Mistico won his first match in Japan on this tour, teaming with Tiger Mask IV to beat Tomohiro Ishii & Okumura (Okumura took La Mistica.) The big title match between Mistico and TM4 is the next show, Saturday.

Ovaciones previews tomorrow’s Puebla vs Minis cage match. A side note mentions Lyger will be coming to CMLL from 09/08 (his first match being 09/11) thru 09/28, including the anniversary show. Think that clinches the anniversary show as 09/25, so we’re only 7 Fridays away.

Elsewhere on this information superhighway, I was trying to figure out last week who’d ultimately take the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title from Mistico. (I fiercely believe Mistico’s not going to Japan to lose on Saturday, it’s not even a question.) The list of possibles I came up with was:

– Negro Casas: he’s a big enough name for NJPW and it’ll build to the anniversary match, but they’re already doing a similar bit with the CMLL Welterweight Title
– Felino: seems a lot less likely he’s the anniversary main event now, so this can be skipped
– Naito: this would be heavily a NJPW decision, but I guess it’d continue to build him up for the inevitable
– Lyger: can you imagine how crazy (some) people would be for Lyger vs Mistico as a main event in Arena Mexico? Lyger means enough where even a clean loss isn’t going to hurt Mistico at all, provided they have a really good match (and maybe that Lyger comes back a year later and returns the loss.) Lyger as a champ to set up a young face in NJPW winning the belt makes some sense.

If Mistico does win, there’s not extreme urgency in getting NJPW back the title – all the IWGP titles but their heavyweight one have been out of the promotion or not especially interesting this year – but I really want them to do the Mistico vs Lyger match. I don’t ask for much, all I’m asking is for a match that will make people money.

Fuego en el Ring interviews Terrible, who talks about almost losing his eye in a match. Also, Monito on being Monito.

Hablando de Catch has a look back at the Lucha Libre Expo.

Estrellas del Ring talks to Hator about being in the cage match this weekend.

ESTO interviews Scorpio Jr. about Super X and his recovery from where he was a year ago.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 06/21/08 C3 and 06/29/08 AAA, as well as KrisZ’s news update. Slammin Stan’ broadcasts tonight at 9 CT.