06/27-28 Lucha Times


This is a bit late. Got the VEO index going, at any rate.

AAA-US: Legion vs Alex/Wagner/Parka, plus Jack starting on the tecnico side.

52MX: Tuareg vs Flash/Pegasso/Cometa, plus Niebla/Terrible/Texano vs Shocker/Tsocano/Panther

LATV: just when I start figuring out the rerun pattern, they change it. Last week’s episode was from 02/22/08 (#81), so I’m guessing they’ll just show the next one. Behold the mysterious Grey Shadow!

CMLL-MEX: Mistico & Friends vs the Pesta Negra, plus the feared Mendoza/No Limit team.

AAA-MEX: Mesias vs Wagner; nice of them to do the Perros del Mal finish without actually being on the show. Also, Teddy vs Jack.

FSE: Infernales/Vangelis vs Azteca/Angel/Tony, and a grab bag main event

C3: Hijos vs Fantasma/Mascara/Sombra, Angels/Tuareg war continues

Puebla: Well, they’ve got to not air the Garza match again this week, right? It’s too obvious, so they’ll probably skip the women’s match or just show Friday’s show instead.

ACM: Still don’t think I’ve got this right. Elegido/Octagon vs Scoria/Ozz does not sound especially promising.

Not predicting Veo. Yet.

9 thoughts to “06/27-28 Lucha Times”

  1. ACM will probably have the top two from Sunday and Tuesday. So Exoticos vs Poder Norte will probably air.

  2. On the bright side with LATV airing such old shows – there should be 2 episodes from April ’08 that never made it to the U.S. airing.

    I’m gonna predict Puebla correctly this week. There will be no… MAIN EVENT. You heard it here first. So all of you waiting to see Shocker/Toscano/La Mascara teaming will be disapointed.

  3. Veo TV is currently airing the top 4 from 3/23/07. Tomorrow should have the 3/30/07 PPV with Marco/Universo which never made TV.

  4. With no warning whatsoever it appears Veo TV began earlier than usual and they are airing the entire 3/30/07 PPV. Women just finished as I tuned in.

  5. Puebla skipped the women this week. My guide only has the show getting an hour and a half this week, so I believe they are skipping the main too.

    Opener was good. Loco Max’s new hair is ummmm loco?

  6. @Rob: Actually the main is coming on now. Hopefully they are airing it out of order since they hyped the Peste Negra match at the top of the show. And, I’m going to guess that the Cablevision guide was incorrect on the amount of time given to the show.

    Tauregs match was interesting. Flash was stretchered out. They didn’t have a good replay of it, but it looked like he may have overshot his dive on Loco Max (everyone can insert their own joke here) and caught his head on the front row as he was coming down. But, the Pegasso dive was in the way on all the replays, so I couldn’t tell how hard he actually hit. Arkangel ripped off Stuka’s mask for the finish and their were mask challenges following the match. They can’t start unmasking the Tauregs right?

  7. Neither of the last two matches were all that great. I didn’t expect much from Shocker and company, but thought Volador/Sombra and Peste would put on a decent show to build for the title match. Hopefully the tag match tomorrow is better.

    Garza was stretchered out. It looked like his knee might have buckled a bit on his moonsalt on the outside onto Niebla.

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