pick you favorite AAA scandal of the day (Octagon, Cibernetico)

1) A report about people arrested for driving while drunk starts off with a big name recently arrested: Octagon. On Sunday, he scored a .54 on the breathalyzer, where .4 is the limit. (I’m sure this is a different measuring units than the US, not sure how to convert.)

2) There’s a profile of Cibernetico on the adultfriend finder.com site, which includes a naked photo and offers of encounters with both women and men. No, that link doesn’t take you there. There are parts where doing the research is not a good idea. Though Cibernetico hasn’t discredited the profile yet, it’s pretty clear it’s up as a joke. And I dunno even know about the picture.

Besides giving Konnan months of new material to work with, I don’t think this affects AAA much. It probably hurts me more, because I can only imagine the comment spam I’m about to receive.

18 thoughts to “pick you favorite AAA scandal of the day (Octagon, Cibernetico)”

  1. @CM93: That’s possible. They’ll make a youtube video and we’ll see one of Konnan’s women taking a picture of Cibernetico in his birthday suit and then we’ll see them creating his profile on that site while they’re laughing about him being open to being with either men or women. In fact, I’d be shocked if they didn’t do it.

  2. You can always tell the real Daniel. He’s the one who has yet to figure out you just need to click ‘reply’ for the “@(insert name)” to show up instead of having to type it out manually.

  3. Real Daniel should set up an account so that he gets one of the fancy symbols next to his name. Then there could at least theoretically be fewer Daniel comments about the fake Daniels.

    Just curious cubs, but I’ve always assumed you could tell where the fake Daniel comments were coming from. True or not true?

  4. @Rob: I think it depends on the browser. When I use Internet Explorer, reply does not show at all. He might want to upgrade to Google Chrome or something.

  5. @Alan: True. I get an email for every comment (except mine, when I’m logged in.) And the email has the IP address, right under the name, so it’s not hard to figure out.

  6. @Rob

    I used to be able to see the reply thing, but not any more. Maybe LLL is right and my browser is outdated.

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