08/17 AAA TV Lineup (Tehuacan, partial lineup)

AAA TV (MON) 08/17 Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan
3) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs El Elegido & Gronda
4) Billy Boy & Sexy Star vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache [street]
5) Chessman & Cibernético vs Charly Manson & Marco Corleone
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs El Mesías [bull terrier]

2009 AAA TV Schedule
Projected Air Date (#902)
Mexico: 08/23
US: 09/12

This is the usual odd swing taping; it’ll be taped before VdE, but air after. They’ve been treating these like there’s nothing at all, continuing to build for the show despite the time issues, so I would expect no different here.

Two matches are to be added. Since everything else here seems to be building to Verano, we’re probably missing a cruiserweight match, and either/or a Psycho Circus or Team Yakuza match.

You know, if you’re Charly Manson, why aren’t you just turning rudo? You wanted Chessman and Cibernetico back together, and now they’re together and you’re the one keeping the Hell Brothers from being united. Awful rude of him.

(That’s still not the original Gronda.)

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  1. X-Pac will be appearing at the Chicago Comic-Con (Donald E. Stephens Convention Center) on August 6-9. Maybe somebody can ask him about what’s going on with AAA and DMX.

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