CMLL #928 (06/13)

taped 06/12. Things take a while (especially when good video games show up.)

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Really neat to see the quicky Blue Panther submission in the first fall of the opener…until I remembered this was one of the tournament shows, and there were going to plenty of quick falls on the night. It’s a nice bit for occasions (the mat expert should actually benefit from being the mat wrestling, or it’s kinda pointless) but maybe an occasion where it had a bit more impact?

The tournament was a lot better at picking it’s spots. Only the Mephisto/Hector Garza match felt like they were wasting time. Everything else was pretty packed. For CMLL tournaments going 3 minutes, anyway, which keeps it from feeling all that great.

Dos Caras Jr. was horrible as a rudo in CMLL, and not much better as a tecnico. As lucha libre fan, I am so happy to have dodged that bullet (at least for now) with Dos going to WWE and not making every match he’s in worse. Dos was clearly more interested in getting Dos over at the expense of having a decent match, and it doesn’t sound like it was going to change -if you think it’s a good sign that you’re getting cheers as a rudo, you’ve looking at things a lot different than me.

Tuesday Guadalajara results, notes

CMLL (TUE) 07/28 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Milenio & Skaxy b Hierro & Novato
2) Idolo & Metal Blanco b Acertijo & Malefico
3) Casanova & Gallo DQ Asesino Negro & Satanico
4) Mictlan & Sagrado b Misterioso II & Shigeo Okumura
5) Blue Panther & Toscano b Naito & Yujiro

Panther replaced Hector. Rudos were heading to a win in the tercera when Leon Blanco attacked Gallo. Satanico did not appreciate the win being taken away from him, and they set up a Casanova, Gallo, Leon Blanco, and Satanico super libre match (four way? tag? dunno) for next week.

SuperLuchas points to a Televisa Deportes with Mistico. He does NOT complain about CMLL, this time.

Ovaciones profiles Maximo leading into the cage match. Things mentioned here not usually mentioned: his brother being on of the Psycho Circus, Maximo being married to India Sioux.

Fuego en el Ring has an interview with Hijo del Fantasma. He’s rooting for the tecnicos and the Mexicans in Infierno en el Ring, but would like to face one of No Limit in a mask/hair match if they’re not bald after Friday.

DTU reposts a video from their Lucha Libre Expo show.