working AAA: the Video game roster

TodoLuchas did the hard work and figured out who we’re sure is in the AAA game, based on their appearance in the trailer:
– La Parka Jr.
– Electroshock
– Konnan
– Mesias
– Cibernetico
– Octagon
– Psycho Clown
– Elegido
– Charly Manson
– Abismo Negro
– Gronda
– Ozz
– Chessman
– Super Fly
– Psicosis (II)
– Cuervo
– Zorro
– Vampiro

That’s 18. As for everyone else…

People who surely are in, because their partners are in
– Zombie Clown
– Killer Clown
– Scoria (though I don’t know feel as strongly about Espiritu)
– Histeria
– Black Abyss
– Laredo Kid
– Aerostar

People we can’t confirm, but would expect
– Latin Lover (unless he has some weird media rights issue)
– Kenzo Suzuki
– Silver King
– Jack Evans
– Teddy Hart
– Alan Stone (maybe)
– Crazy Boy
– Espiritu (maybe)
– Extreme Tiger
– Joe Lider
– Nicho
– Pimpinela

People who are possibly too minor to be in
– Decnnis
– Gran Apache
– Chris Stone
– El Brazo
– Escorpion Negro
– Mascara Divina
– Oriental (why he’s here and Crazy Boy is up there, I don’t know)
– Pasion Kristal
– Ultimo Gladiador
– Gato Eveready (I hope I’m wrong)
– Angel Mortal
– Argenis
– Billy Boy
– Gallego
– Nemesis
– Jesse
– Nygma
– Polvo de Estrellas
– Ricky
– Rio Bravo
– Tigre Cota
– Tito Santana
– Yuriko
– La Chiva
– Atomic Boy

People who are possible too recent to be in
– Alex Koslov
– Dr. Wagner Jr.
– Marco Corleone
– X-Pac
– Rocky Romero

Completely unclear
– minis?
– women?
– any ref besides Tirantes

I’ll update this post if news turns up later.

21 thoughts to “working AAA: the Video game roster”

  1. I wonder if there’s a chance of a decent CAW system? At present I only have a PS2 and I don’t know if this would be enough to get me to upgrade. I didn’t for GTA IV, instead waiting until it got a PC release.

  2. I only have a PS2 also so I wish they would put a version of this out for it, because I’m definitely not spending hundreds on a new system for just one game.

  3. You know what would be cool? Luchas de Apuestas in the storymode, that is if it has one, ironically it could have a better built feud than AAA. A CMLL game would feature only one storyline, one giant hat where everything is pulled from at Random.

  4. i wonder if the PSP version will be any good.

    Im hoping Apache, Oriental, and the minis and women are in it.

  5. Gato Eveready has to be in this game, just for entertainment perposes. I wonder if Billy Boy & Gran Apache has to be in the game aswell ( same purposes as Gato ). I wonder if El Angel’s got a shot at being in the game?

  6. @Daniel: Hey buddy I’m the only Daniel around here. I’m the one people know as the “Latin Lover Lover.” Don’t use my name man!

    On another note, I’m pretty sure I saw Espitiu in the trailor.

  7. @Calabcd44: Gato might be out of the game because of licensing matters, who knows how long their sponsorship deal will last… but I’m not seeing COMEX or Corona either (it would be a nice touch, but I guess they’d need to pay extra sponsorship to be in the game)

    Actually, has Gato Eveready actually been called like that on AAA? Wasn’t he “Gato Luchador” (have not kept track on them)

  8. @xuisaw: For the last few months he’s been called Gato Eveready. But when Gato first showed up in AAA , he was called ” Gato Luchador” & “Gato Volador”.

  9. @xuisaw: “(have not kept track on them)” To tell you the truth I haven’t really either . In fact the only thing that I’m interested in AAA, is the current Zorro storyline there doing & the video game.

  10. Micheal Jackson died.

    I wonder if the videogame will feature La Parka-ris with his entrance…

  11. And if it is being licensed in the US, its unlikely they will be using the theme songs from AAA. We’ll probably wind up with some canned generic entrance music.

  12. It uses the Unreal 3 engine, which is used by a lot of games, the development team is different, so no similarities to the TNA should exist unless they are trying to adapt it (copyright would prevent that, I guess)

  13. Mima Shimoda is going to be at Toyota Park in Bridgeview today at 4 PM wrestling as part of a Lucha Libre Mexicana/MLS Soccer doubleheader.

    The radio ad I heard this morning said that Mima Shimoda and Hiroka were wrestling against Esther and Rossy Moreno. The main event was going to be something like Hector Garza, Intocable and I think Mascara Sagrada against Mr. Aguila, Villano III and some other guy.

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