CMLL 2009, Garza, links

Cesar’s 2009 CMLL in review turns into an epic rant on the complete failures of all the independent promotions.

Hector Garza is willing to risk not just the trios championships versus the Guerreros, but Fantasma and Mascara’s masks. I’m sure his teammates really appreciate that.

Cronicas Y Leyendas looks at
Perro Sr. vs Faron in 1978, and Perro Sr. & Faraon teaming in 1985. Things change. Also, Fishman winning back the welterweight title in 1977, and Canek, wrestler of the year 1978.

Not much today, obviously. Probably a recap a little later.

12/19-20 Lucha Times

box. And while I’m posting

AAA-US: Last taping before GdT, so more Mesias/Wagner, plus Aero/Fabi vs Billy/Sexi underneath.

52MX: The CMLL MVS shows are due for a reshuffling, but right now it looks like this’ll be Air Force/Roush vs Militia/Disturbio, and a grab bag main event

IWRG: Traumas/Veneno vs Angelico/Bushi/Suicida, plus Hijo de Cien Caras/Piratasa vs Canek, Pantera, Scorpio

AAA LuchaMania: still in late August/early September 2006. Last week was the Alliens debut, this week continues with them, the dreamer tournament, and Parka vs Muerte Cibernetico.

By the way, this went up even later because of all the time it takes to investiage where these matcehs are coming from. They air out of order, and often from different tapings. I don’t really know what they’re doing here, though it does seem like some matches are shown more complete than they aired in the US originally.

CMLL: top 3, probably a lot of comedy

AAA-MEX: remainder from GdT – the two title matches, and the #1 contenders match. Pretty safe bet Konnan/Cibernetico gets reshown to fill time as well. If you check out the stream, let me know if they hint at what they’ll air next week.

CMLL-FOX: Women’s trios plus Sombra/Mistico/Shocker vs Pesta Negra. It’d seem like they’d ship that fued over to 52MX, but they just did both ttitle matches here lsat week so who knows.

AAA-FOX: repeat week. STILL can not find new listings for this channel. Way to redesign.

C3: Depends on how long those tournament matches were. Given how long they’re usually around here, there would seem to be room for the opener to air.

Puebla: moved back to the 10 pm slot this week. Sangre/Fantasma’s the obvious headliner.

Monterrey: top 3?