1) A report about people arrested for driving while drunk starts off with a big name recently arrested: Octagon. On Sunday, he scored a .54 on the breathalyzer, where .4 is the limit. (I’m sure this is a different measuring units than the US, not sure how to convert.)

2) There’s a profile of Cibernetico on the adultfriend finder.com site, which includes a naked photo and offers of encounters with both women and men. No, that link doesn’t take you there. There are parts where doing the research is not a good idea. Though Cibernetico hasn’t discredited the profile yet, it’s pretty clear it’s up as a joke. And I dunno even know about the picture.

Besides giving Konnan months of new material to work with, I don’t think this affects AAA much. It probably hurts me more, because I can only imagine the comment spam I’m about to receive.