Mistico to Japan, Lyger to Mexico

Mistico won his first match in Japan on this tour, teaming with Tiger Mask IV to beat Tomohiro Ishii & Okumura (Okumura took La Mistica.) The big title match between Mistico and TM4 is the next show, Saturday.

Ovaciones previews tomorrow’s Puebla vs Minis cage match. A side note mentions Lyger will be coming to CMLL from 09/08 (his first match being 09/11) thru 09/28, including the anniversary show. Think that clinches the anniversary show as 09/25, so we’re only 7 Fridays away.

Elsewhere on this information superhighway, I was trying to figure out last week who’d ultimately take the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title from Mistico. (I fiercely believe Mistico’s not going to Japan to lose on Saturday, it’s not even a question.) The list of possibles I came up with was:

– Negro Casas: he’s a big enough name for NJPW and it’ll build to the anniversary match, but they’re already doing a similar bit with the CMLL Welterweight Title
– Felino: seems a lot less likely he’s the anniversary main event now, so this can be skipped
– Naito: this would be heavily a NJPW decision, but I guess it’d continue to build him up for the inevitable
– Lyger: can you imagine how crazy (some) people would be for Lyger vs Mistico as a main event in Arena Mexico? Lyger means enough where even a clean loss isn’t going to hurt Mistico at all, provided they have a really good match (and maybe that Lyger comes back a year later and returns the loss.) Lyger as a champ to set up a young face in NJPW winning the belt makes some sense.

If Mistico does win, there’s not extreme urgency in getting NJPW back the title – all the IWGP titles but their heavyweight one have been out of the promotion or not especially interesting this year – but I really want them to do the Mistico vs Lyger match. I don’t ask for much, all I’m asking is for a match that will make people money.

Fuego en el Ring interviews Terrible, who talks about almost losing his eye in a match. Also, Monito on being Monito.

Hablando de Catch has a look back at the Lucha Libre Expo.

Estrellas del Ring talks to Hator about being in the cage match this weekend.

ESTO interviews Scorpio Jr. about Super X and his recovery from where he was a year ago.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 06/21/08 C3 and 06/29/08 AAA, as well as KrisZ’s news update. Slammin Stan’ broadcasts tonight at 9 CT.

21 thoughts to “Mistico to Japan, Lyger to Mexico”

  1. I am 100% behind your desire to see Mistico vs Lyger Cubs. There’s so many things CMLL could do with this, the question is will they. They COULD build to a lucha de apuestas with Lyger and Mistico. The time frame isn’t very long, but if Naito found himself as a finalist in CMLL’s Infierno en el Ring this year, who’s to say CMLL won’t do the same with Lyger.

    Would Mistico/Lyger apuestas make more money than a Mistico vs Negro Casas apuestas match? I honestly don’t want to see Lyger lose his mask, and the Casas/Mistico feud has been really good this year. That said, it’s LYGER!

  2. Lyger in CMLL would be interesting. But him CMLL would defintely be better than having Mictlan,No Limit,Mendoza Jr.(aka Los Shitheads) in CMLL. Eventhough I think Lyger vs. Mistico would rule, I don’t think it would be right for the anniversary show. I think Mistico vs. Negro Casas lucha apuestas would be better for that show, have Lyger team w/ La Sombra & Volador Jr. & have them destroy No Limit & Head Hunter III (Mendoza) on the undercard just for shits and giggles.

  3. Just to be clear, I wouldn’t do Lyger vs Mistico for the anniversary show (at least not this year.) Maybe something like

    09/11: Lyger vs Misico [IWGP JH] – Negro is Lyger’s surprise corner person, screws Mistico, Mistico vows to kill him
    09/18: Lyger/Negro/Niebla vs Mistico/Volador/Sombra (and maybe do Warrior/Yujiro this week because we’re just selling buildings out for Septmeber; also, we must team Jushin Liger with Mr. Niebla)
    09/25: Negro vs Mistico [hair], Lyger/No Limit vs Shocker/Garza/Fantasma?

  4. Have a Lyger-Mistico match 2-3 weeks before the anniversary show and have Casas join the announcing crew to build up the likely Casas-Mistico anniversary match and maybe throw out a challenge to Lyger while he’s there.

    Of course, it being CMLL I’ll expect a bunch of trios matches with Lyger teaming with Team No Limit against Garza, Shocker and Toscano.:( Of course, Shocker and Toscano showing up for only half the matches they’d be scheduled for.:)

  5. I like it too. Mistico vs Lyger would ROCK. The only thing I disagree with is taking the title off Mistico presuming he wins it on Saturday (won’t it be Friday night for us?). If they are putting the belt on him – which seems to be the direction things are going – there is no way they’d want him to lose it back so quickly and not in Japan. The trade seems to be pretty straight forward: Mistico gets belt in exchange for a Naito/Yujiro push and perhaps using Lyger on the Anniversary.

    If I was booking it and staying under the assumption 9/18 will be the Anniversary:

    9/11: Mistico/doesn’t matter/doesn’t matter vs Lyger/Negro/doesn’t matter – Negro beats the crap out of Mistico all match long but a miscommunication at the end sees Lyger steal the pinfall over a very hurt Mistico. Negro has a post-match falling out with Lyger.

    9/18: Mistico vs Negro [MASK vs HAIR] – Mistico wins a MOTYC. Mexico vs Japan Torneo Cibernetico on undercard.

    9/25: Mistico/Negro vs Lyger/Yujiro – Mexico vs Japan. Negro teases not getting along with Mistico but he’s still 100% Mexico so he eventually gives in and they team up to beat the evil Japanese team with Negro getting the pin on Lyger. Negro beats up Mistico after the match to continue their feud.

    What have we accomplished?

    – Negro is happy b/c even though he’s lost his hair he comes out as the hero of Mexico and gets a pin over Lyger.
    – Lyger gets a pinfall over Mistico to keep him happy + sets up a match vs Mistico in Japan + wins the Torneo for Japan on the Anniversary over Shocker (since he’s owed a win).
    – Mistico gets Negro’s hair and a pre-made match for his return to Japan which will be a victory over Lyger.

    I’m trying to be very political here as you can see. I would much rather see what Cubs booked but…

    THIS IS CMLL. Remember what LuchandoLibre said?

    ¿Puede la empresa más antigua cometer errores de novato?

    So we’ll probably just get a Shocker vs Lyger feud in order to build a rematch between the two from their 1999 “classic”. (which really was a nothing match but accidentally started Tarzan Boy’s run as the most hated rudo in Arena Mexico even though he wouldn’t turn rudo for another year. I’d love to know which CMLL booker thought booking Tarzan Boy to help the foreigner cheat to beat a Mexican would get him over even more as a tecnico)

    In non-fantasy world news…

    CMLL.com put up Monday’s Puebla lineup. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Ugliest Puebla show in many months. So much so that I would not shed a tear if it wasn’t taped and the fan appreciation show aired in it’s place. It looks even uglier b/c CMLL.com forgot to remove last week’s especial with the Poder Mexica vs Rouge’s team but even if you take that away the real lineup looks just as bad except for the Delta/Diamante’s debut. Who is Escorpion? Please don’t tell me they brought in the Chikara guy…

  6. Also, I don’t really follow Lyger’s career but it would seem like it is winding down, no? I see no reason why an eventual Mistico vs Lyger mask match is out of the question. Presuming Lyger wants to lose his mask at some point – there is nobody bigger to lose it too and it would be the biggest win of Mistico’s career. Probably the biggest match of the year no matter if they do it this year or next year. Who else could Lyger lose his mask to? There is nobody in Japan worthy of adding that to their resume.

  7. @Rob: The idea that Lyger would lose his mask to Mistico is a dream to say the least. Lyger is a company man. So if he were to lose the mask in a match it would surely be the person that New Japan decides is going to be their next big thing. Not a foreigner who is only in once in a while.

  8. @Rob: I dunno, what if Lyger were to challenge the DDT ladder to come out of retirement? I think the ladder has a 50-50 shot in a mask match. Just sayin….

  9. @Jake: Maybe Mistico will be their next big thing as a foreign attraction who comes in every month or two like Mil Mascaras used to do back in the day for All Japan.

    Like I said, I don’t follow much New Japan (or any really…) but I haven’t heard anything about them creating any new junior stars lately.

  10. Liger was pretty meh during the Grand Pix 2 years ago, I doubt he has gotten any better. Tarzan hair is not worth even the NJ LHW Title, much less Liger losing his mask. Naito won just because the ego of everyone else told them that he was the least important, they’ll always try the winner to be as uneventuful as possible, see Heavy Metal winning, or even Texano Jr and before that Misterioso II over Pantera II or even Universo losing to Canek when Rayo made more sense. Guys don’t want anyone else getting a big win. Naito will be gone eventually, so him winning is irrelevant.

    BTW, I saw the flyiers for the CMLL show next week, prices go from 70 to a whopping 100 pesos, yep, hundred pesos!! How cheap has cmll shows gotten… no wonder ‘tico said in an interview he would go to the States (WWE) if asked now.

  11. @Jake: I agree with you 100%… Liger is either never losing his mask, or he will lose it to the next generation ace for NJPW. You are right Rob… there is no “next Liger” in the NJPW pipeline – thus Liger isnt losing his mask.

  12. Just got back from FCW tapings. Alberto Banderas worked twice.

    During hour two of tv, he came out for his match and cut a promo in the ring. He said he watched the news from Mexico City, and is disgusted with everything going on down there from corruption to cartel murders. He also complained about Abraham Washington.

    He won his squash match. His finisher is the spot where he throws his opponent into the turnbuckle, follows in, but runs up to the ropes and delivers a kick to the head.

    Then Escobar came out and attacked Banderas. This set up “next weeks” match for hour three of tv.

    Escobar pinned Banderas in their match during “the 50th episode of FCW”. He appeared to use the tights and Banderas complained about it too.

    Alberto Banderas looked flabby.

  13. So Dos is now going to have a Chris Jericho circa 1997 gimmick? And Poor Escobar having to work with that stiff.

  14. Escobar is getting a big push.

    Could not believe how good Dos’ English is. Some idiot in front of me was yelling, “Speak English” at Dos. I felt like telling him Dos “speaks better English than you”.

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