last bit of the LLExpo, AAA taping schedule for the rest of the month

Previews of tonight’s card: LuchandoLibre, ESTO, Ovaciones.

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More LuchaLibreExpo
– LuchandoLibre on CMLL & Wagner, DTU & Perros and AAA.
– DJ Spectro pictures 1, 2, 3, DTU, Perros,
– WagnerMania on Day 2 and Day 3

Look like AAA is taping 08/07 (Zacapuaxtla), 08/17 (Tehuacan), 08/21 (Madero, Verano de Escandalo), and 08/30 (Tlanepantla).

Kcidis draws Texano & Shocker.

Cesar looks at who did and did not make the Infierno en el Ring card.

Estrellas del Ring has an interview with Acapulco wrestler Dr. Aereo

New details of the AAA video game: they’re 70% done, price will be $60 and rated T.

Ras de Lona has an interview with Plata, among other stuff. Enjoy the Oro footage you really didn’t want to see. Yes, that footage. Maybe I’m different, but I’d rather see footage of Oro being an awesome wrestler so those who didn’t and haven’t seen much of him (myself included) could better appreciate what we missed out on. There was much more to his life than his death, same as true with anyone.

Luchas 2000 #480 has Metalicos, Hijo del Fantasma, and Wagner & Mesias,

WrestlingObserver has their AAA recap

LuchaWorld has Robert on IWRG 10/27/08, CMLL TV 06/07/08 and KrisZ’s news update

AAA #892 (07/04)

taped 06/07

This was OK until the nonsensical booking of the main event. The whole show long story of inept referees building to a special referee for TripleMania didn’t feel pushed as strong as it read, but then maybe the announcers made the difference.

La Parkita, Mascarita Divina, Octagoncito © vs Mini Abismo Negro ©, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis – really good! Parkita’s comedy is refreshing when we see it once a year, so I had no problem with him. Octagoncito was really good as usual, and everyone else held their part. I should know better, about two months later, that this whole Guapito angle isn’t actually going anywhere subtly and I should stop trying to figure out meanings; if they’re going somewhere with it, they’ll hammer me with it (and then show it again in the news section.)

Aerostar, Fabi Apache, Gato Eveready vs Billy Boy, Sexy Star, Tigre Cota – usual good match, but kinda fell apart at the end because someone forgot the finish. Or was that playing into the storyline? If I have to ask, it probably wasn’t a good idea.

Crazy Boy, Laredo Kid, Ultimo Gladiador vs Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown – the match itself is nothing new, but this particular finish kinda worked better on TV than in did in the descriptions. The interview before the match set it up well. The Clowns are sick of not having equal competition, so they took out their frustration on the tecnicos, almost to their determent. Though, even as lame as this streak has been, ending it on a DQ for excessive violence would’ve taken it to a new level.

Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. ©, Octagon vs Electro Shock ©, Kenzo Suzuki, Teddy Hart – angle.

Mesias & Silver King vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Konnan – angle, but one where they didn’t even bother having a finish, and had people not in the match fighting people they were presumably allied with. A true AAA mess.