12/05 weekend video

I haven’t thought this out at all, except that I just don’t want to upload video to private torrents for a multitude of reasons anymore, but I still want to share video outside of posting it, especially with the insane price I have to pay to get this video. A microscopic amount, if any, is actually going to these promotions, so I don’t feel like I’m actually hurting them at all (but would immediately discontinue posting them if they became officially available at some point, instead of just airing once and disappearing into the ether.)

Babbling because I’m writing this post too late and I’m tired and it’s about to snow. Let’s try this again.

I’d like to share the lucha libre video I’m getting off 52MX (Guerreros del Ring – Ras de Lona is already available), TeleFormula (if IWRG airs next week!), AYM Sports (if anything ever airs in the right time slot), and whatever else turns up. I’d like to do it in some way that’s painless for me and you, but I don’t know what it is.  I am taking suggestions.

This week, the easiest way is megaupload, so I’ve done it for the one show I’ve got, the 12/06 broadcast of Guerreros del Ring:

No watermarks, no passwords, feel free to pretend they’re you’re own. If you want to say thanks for this, tell someone about the site (besides this post) or contribute something (beyond a category tag) on the wiki.

Everything will also go up on DailyMotion at some point, but I usually don’t do that until I’ve got the recap done and need the links. No one’s ever said anything about them, so I guess that’s fine.

3 thoughts to “12/05 weekend video”

  1. Megaupload works for me as far as distribution since I can access and download via the WiFi my employer offers. However, said employer blocks access to Dailymotion, which is a shame. That being said, I appreciate you uploading any and all lucha you are able to, especially since CMLL as has been discussed before only seems to care about house show attendance.

  2. True or false: If you edited out everything not related to intros/actual wrestling the file size would be 3.6 MB?

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