Title match in Puebla, new (doomed) promotion, Box y Lucha

I don’t like the odds of my Puebla guess being right this week; ESTO says Volador & Sombra defend the tag titles versus Negro Casas & Felino.

Fuerza, Juvi, and Juan Israel Gonzalez announced the formation of the Super X GPCW. Pick your choice of stories: ESTO, Luchando Libre, SuperLuchas.

Gonzalez is clearly the man putting up the money, and so this will go as long as he’s willing to keep giving it away. They plan on using the same wrestlers who are all of the other mid-range groups (Perros, IWRG, EAW); you know, all the promotions that aren’t already drawing. Plus, they plan in wasting more money bringing in people from the US – Chris Masters, Rob Van Dam, Rikishi, and Mr. Kennedy – for a Mexico vs the US show. All those besides Kennedy are NWE regulars, so I guess we’ve learned Kennedy is going to Europe. In a interview with the Gladiatores, Juvi also mentions Austin Aries and Sabu. There’s also a mention of a women’s division called Chicas Super X modeled after the WWE, the same concept women wrestlers in Mexico have derided for many years. Hooray! Being a new promotion in Mexico, they did not mention the date or location of any show they plan to run. Do these groups make money on press conferences? Do they think they make money on press confrences? Just to make it a full convention of people with bad ideas, el Fantasma showed up as well.

Box Y Lucha articles
Dos Caras Jr. is heading to WWE. Not sure if you heard.
Grond XXX apparently had not, because he’s challenging for a mask/mask match based on Dos wearing red body paint. The original Gronda talks about going to AAA or CMLL. There was talk about him going to AAA to feud with the second Gronda in a mask match, but was canceled when the first got sick. They haven’t used the second on TV since, so I don’t know if they still care. Speaking of Original Gronda’s illness, he’s claiming a miraculous recovery thanks to prayer and credits his own skills as a nutritionalist to get him back in top condition. He’s 2-3 months from returning to the ring.
Ultimo Guerrero is happy with winning the universal tournament and is going ot adopt light blue as his big match color, since it’s worked out well this year (this match, and the victory over Villano V.)
– interview with Diosa de Oro, a trainee of Vicky Carranza & Cinthia Moreno.
Mascara Dorada, Angel de Oro, Horus and Metro visted a children’s rehabilitation center
Villano III tells stories abotu Cesar Valentino

Cesar makes the case that, with the departures, CMLL pretty much has the exact same roster it had 3-4 years ago.

The Gladiatores also have interviews with new champ of Trauma II, retired wrestler Dick Angelo and Rain & Dyanamite Girl of EAW. Plus, lots of photos of the Rey Misterio Sr. benefit show.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update

CMLL (TUE) 06/30 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Meteoro vs Milenio
2) Thunder Boy vs Skaxy
3) Nube Roja vs Ebola
4) Saturno vs Drago
5) Leon Blanco vs Infierno
6) Gallo, Metro, Stuka Jr. vs Dr. X, Mascara Magica, Vangelis
7) Shocker & Toscano vs Felino & Mr. Niebla

Skaxy seems to change sides once a month. That is the most interesting part of this card.

6 thoughts to “Title match in Puebla, new (doomed) promotion, Box y Lucha”

  1. Chris Masters signed a WWE contract one or two weeks ago, so there is no chance that they could book him even if they wanted or if they had enough money. It seems that they don’t even know what the guys they want to bring in are doing. That’s a sophisticated way of “planning”.

  2. Meltz reported in today’s WON that Groon will be back in AAA as soon as next week to start an angle with Gronda II.

  3. Ugh. They need to TEAM. Fuck the feuding shit. Imagine Los Grondas contra Joe Lider and Nicho El Millonario!

    The more talentless wrestlers with huge egos in AAA keeps growing which will surely make the eventual falling out all the more entertaining.

  4. CMLL.com has the full Puebla lineup now. Looks like a strong show with us losing out no matter what match gets cut.

    While I was looking for that lineup I pondered to myself whether CMLL.com will remove the Dos Jr. photos at any point before his WWE contract expires.

  5. I once told Gronda 1 to watch some of the things that Scott Steiner does so he might lift some of that and add it to what he does. He looked at me as if I was straight out of the the funny farm. It wasn’t because I was telling him to watch Steiner either. It was because I was talking to him.

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