CMLL 2009, Garza, links

Cesar’s 2009 CMLL in review turns into an epic rant on the complete failures of all the independent promotions.

Hector Garza is willing to risk not just the trios championships versus the Guerreros, but Fantasma and Mascara’s masks. I’m sure his teammates really appreciate that.

Cronicas Y Leyendas looks at
Perro Sr. vs Faron in 1978, and Perro Sr. & Faraon teaming in 1985. Things change. Also, Fishman winning back the welterweight title in 1977, and Canek, wrestler of the year 1978.

Not much today, obviously. Probably a recap a little later.

3 thoughts to “CMLL 2009, Garza, links”

  1. That rant was amazing.

    I think CMLL needs to bring back EMLL, and have two brands just like RAW and Smackdown. The two rosters would be exclusive of course.

    CMLL would run Arena Mexico on Fridays and tape for Televisa. EMLL would tape Sundays for Fox and 52. Not sure what to do with Tuesdays. This would automatically elevate a bunch of guys. They could not work together on house shows either. Promoters would have to buy a CMLL or EMLL show.

    It’s funny how Cesar talks about the high salary demands of the talent. He’s right. He’s basically taking Paco’s side. But it’s also funny how Paco, as a representative or booking agent, will ask outside promoters for huge amounts of money. He’s the reason Mistico and others never work the US market.

  2. @LLL: You read my mind. I thought that for awhile just because I think people who attend shows sometimes skip shows since they know they can catch whoever they’re going to see on any other day of the week. Especially if you live within that area. It also affects the TV show because I’m sure casual fans might think about how they missed a show, but they can catch one of the other 3 or 4 at a later date. It doesn’t surprise me that WON/F4W make a big deal that CMLL gets a lower rating than WWE or AAA shows on Galavision, but they also don’t bring up the fact that not only does CMLL have that show, but they also have Ras de Lona, GdR on FSE and 52MX, CadenaTres, the Puebla show (which usually includes 3 matches with the main CMLL roster and 1 with the local Puebla guys). Lots of shows to choose from and somewhat similar. You could even make the argument that in the last year, the Galavision show might be the 3rd or 4th best of the CMLL TV shows, behind Ras de Lona, C3 and Puebla.

  3. Speaking of Ras de Lona, LATV showed an older episode yesterday.

    CMLL has the talent depth and the right tv deals in place to do the split. AAA could probably do it too, by bringing back LLL and put that on FSE, but it would be a little harder to do.

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