter but forget about here:

Last Week’s Wrestling Observer gave some background to the Fabi Apache/Sexi Star match from Guerra de Titanes. Fabi Apache was scheduled to win the match, but Dorian Roldan is credited as changing the decision the day of the show. Fabi was very upset – apparently, she’s not a fan of Sexi Star, and she surely thought she was winning this – and the short haircut was a compromises. If only Charly Manson knew such compromises were possible, he wouldn’t be feuding with X-Fly right now.

The other interesting tidbit is Mesias’ contract comes up in April. It’s thought he will resign, and the issue is about how long (he wants only 1 year, AAA wants 3 years.)

Matametico talks about his career with Record. Matametico credits Matametico with revolutionizing the high flying style. His wife worked in a circus, and he started working as a trapeze artist to perfect his high flying moves.

Fuego en el Ring interviews Averno (he and UG will be gone from the 1st to the 5th) and Rey Bucanero, who has lots of plans for 2010, both in and out of the ring (and gives out his email address for more info.)

Cesar notes, for all the talk about A New CMLL Era, the wrestlers scheduled for the first two shows of the new year are quite young, for CMLL.

DJ Spectro has it’s 2009 Biggest Absence, Refreee of the Year, Foreigner of the Year and Novato of the Year (for reasons beyond his hair style – maybe!) Also, the site closing yesterday was a joke I totally fell for. And I thought I was doing so good…

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