Puebla, IWRG mask match on Thursday, France, restaurants

CMLL (MON) 11/30 Arena Puebla [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Crazy Black & Toro Bill Sr. b Milenium & SWAT
2) Blue Center & Pegasso b Fuerza Chicana & Policeman
3) Marcela b Lady Apache, Lluvia, Dalis la Caribeña, Estrella Mágica, Hiroka, Zeuxis, Princesa Blanca, La Nazi, Princesa Sujei [#1 Contenders, CMLL WOMEN]
4) Héctor Garza, Místico, Strong Man b Terrible, Texano Jr., Vangelis
5) Averno b Volador Jr. [NWA MIDDLE]

Averno took the first, Volador the second. Third fall sounds really full of counters, but Averno killed the rocketman with three straight Devil’s Wings.

Strong Man replaced Shocker, who’s been MIA two straight days.

Marcela beat Sujei to get the title shot. Dark Angel is said to have not been included here because she’s got the fitness contest here – but seeing as she beat Amapola last Friday in the lightning match and won the bodybuilding contest, shouldn’t she be owed a title shot already? Anyway, Amapola/Marcela is next week and will be great, and it’s a good thing Marcela won this because who knows when she might get another shot. (Wait for it.)

By the way, if the R de Rudo folks happen to be reading this – where do you want me to link the Puebla reports? Your site, or when Fuego reposts them? I like R de Rudo better because they have actual RSS feeds, but I’m flexible

ESTO previews tonight’s Arena Mexico show: Mascara Dorada vs Negro Casas for the Welterweight title, last Fan Appreciation show of the year. Seems like a sure bet for Negro to win to me, but maybe you feel different?

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IWRG announced their bonus match for Thursday: Oficial 911 vs Bushi in a mask match! Bushi just won the IWRG lightweight title, which seemed like an indication he was staying a while. Seems not so much.

Esto says most of the CMLL wrestlers returned from France on Monday. For reasons unknown, the last (third) show on the tour was canceled, and Nitro and Sangre Azteca stayed behind to work a Mexico vs France match on 12/06.

In an interview with Fuego en el Ring, Ultimo Guerrero suggests the Guerreros del Atlantida may not be breaking up after all. (Quit playing games with my heart.) UG says the idea behind the break up comes from “exterior forces”, but there may be changes in the works. He has no problems teaming with Atlantis, and thinks the group might be able to get some momentum when Rey Bucanero, but they’ll figure it out from there and he’s not yet sure how this situation will be resolved. UG mentions “exterior forces” as the reason behind the break up, and says he has no plans to join the tecnicos. I read this as the programmers having no plans for the trio, and then plans being divised after UG mentioned in publicly and the story got a reaction.

R de Rudo interviews Okumura. What a year for that guy. This time last year, he was still dealing with a broken collarbone and *hoping to feud with Fabian el Gitano*. Okumura notes that he may have won the Gran Alternativa in a bad way, but since Yujiro didn’t want to team with any Mexicans, he had to help his friend out. They also have a audio via youtube interview with Perro Aguayo Jr.

Mesias talks to AAA about his trip to Puerto Rico. Mesias says he’ll be back in Mexico the day after the WWC show in Puerto Rico.

Croncias y Leyndas looks back at Octagon taking the mask of Huracan Ramirez, and Kamala in Mexico.

Not one (NYC Food Guy) but two (New York Mag) reviews of lucha themed restaurants in New York. Both of them – La Lucha and Cascabel – get positive reviews. On the other coast, it seems like I daily see happy twitter messages about enjoying the food at the Lucha Libre Taco Shop in San Diego.

DJ Spectro presents his national rankings for each divisions. I thought about doing something like this a long time ago (and wrote up the post for it once or twice, but can’t remember if actually posted it), but more like Boxing’s Ring Magazine rankings, where I’d recognize the true champ in each division and not list a champ if no one was worthy. Except it wasn’t amusing/informative to be useful and, more importantly, the weight divisions are compltely meaningless so why bother. DJ Spectro shows more heart than I, working top 10s in every division.

Segunda Caida has a road trip report on Queen’s Lucha Libre. Sounds like it was one Santo appearance from frustrating.

Box Y Lucha is doing a ticket give away to the Perros show in Arena Neza – you just must sing the Perros del Mal song when they call! Awesome.

CMLL (THU) 12/03 Gimnasio Marcelino Gonzalez de Zacatecas [El Sol de Zacatecas]
1) Marcela vs Amapola [CMLL WOMEN]
2) Hijo del Fantasma & Máximo vs Fantasma Jr. & Misterioso II
3) Héctor Garza, La Sombra, Místico vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero

Oh. Well, two chances in a week for Marcela, maybe she might win one of them. (Likely not this one, but they can use it as a warmup.)

I’d guess Fantasma Jr. is supposed to be Dragon Rojo Jr.

indy (FRI) 12/18 Auditorio de Tijuana [Lider_TJ @ SML]
1) Fecha Roja & Psicomantis vs Pensaiento Negro II & Viento
2) Maquianelico & Tony Casanova vs Cardenal Jr. & Zaeta
3) Camaleon Negro, Cinico, Zarco vs Kennoe, Spark Jr., TG Power
4) Angel Metalico, Camaleon de Oro, Super Astro vs Angel Blanco Jr., Cien Caras Jr., Mortiz
5) Hijo de Rey Misterio vs TJ Xtreme [mask, hair]

No poll for that one.

a couple more thoughts about CMLL’s programming department

Cesar notes that, besides being an ex-parking attendant, CMLL programmer Edgar Noriega is also the new ref named El Guero. SuperLuchas adds he worked the last Europe tour and he’s Paco Alonso’s nephew.

A column in Zocalo says CMLL needs to go back to using older wrestlers to draw bigger houses. I don’t know about that (though I wouldn’t be surprised to see that tried in the next six months), but does remind me I need to change something I said yesterday.

The crew feels like they’ve elevated by Valiente (maybe), Mascara Dorada (sure), Dragon Rojo (yes), Sangre Azteca (yes), Misterioso (maybe)

On second thought: Yes, let’s say they did elevate all those guys – but from low midcarders who don’t really draw to high midcarders who don’t really draw. CMLL doesn’t need to shuffle the midcard, they need more stars, and CMLL did not really stars based on 2009. Doing the same things with the Angels and Delta and other second match guys won’t really help either. They need new top guys – new people who are actually on top, as opposed to wrestling in the main event of Tuesday shows 1/8th of the audience will see. Some one of those guys (Dragon, Dorada?) may get there based on their success this year, but if CMLL really thinks they’ve accomplished the mission on these guys and they don’t need to do any more, they’re lost. (It’s not totally clear that they DO believe this, but that’s the impression.)

The point of programming, at least as I understand it, is to get people to buy tickets, and only the hardest of the hardcore are buying tickets to see Misterioso at this point. *I* actually have bought tickets to see Misterioso, but they need to do a lot more work convincing people who are 1/10th more casual than I.

I guess the bigger question is – why wasn’t Texano Jr. on that list? Assuming he wins Friday, he’s as close as they’ve got to being a new star.