Veracruz, GDL results, links

CMLL (SAT) 06/20 Auditorio Benito Juarez [WagnerMania]
1) Amapola & Princesa Blanca b Dark Angel & LLuvia
2) Flash & Stuka Jr. b Arkangel de la Muerte & Skandalo
3) La Mascara, Sagrado, Valiente b Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
4) Negro Casas & Ultimo Guerrero b Blue Panther & Hijo del Fantasma
5) Mistico, Shocker, Volador Jr. b Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Naito

Card got changed a little bit: Lluvia for Marcela, Naito for Dos for the usual reasons but Mascara and Misterioso were bumped down a match and Ultimo Guerrero & Niebla were swapped – maybe all to set up more direct feuds.

CMLL (SUN) 06/21 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring, MT 1, MT 2]
1) Flyer b Nocturno
2) Metatron DRAW Drago
3) Caligula & Messala b Metalico & Saturno
4) Estrella Magica, Lady Apache, Sahori b Amapola, Crazy Star, Magnifica
5) Mascara Dorada, Metro, Valiente b Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura, Virus
6) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, Mistico b Naito, Negro Casas, Yujiro
7) La Sombra & Volador Jr. b Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero [CMLL TAG]

Just noting the undercard results, and a lot more recaps. Saturn replaced Tigre Blanco, and they added two singles matches with locals. SuperLuchas has photos from the show, which show a very sparsely filled upper section. Then again, I have no idea what they’re drawing here normally so that could be a good crowd.

Fuego en el Ring writes “about Saturday’s ceremony and interviews Felipe Ham Lee

SuperLuchas also has photos of Perros del Mal’s broken ring, but sadly no dancing Intocable. I remember when the red ring of doom finally broke in the Congress Theatre, and they had totally rebuild it like the Perros had to here. Of course, for the Congress, this was just a normal extra long break in the action.

ESTO previews today’s Arena Mexico.

After I gave up on finding out, AAA finally notes Xtreme Tiger is a tecnico.

Kcidis has Ultimo Guerrero, Universal Champ

Did I link to the Lucha Libre Boliva blog spot before? It’s quite good.

Luchas 2000 475 has UG and Wanger with their new belts. I’ve lost the link somehow, but there’s a post on El Martinete saying Guerreros del Ring is back in business with a special this week and weekly editions starting next Monday.

LuchaWorld has Arena Coliseo Monterrey 12/09 & 12/22/07, 12/30/07 & 01/06/08 and CMLL TV 04/05/08, as well as KrisZ’s news update

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  1. Cesar Velentino picure in L2000 with a fierce pose and a doll + stuffed bunny = eat your heart out Dali!!! =p

    Weird that they’re mentioning now the Dr Karonte being dad of ‘tico… he’s a homeless kid… right?

    I’m still surprised by the poor crowd in the Gdl anniv, a poster in byl said that in the floor level, from 5th row back, it was half empty as well, I think they spent too much running anniversary shows to run against GdT and PdM so when the real show came, no one cared… AAA will be running Benito Juarez in GDL next month, it doesn’t look like a good idea with a run of the mill show…

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