12/11 AAA TV Results (Madero – Guerra de Titanes)

(This was the live coverage page. Edited on 12/20 to fix the mini eliminations)

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Results/Notes So Far

Impluso & Lumino b Black Master & Disturbio Ledesma – dark match

Mini Abismo Negro wins the AAA World Minis Championship, pinning Octagoncito. Pinfall/submission elimination rules. Of note, Charly pins Chessman before being eliminated by Abismo Negro, Mascarita Divina is hurt on a dive, and Abismo pins Octagoncito for the win. Parkita and Sagrada are not mentioned as participating.

Eliminations went:

  1. Mascarita Divina (injury)
  2. Mascarita Sagrada (Mini Abismo Negro)
  3. La Parkita (Mini Histeria)
  4. Mini Chessman  (Mini Charly Manson)
  5. Mini Charly Manson (Mini Abismo Negro)
  6. Mini Psicosis (Octagoncito)
  7. Mini Histeria (Octagoncito)
  8. Octagoncito (Mini Abismo Negro)

Joe Lider & Nicho retain the AAA World Tag Team Titles. As with many matches for Lider & Nicho lately, Hijo del Tirantes helped them beat Jack & Marco. SuperLuchas says Marco hurt his leg, no idea if it was part of the match and/or serious. Update: AAA says Marco was actually hurt going into the match.

AAA beats the WagnerManiacs. Bit of an upset here, and the Wagners are apparently upset. Will they drop both matches tonight?

Latin Lover wins the AAA/Legion elimination match, pinning Zorro. He gets the shot at Rey de Reyes. SuperLuchas has the eliminations as Rocky (by Zorro), Alex (Latin), Octagon (Teddy), Teddy (Parka), Chessman (Parka), Parka (Zorro?), Zorro.

SuperLuchas has the attendance as 10,345

Sexi Star beat Fabi Apache for her hair. Read that again. Stunning. Hijo de Tirantes started the match as the ref, but Fabi refused to wrestle unless he was removed for Piero. Piero got bumped during the match, Hijo de Tirantes returned, and Rain & Jennifer Blake ran in to help Sexi Star win. So, now what?

Gran Apache came out after the match to shave his daughter’s head.

I will not lie. I had the other result written up here, ready to post. There are surprises that are surprising, and there are surprises that are surprises because they’re really dumb. This falls into the Panther/V5 category.

Konnan defeated Cibernético in a street fight. Konnan brings Teddy Hart with him to ringside, but the entire Legion beats up and bloodies Cibernetico before long. No mention of Dorian, though I guess he could’ve held people back again. In what sounds like a planned spot, a fan hit the ring to try and save Cibernetico, only to be beat up by Konnan. Parka is mentioned as coming out after the match, when Cibernetico took a stretcher ride.

Mesias beat Dr. Wagner Jr. to win the AAA World Heavyweight Championship for a third time. A long match. Wagner had wanted the match to have no rules, and that bit him – Mesias gave him a martinete, and that was enough to do it.

That’s the show. More in the morning, for sure.

33 thoughts to “12/11 AAA TV Results (Madero – Guerra de Titanes)”

  1. I went to the main website for Coveritlive. and scrolled down the list of live events(on pg 2) and found Guerra de Titanes. I could not link from here.

  2. Thanks for the live results and chat. I only lurked in the chat this time (ok, there was one thing, just a joke cubs :P) but always interesting. Until next time.

  3. Thank fuck Mesias won the belt. According to SuperLuchas, though, the match was LONGER than TripleMania. Jesus.

  4. Interesting thought I had about the minis match- Charly was out really early. Psicosis and Histeria lasted until the end. Could this be pointing to them re-costuming someone as the regular sized Psicosis and Histeria soon? I figure they know someone would shit all over a new Charly but not those guys.

  5. I would like to congratulate my man Latin Lover on winning. I like how AAA is thinking with their brains and putting a real star in the spotlight.

    I hope this mean that Latin Lover will win the championship and give some credibility to that title. The belt will need to change into being a better looking belt if Latin Lover wins it. This current belt looks so stupid, and doesn’t look prestigious at all. AAA likes to copy WWE, and this time they should copy WWE for a good thing of theirs, and make the belt look more like the World Heavyweight Title or the WWF belt that was used up until Wrestlemani 14.

  6. I guess I’m the only one who thinks this was the dumbest finish to a major show in a long time.

    Who cares if he used a Martinente? How does that matter at all?

    Teddy Hart, Joe Lider and Ultimo Gladiador use tombstones and piledrivers on every show. Why aren’t they DQ’ed? Why is the martinente suddenly such a dangerous move if it’s done weekly in the middle of matches?

    If you’re going forward knowing this is how Mesias is winning – don’t you tell the roster to stop using piledrivers and tombstones? How much you wanna bet someone used a piledriver/tombstone on the undercard and didn’t get DQ’ed?

    Absolutely inept booking which is no surprise when it comes to this promotion.

  7. @Rob: well i think theyre trying to build on the thought that dr wagners chosen stipulation came back to bite him in the the ass

    the 2nd half of this show looks weird when it comes to outcomes.

  8. @CM93: But it didn’t bite him in the ass. If he got KO’ed by multiple baseball bat shots or Mesias hired 15 guys to run-in and hold Wagner down – THEN he would have regretted the no rules stipulation. But a martinente is not an illegal move. We see if every week on TV without a DQ. Teddy Hart used it to eliminate Jack Evans from some Cruiserweight Title match at Verano De Escandalo. Mesias beat Wagner using a tombstone… he beat him clean by AAA’s own logic.

  9. @CM93: I don’t care enough about AAA right now to give a crap about who won or lost.:) I’m sad Fabi is bald but that’s about it. Champions in this promotion don’t matter one way or the other since they change so often.

  10. Aero Star is all about the ass, not the face(or head). Besides her dad can always lend her one of those dew rags of his.

  11. @Rob

    Matinente’s are illegal in AAA but the booking is inconsistant. When Abismo Negro dit it, or when Electroshock does it, it’s illegal, but when Oz does the Canadian (Mexican) destroyer it’s perfectly fine.

    A good way to make the point that Wagner got bit in the ass would be to have guys get disqualified for using a martinentee the weeks leading up to this event, or better yet have Messias get disqualified for using it in the weeks leading up, but nobody thought about that.

  12. @tromataker

    Doesn’t matter, it involves a guy getting his head spiked into the mat while he’s being held upside down by an opponent, so tht is a pile driver.

  13. Anything that involves wrapping your arms around someone’s waist and dropping them head first upside down is considered a Matinente

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