12/05-06 Lucha Times


I am baffled. Cadena3, CAN52, Galavision in the US will all be pre-empting their regular programming on Saturday (and Friday) to take part in the annual Teleton for developmentally disadvantaged children. Televisa is actually the company running the Teleton. Yet, Televisa Canal 9 (and 5) are listed with normal programming.

This presents a problem for both promotions:

AAA-MEX: no new footage available (next taping won’t be until later Sunday)

CMLL-MEX: new footage available, but they don’t want to show it (all big match shows have been held off air this year)

It sure seems like both promotions were expecting not to have to deal with putting on a television show this week, and I’d presume they were right if Televisa’s own listings weren’t disagreeing. If they do air, they’re going to air reruns of previous weeks most likely.

(Pause to note this is a really pointless weekend to start getting the extended latino channels.)

As for everything else

AAA-US: as mentioned, no show on Saturday afternoon, though the Sunday overnight and Sunday afternoon shows are scheduled. The standard in these situations has to air a rerun if they can’t air in the new spots, so expect to get last week’s episode again. Maybe someone can explain figure out why they showed Ultimo Gladiador working spots with his mask off this time?

CAN52: Not on Saturday, but will air as normal on Sunday. Blanco/Leono/Rivera vs Tiger/Puma/Inquisidor, plus Yellow Wave vs the yellow-ish trio of Dorada, Metro, Toscano.


CMLL-FOX: Cancerbros vs Oro/Fabian/Rouge, plus Panther/Mistico/Volador vs the Triad

AAA-LLP: first show from the last taping; guessing the near relevos AAA and the Wagner/Mesias match. Gotta split up the Wagner appearances.

CadenasTres: moved to noon on Sunday this week. It’s called Especial Lucha Libre CMLL, which could mean it’s not the usual Tuesday show.

Puebla: moved to 4pm this week. Looks to be a tough week to finish all four.

ACM: The mask matches, for sure. Wonder what they’ll do next week, when they have no Sunday taping to work off. Maybe it’ll just be all Tuesday.

Teleformula: STILL can not find a programming guide for this channel (this is the closest, not sure how accurate), so I have no idea if it’s being pre-empted as well. If not, this should be the Jack & Oficial 911 vs Freelance & Offical Fierro relevos suicidas show.

AYM Sports: says it’s airing something at 12:00 AM Friday/Saturday morning. Who knows.

Monterrey, IWRG mask match, Octagon

indy (TUE) 12/01 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [RFC]
1) Lover Boy & Sangre Negra b Infinito & Solovino
2) Aguila Extrema & Gato Fantasma b Bello Rubi & Gemelo Muerte I
3) Bengali, Difunto I, Difunto II b Furor, Lover Boy, Mongol Chino
4) Hijo del Ninja, Potro Jr., Silver Star b Pierko el Boricua, Sergio Romo Jr., Zumbido
5) Ángel Dorado & Koko Viper b Angel Night & Sky [Relevos Increíbles, hair, mask]

Angel Night lost his mask, no name. Sky lost his hair.

The big story of the day is the Bushi vs Oficial 911 mask match in IWRG tonight, which may tell you all you need to know about the day.

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This is pretty close to a 50/50 deal. On the surface, it fits the same form of Rudo Home Team vs Evil Foreigners match CMLL is running tomorrow, but IWRG has often had it’s home team lose when it’s not expected (this may be why there are no stars in IWRG, but that’s another post.) People get masks to promote them in CMLL, and they get masks to lose them dramaticlly in IWRG. Plus, while I still figure Bushi will lose his mask before he goes back home, IWRG runs mask and hair matches more frequently than CMLL; he could have a chance to lose it next week for all we know.

In it’s preview of the match, SuperLuchas touches on the Cerebro Terrible’s title change to Poder Mexica, and says esperemos que regrese el convenio entre ambas empresas y que esta lucah pudiera ocurrir. It’s “expected” that CMLL and IWRG will resume their deal? This seems like news, but it’s passed off like I should’ve known this already.

The Gladiatores should have live coverage on their radio channel.

Octagon tells TelevisaDeportes that he’d like to be as big a legend as El Santo. It’s good to have dreams. To accomplish this, Octagon thinks he needs to be in more movies, but they can’t be movies like Santo was in because no one took them seriously. And yet, he’s still famous. Odd. Also, what serious movie is Octagon going to be in?

News of a Guerreros del Atlantida breakup is Atlantis. Maybe he and Ultimo Guerrero should talk, one of these days. Or maybe UG and CMLL should talk about what storylines they want to get out publicly. Atlantis figures he’ll be on top, as a tecnico or a rudo, so isn’t much worried about it.

Cesar has a recap of Tuesday’s Arena Mexico show.

All you need to know about Blue Demon in one quote: he tells Notimex he thinks he’s making progress in the US because he was ranked #6 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, “higher than some WWE wrestlers.” Not saying people aren’t willing to buy into it. Also, Perro Jr.’s not getting a title shot at the NWA Heavyweight Title because he’s only a middleweight, but he’d take a mask vs hair match. Demon notes he doesn’t actually like his teammates (Groon, Demon) for the Perros Arena Neza anniversary show, but dislikes his opponents more.

LuchandoLibre says Arena Isabel de Cuernavaca has changed ownership and this month is the last month of shows before it’s torn down. This seems to be the second time this news has gone around this year (the first time was months ago), but maybe there was just a delay in changing ownership over. Not sure where/if CMLL will run monthly shows in Cuernavaca.

DJ Spectro reposts a Box Y Lucha article about the continuing Which Coco Rojo is the legal owner of the name? This’ll never be settled.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.